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The 6 Best Bath Lifts To Improve Bathroom Safety

The bath lift helps seniors and people with disabilities take a bath without any difficulty as it helps the person get up and down with ease. It is a great way to improve bathroom safety. See our recommendations for the best bath lifts right now!

Our Picks for Best Bath Lift

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What is a bath lift?

Many people are not familiar with the idea of bath lifts; there are chances that the majority of you might not have actually seen a bath lift ever. But that’s alright, you can still benefit from this device.

An electric bath lift chair prevents the risk of getting injuries. They work efficiently by lowering the individuals in the bathtub and afterward, it lifts them gently out from the bathtub. These amazing mechanical lifts are perfect for the majority of the bathtubs and mostly they use batteries to power themselves.

One of the best bath lifts is the one which comes with extended edges or you can also call them wings, you can use these edges to transfer to the chair. The seat is in the middle; it is strong and extremely durable. As soon as you are comfortable sitting on the seat the next step is to fill the water in your bathtub, after that all you have to do is use the lift to lower yourself into the bathtub.

A bath lift is usually two to three inches up from the surface of the bathtub they don’t touch the bottom. The best part is that you can easily lean back on a bath lift hence allowing you to relax and enjoy your bath. Few of the models come with suction cups that perform suction to the bottom of a bathtub; this ensures the lift stays in position when a person is in the tub.

Who can use a bath lift?

The best bath lift includes the one which makes sure a person easily sits down or exits the bathtub. They are not mostly in use by young people who are healthy and energetic enough to take a bath without any support. However, there are many people who can benefit from this remarkable device.

Most probably the people who will be fascinated by a bath lift are as followed:

Elderly– at a certain age you realize that there are many things you cannot do easily which you used to do when you were young and vibrant. One of such things is a good, relaxing bath; the issue is a bath call for a lot of energy to get in the bathtub and even requires strength to exit the tub. A bath lift for elderly ensures they are safe and are prevented from getting hurt. People often use a bath lift for the elderly when they do not have enough muscle strength.

Injured Individual– a person can get injuries at any age, maybe you experienced a leg injury, a hip surgery or any spinal issue. These injuries can make it very difficult for a person to take bath. That’s when you might require an electric bath chair lift. Most doctors recommend patients to take baths when they have experienced an injury because they are quite refreshing and beneficial for the body.

Disabled People– a bath lift are a blessing for a disabled individual; it allows them to enjoy the bath which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. If a person is on a wheelchair, they can use the extended edges to easily transfer a person to the chair.

The best bath lift has a lot to offer, it is a ray of hope for people who cannot enter or get exit the bathtub normally due to some physical disability. The commendable thing about this device is that it works with only a click of a button. With it, on your side, you don’t need the help of another person to get you out, plus it helps you to easily enter as well.

What are the various kinds of bath lifts for seniors?

There are many kinds of bath lifts available on the market, to be more specific they can be divided into two groups one being ‘portable free-standing models’ and the other ‘permanently installed models’. The ones those are permanent needs to be installed in floors, walls or even ceilings before someone can actually use it. However, the free-standing models are more portable and quite easy to install. Even they are very simple to use as well, after using it you can remove it and store it safely. They are considered best bath lifts as they are more versatile and excessively effective.

As far as the lifting mechanism is concerned you can classify bath lifts into four categories

•    Manual bath lifts

•    Battery powered bath lifts

•    Air-powered bath lifts and

•    Bath lifts powered by water

Manual bath lifts

Basically, a manual bath lift utilizes a mechanical lift mechanism to work, which means that is operated using a crank that is turned by hand. Moreover, you can opt for hydraulic manual bath lifts, all you have to do is just sit straight in it and press on the bath rims. The seat gets lifted due to the help of a hydraulic piston mechanism. However, they have not considered the best bath lifts because arms and hands get fatigued quite quickly by them. Plus they are also not suitable for people with some kind of disability or for aged individuals. That’s the reason bath lifts for seniors are mostly electrically-powered.

Battery powered bath lifts

This ‘bath lift’ lower and lifts the chair by using rechargeable batteries. If you are looking for a bath lift for seniors then battery powered bath lifts are apt for you. You will find a pair of push-buttons on it those will help to lower and lift the bath chair. It can go out of power but before that, it can be easily used for almost twenty lifting cycles. The best part is if the battery runs low and is not able to complete a life cycle then the safety mechanism will automatically activate thus preventing the chair to descend further.

Air-powered bath lift

This bath lift comes with an inflatable cushion that further attaches to an air-pump. This is also an electrically-powered bath lift, furthermore, it has push-buttons, and by pressing them you can lift or lower the bath chair lift. It is also a goof bath lift for elderly; exactly like battery-powered bath lift it also has a safety mechanism built-in.

