Best Alternating Pressure Mattresses

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When people lying in bed for too long, something bad will happen such as bedsore and skin ulcers. Luckily, there is some useful equipment that helps to deal with this situation. Alternating pressure mattress is specially designed for patients who have to stay in bed. People like to use it because it is affordable and portable. In this post, we reviewed the best alternating pressure mattresses in the market and explained why you need it. Keep reading!

Our Picks for Best Alternating Pressure Mattresses

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What is an Alternating Pressure Mattress?

The alternating pressure mattress is a kind of medical equipment that is used to prevent pressure sores for patients and seniors who are confined to bed for a long time. It is similar to the pressure relief cushion for wheelchair users.

As you know, the reduction of blood flow caused by pressure against the skin will lead to bedsore. Bedsores often happen in the area of the body where is not well surrounded by muscle.

The alternating pressure mattress contains a lot of air tubes and can inflate and deflate regularly so as to change the position of the body to the bed. This way, it stimulates the flow of blood and makes sure the skin and tissue are nourished.

Alternating pressure mattress works with a pump to produce the airflow automatically. It is so easy to use that you can use it both at hospitals and home.

However, it still can’t replace the manual movement of patients himself.

What to Consider when Buying an Alternating Pressure Mattress

There are some factors need to be considered when it comes to opting for an alternating pressure mattress.

  • Quality

The alternating pressure mattress is something you really shouldn’t cheap out on as it will be used every day for patients. You should make sure the pad is made with high-quality material such as medical-grade PVC to ensure patients feel comfortable.

  • Weight Capacity

Different alternating pressure mattresses may have various weight capacities. For healthier people, you should make sure it can hold up the bodyweight of the user.

  • Portability

Patients may need to go back and forth between hospital and home. Under this circumstance, a pad that is lightweight and portable will help the user use it anywhere they want.

  • Noise

In order to prevent the happens of bedsores and ulcers, patients are advised to use the alternating pressure mattress day and night. Therefore, you should make sure the pump is quiet so that the user can continue to enjoy the night of peaceful sleep.

Best Alternating Pressure Mattresses Reviewed:

Some of the best altering pressure mattresses are:

1. Vive Alternating Pressure Pad

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This is one of the best and most popular alternating pressure mattresses in the market. Vive is a famous brand in the health-related area and they developed such a mechanism that, by using them, the patients are able to get maximum relief from bedsores as well as skin ulcers.

As these pressure pads are made of 130 sealed air tubes, the weight is disbursed in the entire mattress equally, making it a great source of support for patients. The same as the regular mattress, it is extremely easy to place them on the bed. In any kind of regular bed, one can place this pressure mattress easily. More of its best features are:

a)    Comfortable air tubes:

As we mentioned above, the air cells that are used in the making of this mattress are 130 in number. By inflating and deflating, they distribute the blood of a patient’s body evenly. Thus, each part of his body receives equal pressure that lets the skin breath easily. It can work with an adjustable bed together to provide more comfort for the patients and elders.

b)     Durable and long-lasting:

The vinyl material used in the making of these mattresses makes it a long-lasting product to opt for. In addition, they are waterproof which adds to the durability of the mattress. This alternating pressure mattress can support up to 300 lbs.

c)    Quiet pump:

To provide the patient with a night of sleep as peaceful as possible, this mattress comes with a variable pressure pump. With the help of this pump, it is possible for airflow to be produced constantly. You can change the pressure levels so as to adapt to the needs of the patient.

But this product does have some drawbacks. The new product comes with some chemical smells and you have to air it out for 1 or 2 days.

You can check the video below to know how to assemble it.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to put on the bed
  • The pump is very quiet
  • The pressure level is adjustable


  • May leak around the seam after constant usage
  • Have some chemical smells so you need to air it out

2. Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress

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With the help of air chambers that are sixteen in number, the Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress turns out to be the best choice one can opt for.

