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Best Bed Rails for Seniors and Elderly

As the years’ progress, many seniors suffer from ailments that make getting on and off of the bed an arduous task. This can make you more prone to fall injuries.

best bed rails for seniors

However, with bed rails, this process becomes easier for users, thereby preventing unnecessary accidents. 

We discuss at length the best bed rails for seniors that provide comfort and safety. We’ll point out all the features that buyers should consider when acquiring a bed assist.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed...
Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed...
High quality material, adjustable rail length, easy to assemble
Best Overall
Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed...
Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail, Adjustable Senior Bed...
High quality material, adjustable rail length, easy to assemble

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9 Best Bed Rails For Seniors Reviewed

1. Able Life Bed Extend – A – Rail – Best Overall

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The Able Life Bed Rail is very popular in the market and what we like is the quality and compatibility.

It can be placed on either side of the bed with its dual safety strap and extends from 20 to 30 inches with a simple button press to give the user reassurance of safe sleep. 

This is great for seniors who live with partners and the adjustable length offers more convenience.

The rail fits most bed types, except for adjustable beds, and is compatible with mattresses between 8 and 16 inches tall.

lt can support 300 pounds, weighs 7.15 pounds, and is a no-tool easy construction to get it ready to use. 

While it is not the cheapest rail we found, but it is built to last for years.


  • Ease of assembly.
  • Compatible with different types of beds.
  • Eliminates fall hazards.
  • Made with high quality.


  • Not ideal for adjustable beds.

2. Medline Bed Assist Bar With Storage Pocket – Best Portable Rail

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The Medline Bed Assist Bar is another superb choice for adults that need help to get on and off the bed. You can use the bar on either side of the bed and its handle is amply padded, allowing the user to maintain a firm grip while maneuvering.

The bar is quick to construct, with no tools needed. It’s mobile enough, weighing only 6.4 pounds, to install wherever the user sleeps. It also has a thoughtfully designed pocket attached that can store small essential bedside items. 

A strap keeps the bar immobile and secure. It also helps hold the bed assist frame in place when transporting, making it more compact. 

The Medline Bed Assist Bar is compatible with most sizes and heights of bed. Plus, it comes with a low price tag, making it a good choice for people on a budget.


  1. Compatible with most beds.
  2. Portable.
  3. Well-padded grip.
  4. Pouch for storage.
  5. Cost-effective.


  • The frame is not sturdy as you expect.

3. Stander 30″ Bed Safety Rail – Best Fold-Down

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The Stander 30″ Bedside Rail looks like the Able life one we mentioned above but it is different. The reason why we include it on our list is that when it’s not in use, the rail can be collapsed for easy mounting and dismounting from the bed if need be.

At 300 pounds, the rail’s bodyweight support is ample, and it fits with mattresses from 10 to 19 inches. Additionally, it’s easy to assemble and comes with the tools required for the installation.

The Stander 30″ is suitable for surgery patients and seniors with balancing issues. It delivers four different height support rails to give users the correct grip at several levels to avoid slipping. 

When looking for a foldable bed assist to provide you with a firm grip, nocturnal support, look no further. 


  • Supports weights of up to 300 pounds.
  • Quickly collapsed to create space.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Drop pins are difficult to remove once in the bed.
  • Non Adjustable length.

4. Drive Medical RTL15063-ADJ Adjustable Height Bed Assist Handle – Best Budget Rail

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The Drive Medical RTL 15063 is a good option for the elderly with a tight budget. Even though it doesn’t come with many features, it still performs most of the essential functions required.

Weighing 10 pounds, it has an adjustable height of between 13.5 to 16.5 inches and a support capacity of 250 pounds. Like many products on the list, you can use it from any side of your bed, making it a favorite among users. 

The Drive Medical RTL can be slid under your mattress and comes with non-slip foam to keep the bar firm and in position. 

It’s made of chrome-plated steel, which keeps rust at bay and allows easy maintenance. For ease of transport and creating space, you can fold the RTL 15063.

When faced with bedside support challenges and a limited budget, The Drive Medical RTL is the go-to bed rail.


  • Easily affordable.
  • Firm grip handle.
  • Adjustable height and length.
  • Non-slip stands.


  • Only supports essential functions.

5. Step2Bed Bed Rails – Best Step-Up Rail

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The Step2Bed Bed Rails is a step-stool with support rails. It’s ideal for older adults with mobility problems who struggle with the height of their bed. It’s also perfect for people with hip and back problems.

With a weight-bearing capacity of 1200 pounds, the Step2Bed  is usable from any side of your bed. The wide, non-slip, deep step, which has a supporting handle on either side, is adjustable within heights of 2.5 to 7.5 inches,  so it is compatible with most beds. 

What’s more, the innovative inclusion of LED lights gives increased visibility at night.

When faced with balancing challenges coupled with visual impairments, this would be a perfect bed assist to consider. This bedside rail is made with stainless steel making it durable. 


  • LED lighting.
  • 1200 pounds weight capacity.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Innovative step stool style rail.


  • Expensive.

6. OasisSpace Bed Rails – Best for Bedside Support

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For essential bedside support and fall prevention, the OasisSpace Bed Rail could be the solution to your problem. It’s designed in a modern way with large suction cups at the base to secure it in position. 

The no-tool assembly makes it popular, as does the horizontal and vertical extendability and use on either side of the bed. However, it only works with beds with a height clearance of over 12 inches and mattresses larger than 5 inches.

With the foam-padded handles, you are assured of a firm grip while getting in or out of your bed. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the OasisSpace is 250 pounds.


  • Adjustable horizontally and vertically for different sized beds.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Compatible with most beds.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Large suction caps to make the rail stationary.


  • Low capacity compared to other bedside rails.
  • Not usable with mattresses under 5 inches.

