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Best Bed Trapeze for Seniors

When we become older or suffer from some kinds of diseases, stepping out of bed could be a hard thing to do. Bed trapeze is a useful tool for you to deal with this problem.

bed trapeze

It can not only help you get out of your bed but change positions in bed. Read this post to know the best bed trapeze in the markets and which the right one for yourself or a loved one.

Our Picks for Best Bed Trapeze

Some of trapezes come with transfer pole and some of them are good for bariatric people. If you don’t want to read the reviews below, you can check these 3 products directly.

Best Overall
Graham-Field Lumex 2800GA Versa-Helper Trapeze, Grey
Best Bariatric Trapeze
Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze Bar for Bed Mobility
Graham-Field Lumex 2800GA Versa-Helper Trapeze, Grey
Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze Bar for Bed Mobility
Best Overall
Graham-Field Lumex 2800GA Versa-Helper Trapeze, Grey
Graham-Field Lumex 2800GA Versa-Helper Trapeze, Grey
Best Bariatric Trapeze
Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze Bar for Bed Mobility
Lumex Versa-Helper Trapeze Bar for Bed Mobility

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What is bed trapeze?

A bed trapeze is also called medical trapeze or overhead trapeze. It is a device that is put over the head of the bed. It has a metal triangle bar hanging and is secured by a metal base that is fixed directly to the bed or the ceiling.

The bed trapeze offers the senior person or patient a firm grasp to get up when coming out of bed or changing position while in bed. (If you can’t finish this task by yourself, you may need to consider buying a hydraulic patient lift. )

Bed trapezes are great for seniors who want to age in place and feel confident in their independence or patients with mobility problems such as wheelchair users.

Having a safe and secure way to get in and out of bed and change positions while in bed will give you a sense of safety and independence.

You can choose what best suits your needs without compromising security.

Types of bed trapeze

  • Floor trapeze

The floor trapeze models are freestanding, with a sturdy base which sits on the floor. Some have wheels for maneuvering.

Before you buy a floor trapeze model, check the clearance of under your bed, platform beds are not compatible with the floor trapezes.

The floor trapeze model can handle heavier weights when compared to other models. This is why they have a floor stand.

  • Bed attached trapeze

The bed attached trapeze is mounted on the bed, making it less cumbersome and you can fix it directly to save space.

These trapezes are compatible with beds with a metal frame or adjustable bed. Before you buy the trapeze, check its compatibility with the bed that will be used.

  • Ceiling mounted trapeze

The ceiling mounted trapeze is mounted on the ceiling. It is the most simple way to implement a trapeze. These ceiling mounted trapeze works with almost all the beds.

  • Combination trapeze models

You can choose to buy a trapeze bar only or with a floor stand. The models can stand on their base or be installed on the bed frame.

How to choose the best bed trapeze

There are several brands of bed trapeze in the market; you may be overwhelmed to try and select the best.

You should be observant when looking for a trapeze because a single mistake can cost you more time and money. The following information can help you to make the right decision.

  • Weight capacity

The weight of a bed trapeze is an essential factor that should be considered. A bed trapeze should be able to support the weight of the user.

Before you buy the trapeze, check the weight capacity and confirm that it will support the user’s weight. You can also purchase a bariatric design, which can provide reliable assistance for heavier users.

  • Quality

A trapeze that is constructed from high-quality materials will be durable and offer outstanding support. If it is durable, the user will enjoy its lasting support making it worth buying.

  • Stability

Stability is another factor that should not be ignored when choosing a bed trapeze. The trapezes that are installed to floor stands should have the required stability.

They should be stable enough to support the weight that the users will exert without breaking off. If a trapeze has a base, the feet should be long enough to reach the entire bed. Long feet will offer more support when pulling.

  • Adjustability

An ideal bed trapeze bar should make sense and be easy to grasp when considering flexibility and mobility limitations.

It should be adjustable to meet the needs of the user; the user should not overextend to reach the bar; this may cause a fall or injury. Choose a device that has different adjustable features like height and positioning.

  • Size

Some models are too large that you cannot get out of bed on one side. The size factor may depend on your situation.

Benefits of bed trapezes

The bed trapezes help an individual to move out of bed safely or change position when in bed. The movement will also help the user to prevent bed sores or pressure ulcers from developing.

Stepping out of bed safely or changing position while in bed will help to stimulate blood circulation and heal any existing skin deterioration. A sit to stand lift or a transfer pole also help you to get out of bed safely and easily.

Some individuals use the trapezes to develop strength on the upper body and arms. The users will benefit from increased balance and strength when the trapezes are often used to sit up, reposition, and move around in bed.