Some of its amazing features are:

a)    Unique chamber design:

What makes it apart from other alternating pressure mattress is that it is composed of unique air chambers. The chambers on the top are static so that patients can use it as a pillow. They work great on alleviating the pressure points.

b)    Quiet pumping:

Compared to the other alternatives that create a lot of noise while being pumped, this particular mattress is very quiet while it is pumped. The pump is adjustable and noiseless, the patient doesn’t get disturbed during the night.

c) Comfortable Waterproof cover:

The cover of these mattresses is made of vinyl that is waterproof. This means that when liquid gets spilled on the cover, it is not affected by it. The material is comfortable to lay on it directly.

d)    Replacement air pockets:

One feature that is not available in most of the alternating air mattresses is the replacement air pockets. This particular mattress provides its customers with an ability to replace the air pockets, which add to its usability.

e) Support up to 320 lbs:

This mattress is built to last and can support up to 320 lbs which is great for healthier users.


  • Alternative pressure points
  • Highly customizable
  • Variable positioning for pressure
  • Quiet pumping
  • Can support up to 320 lbs
  • Comprehensive instructions


  • Tubes may get a bit uncomfortable at times
  • Velcro straps are difficult to reach the beds’ ends

3. Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump & Mattress

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The Drive Medical Med Aire Alternating Pressure Pump mattress is quite an affordable air mattress to buy for bedridden patients. The features that it has included:

a)    The maximum level of comfort:

Seniors who have to lay on their beds for long periods of time need to have a mattress that is comfortable. This alternating pressure mattress features 130 air cells. With an easy inflation and deflation process, it gives a comfortable and relaxed surface for patients to lay on.

b)     Cost-effective:

For people who are on a budget, this alternating pressure mattress could be a godsend. It comes with a low price tag but contains all the features you need for a good alternating mattress such as a quiet pump, comfort air tubes and so on.


  • Support up to 300 lbs
  • Comes in quite a low price tag
  • The dimensions make it easy for all kinds of patients to lie on it
  • Reduces bed sores and prevents them efficiently


  • It is not very durable

4. Marnur Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical Air Mattress

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The alternating pressure mattress from Marnur is comfortable and adjustable. It is considered as one of the best products in this industry. Some of its amazing features are:

a)    High-quality PVC material:

Unlike other models we mentioned above, this product is made with high-quality medical-grade PVC material. Users feel comfortable when lay on it and it can last for a long time.

b)    Non-slippery fabric:

The fabric used in the making of this alternating pressure mattress is free of any kind of slipping. Thus, it makes it easier for the patient to stay in one place. Caregivers don’t have to make the bed from time to time.

c)    10 pressure levels available:

You can adjust the pressure levels from 1 to 10 to find the best one for yourself or your loved one. The pump is quiet and works seamlessly with the pad to provide a customized experience for seniors and patients.


  • The end of the pad is non-slippy
  • Support up to 298 lbs
  • 10 pressure settings included
  • Relieves ulcer pain quite efficiently
  • Quiet pump
  • Made with medical-grade PVC


  • The air cells may leak after a few months

5. Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Alternating Pressure Mattress

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The Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper mattress is recommended by the doctors as one of the best options for patients. Some features that it offers are:

a)    Quiet pumping:

The whisper-quiet pumping is one major feature that makes it apart from other alternating pressure mattresses. Patients can have a peaceful sleep when using this pad.

b)     Sleep therapy:

The soothing circulations of this mattress make it easier for the patient to sleep on it comfortably. The wave-like motion is surely quite therapeutic for the patient.

c)    Fast fill up

This product works effectively and fills up very quickly.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy to set and clean
  • Wave-like motion is therapeutic


  • A bit firm for some users
  • A bit slippy

6. Pressure Mattress Air Bubble Pad by SereneLife

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The Pressure Mattress Air Bubble Pad is another great option for the patients who have to lay on the beds for long periods of time. It can support up to 330 lbs which makes it a suitable product for heavier people.

a)   Breathable bubble pad:

The material is medical-grade PVC and is quite breathable. With the help of the micro air circulation channels, the sweat and heat of the patient can spread easily.

b)     For healthier people

This alternating pressure mattress can support up to 330 lbs. The weight capacity is larger than the other models we mentioned above. This makes it a great option for heavier people.


  • A long-lasting option to opt for
  • Easy to connect the pump with this pad
  • Can support up to 330 lbs


  • The instruction is not clear.


When they lay on the bed for long periods, they develop bedsores and ulcers easily. These alternating pressure mattresses provide a solution to deal with it. Check the products we posted in this post, we sure you will find the best one for yourself.

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