7. MGrip Adjustable Contoured Bed Rail – Best In-Bed Support

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The MGrip Adjustable bed rail has an M shape that enables users to grip from various positions.

The simple design coupled with its compactness makes it easy to carry for trips and visits to relatives. It has adjustable security straps, so it is compatible with most beds.

Thanks to the sturdy frame and thick foam-padded handles, it allows you to reposition yourself easily while lying on your bed.

To keep your must-have items secure and within reach, the MGrip comes with a side pocket. The product’s weight-bearing capacity is 300 pounds, and it weighs 7.8 pounds. 


  • Adjustable height.
  • Comfortable foam padded handle.
  • Safety pouch.
  • Portable.
  • Affordable


  • The frame is not very sturdy especially when exposed to heavy weights.

8. Essential Medical Supplying Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail – Best Quick Install

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If you’re looking for an easy-to-assemble, portable, and stable bed assist rail, this is a perfect choice to consider.

Straps prevent unintentional rail movement when they are attached to the adjacent side of the bed.

The assist rail is sturdy and the non-slip grips are comfortable to use. It has a capacity of 300 lbs and weighs only 6.5 pounds.

The steel used to make this bed assist facilitates easier cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, it’s compatible with most beds with bars that can extend and slip between your mattress and your box spring. 


  • Adjustable height.
  • Compatible with most beds.
  • Non-rust.
  • Security straps.
  • Easy to install.


  • Can easily collapse when leaned on

9. Duro- Med DMI Bed Rail – Best for Comfort

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The Duro-Med rail is similar to the OasisSpace we looked at earlier.

It gives you a firm grip when embarking or disembarking the bed and reduces the likelihood of falling. The padded handles and the slip-resistant foot-tips increase stability.

You can adjust the height from 30.5-38 inches for maximum support and comfort. The length also extends up to 32.7 inches to fit the size of the bed. It’s an easy no-tool assembly for quick installation.

The Duro-Med weighs 8.1 pounds and has a weight-bearing capacity of 250 pounds. If an adult bed rail with a firm grip is on your list, this would be among the options to consider.


  • Easily assembled.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Firm grip.
  • Compatible with most beds.
  • Portable.


  • Doesn’t fit short bed.

Different Types Of Bedside Rails

bedside rail
Bedside rail

Bed rails provide support while climbing into and out of bed, as well as preventing falls during sleep. However, they differ from each other. Below are some of the key features that differentiate them.

Cross Bars

Cross bar bed assists have variously situated crossbars that help users change position when needed. The diagonal and horizontal bars also provide support when they’re lifting themselves.


These are the rails that go under your mattress and straight to the ground. This facilitates more support and makes them sturdier.


Some rails are constructed without stands. They’re perfect for big and compact mattresses. Queen-sized mattresses and above are best in this case.

Convertible and Non-Convertible

Non-convertible bed rails are used solely for bed safety. Convertible ones, however, can be used as walking aids as well as bed assists. They are ideal for surgery patients who frequently need to exercise their limbs.

Key Features for Consideration When Choosing a Bed Rail For Older Adults

For your safety and peace of mind, evaluate your needs before acquiring a bed assist, so you get the product ideal for your use. 

When opting for a bed assist, look at the following features for the best outcome:


Determine which side of the bed the support will be used and ensure you can use the product you choose on that side.

A foldable bed assist is perfect for creating space. However, adjustable parts that require tools may pose assembly challenges to seniors.


Manufacturers design quality bed assist rails with security and safety in mind. They need to be adjustable, both for the user’s comfort and to fit the bed correctly. The right fit protects adults against discomfort and risk of fall injuries.

Weight and Capacity

You should consider the weight of the bed rail if you want to move it regularly. The weight-bearing capacity should exceed the user’s weight by at least 10 percent for safe use.


The user’s health is paramount, so buy the bedrail you need to keep them safe. Only use price for comparison reasons. Quality should match the price, so you should note a bed rail’s features and functions to determine whether the price is competitive. The more features, the more costly the bedrail will be.

Ability to Install

Bed rails for elderly should be a simple design for easy installation by anyone. Installation should be achievable without any assistance.

Quality and fitting

The quality build and fitting are crucial. A bed rail that breaks or slips out of position when in use is a no-no. Also, look for comfortable firm handles and grips that will last.

Finally, before settling on a bed assist, consider what the future holds.

The issue prompting the use of a bed assist may be short-term, or you may need a long-term product. Consulting a medical professional is the best way to foretell your future needs. This eliminates guesswork when buying the product.


Can a Bed Rail Double as a Walking Aid?

Yes, you can utilize some specifically-designed bed assists to move around.

Are Bed Rails Included in Medicare?

Medicare cover holders get some benefits in relation to bed assists. However, there is an exclusion clause that governs the cover.
Unfortunately, the cost of detachable bed assists isn’t included in the Medicare cover. However, cover holders are eligible for a bed that supports attachable rails.
Medicare will pay for the bed in full, provided the prescription is from a professional medical practitioner, and the supplier is registered with Medicare.

Who Should Use Bed Rails?

Anybody with balancing issues, back problems, or surgery patients are prime candidates for bed rails.
If having any of these problems, consult a qualified medic for evaluation, and a possible bed assist prescription.
Apart from prescribing a bed rail, medics can assist in full recovery, eliminating the need for permanent bed assist rails.


When climbing on and off the bed becomes difficult, a bedrail can be your best friend, giving users independence, security and safety.

Our top pick is the Able Life Bedside Extend - A - Rail. It has outstanding features that seniors and people with support issues may need for comfort.

The Step2Bed is our second favorite. We only disregarded it as the top pick due to the high price. Otherwise, it comes with LED light and could be use as a step stool.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need to buy a bed rail to suit your needs.

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