Water-powered bath lift

A bath lift powered by water comes with water pipes which develop water pressure that is further used for the mechanism for lifting. These bath lifts are usually joined to a shower pipe which provides a route for the pressurized water.

The 6 best bath lifts reviewed:

1. Drive Medical Whisper Ultra Bath Lift

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This is one of the best bath lifts available on the market; it is quite innovative and best for adults who want to have a good time while bathing.

You don’t have to worry about installation or extra tools; it is simple in use and trouble-free device. Moreover, it is perfect for both deep soaking and standard bathtubs, plus it includes a smart design and you can disassemble it without any hassle.

You can take it with you when you are traveling, apart from that the lift seat includes pad and is extremely comfortable. Other than that the backrest is just perfect, the ergonomic design reduces the discomfort and ensures you don’t have to do much of physical effort. People who have used it have given some amazing bath lift feedback about this product.

It is best for people who are looking for a budget-friendly bath lift, atop it provides the best value.



•    Fast installation

•    Easy to disassemble

•    Ergonomic design

•    Portable

•    Minimum physical effort required


•    Not that durable


2. Dive Medical Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

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If you are looking for a bath lift that is easy to carry around and store then Bellavita bath lifter ought to be your choice. You can use it both at the home and even when you are away. The weight of this lifter is only 20.5 lbs making it one of the lightest bath lift available. Besides that, it has a height of 18.8 and can go down to 2.3, if you have a deep tub then this is just perfect for it. The hand control comes with a high-quality lithium-ion battery which is pretty easy for use. Furthermore, Bellavista is easy to install and use, the hand control includes a smart design thus making it easy to get access to the control buttons.

Apart from that, it is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble this two-piece bath lift. You can carry it with you while traveling and when it is not in use, you can fold it down. Both backrest and seat are padded making it comfortable. The bath lift ratings by customers have been really good about this product. Atop it is a perfect bath lift for seniors because of its ease of use and comfort.


•    Great construction

•    Easy to install and use

•    Light in weight

•    Comfortable


•    The instructions are not clear

•    Battery replacement is expensive


3. AdirMed Bathtub Ultra Quiet Lift Chair

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This is another best bath lift, it allows you to enter and leave the bathtub without any difficulty. Apart from that it ensures your comfort and is extremely secure for disables, elderly and many more. Unlike its competitors, it is more convenient and simple. It comes with a great number of height adjustments; it can reach the height of 18.8’’ and can go as low as 2.3’’.

You can lower the chair as soon as the side flaps spin up. There is also a hand control which you can use to make the adjustments, plus it is waterproof in case you drop it, you don’t have to worry because it will start floating immediately. Also, it comes with ideal sized buttons those are easy to manipulate while bathing. This is without a doubt one of the most durable bath lifts available on the market, everyone who has used it has given positive bath lift feedback.


•    Convenient and comfortable

•    Durable

•    Adequately sized control buttons

•    Ease of use


•    It gives limited recline if the tub is small and the user is tall


4. Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift

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Getting into and out from the bath can be difficult if you are going through some mobility issues, that’s when you need a good bath lift. Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift includes an innovative design and is just 6.8 kg, besides that it is simple and you can install it quickly.

Moreover, this bath lift includes a durable plastic which you can clean easily. The best part is it fits perfectly in all varieties of bathtubs, other than that it comes with a comfortable backrest which provides outstanding support.


•    Compact

•    Comfortable and provides excellent support

•    Comes with modern technology

•    Quick installation

•    Lightweight and portable


•    According to a few users, it quits working after a short period of time


5. Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

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If you need support while getting in and out from the bathtub then Mangar Archimedes bath lift is all you need. It is ideal for everyone, quite easy to install and uses a battery for power. Additionally, the lift includes a design that makes sure the user can sit as further back as possible.

As compared to its competitors it gives more leg room. Besides that it comes with anti-pinch flaps, they ensure that your skin doesn’t catch on the lift while entering and exiting the bath lift.


•    Durable

•    Provides greater leg room

•    Comfortable

•    Simple and easy to install


•    The armrests are not that strong


6. Lumex Splash Bath Lift

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If you want to find an ultra-light bath lift for seniors, this Lumex one would be a good choice. This Splash bath lift is easy to transport as it is extremely light in weight. Besides, it comes with all the elements those ensures safety.

This bath lift is quite easy to operate. However, it may be not wide enough for some tubs.


•    Simple and practical bath lift

•    Greater water immersion helps in maintain personal hygiene

•    Easy to operate

•    Safe to use


•    Not suitable for extra wide tubs


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