Additionally, the trapezes have various benefits to the caregivers. This is because the users can support themselves with the bed trapeze, minimizing the support needed by the caregiver for transfers in and out of bed and positioning.

If you always stay in bed, a good mattress or an overbed table would be a necessary piece of furniture to buy.

Best Bed Trapezes Review

The following are some of the bed trapezes that you can consider:

1. Lumex Versa-helper Trapeze 2800GA

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If you are looking for the best bed trapazes, Lumex is a brand you should not miss out. The Lumex 2800GA Versa-helper Trapeze is user-friendly for seniors and patients.

It helps them to transfer in and out of the bed or change position while in bed. It has up to 250 pounds of support; the users can support themselves safely through self-support movements.

The height ranges from 43-52″ high, so you can adjust it as desired. The trapeze should be mounted on beds that have metal footboards or headboards. Lumex stands are sold separately; they offer free-standing support for this trapeze.

The lumex products are of high-quality and trusted by medical professionals for more than 50 years. You can choose a gray or chrome finish.


  • It has rubber bumper guards to protects the surfaces from any damage
  • The handbar positions and height can be adjusted
  • Helps the patients to move in and out of bed, or change position while in bed with minimal support
  • It is sturdy and strong to support the user safely
  • 250 pounds weight capacity


  • It is only used with a metal frame footboards and headboards

2. Invacare trapeze bar 7740A with two-piece design bar and handle

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The Invacare 7740A unit is a bed attached trapeze and an essential accessory for seniors or patients. It helps the user to change position easily and safely while in bed and also helps them to get out of bed.

The Invacare trapeze has adjustable height and hand bar positions to increase the accessibility. It has a two-piece design that secures with a locking pin for safety. The pin ensures that the two sections are held together and ensure that they are aligned and secure.

The handle has a bar which divides the opening, serving as a hand grip and reduces the opening. The bed attached trapeze can be assembled easily; you don’t need tools to assemble.

It is made from heavy gauge octagonal steel. The mounting brackets are padded, and wall bumpers protect the bed and the wall surface.

However, this Invacare trapeze bar only has a 168 lbs weight capacity which is not suitable for heavier seniors.


  • You adjust the height easily
  • It is made of heavy gauged steel, making it durable
  • You don’t need tools to assemble the trapeze


  • It may not fit on some beds
  • The brackets may break when they are not used appropriately
  • Working load of 168lbs

3. E2 32″ Healthcraft Ceiling mounted trapeze

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It is the best alternative to the traditional floor base trapezes because the ceiling trapeze is economical and simple. The trapeze bar hangs over the bed to help the user to sit up or get out of bed.

The handle features two rungs on the ladder design for efficient leverage. You can slide it to the edge of your bed when it is not in use.

Like other Healthcraft products, it is made of high-quality steel with a white powder antibacterial finish. This trapeze bar for bed mobility aid is strong and sturdy.

The ceiling-mounted trapeze is mounted to studs on 16″ centers. The hook length is 29″, and the strap range is 3-29″. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs. However, it is only used for sitting up or repositioning.

It may be a little bit difficult to install this ceiling mounted trapeze and the fastening hardware is not included.


  • It has a sturdy and strong steel design
  • You can adjust the height
  • You can slide the bar aside
  • Up to 300 lbs weight capacity


  • It does not come with a fastening hardware

4. Medline Trapeze Bar attachment

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The Medline Trapeze Bar attachment offers independence to the users when they want to sit up or reposition. The accessory will also help the caregiver when transferring those patients or seniors who are less mobile.

The device is mounted on frame headboards. The handlebar positions and height can be adjusted as desired. The trapeze can be fixed on the frame of your bed or find a base. It is ideal for those who have are bariatric because it has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

It is simple and easy to assemble. For people who is bariatric, a heavy duty wheelchair or a  heavy duty 4 wheel walker would be a better choice.


  • It is durable and constructed to last
  • It comes with an optional stand.
  • The handlebar positions and height are adjustable
  • Offers independence to the users when they want to sit up or reposition.
  • Easier to assemble
  • Good for heavier person


  • Not recommended on wooden beds

5. Healthcraft super pole with super trapeze

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The Healthcraft super pole with super trapeze has unique offset handles and mounts to the super pole to offer support to the user to sit up while in bed. The handle simulates the two runs on the ladder.

This will allow for better use of the arm strength to rise to a seated position. The super trapeze increases mobility and functionality. It is ideal for pulling yourself when lying in bed to sit of change position.

The triangular shape has two leverage points to maximize the strength to rise more easily to another position. The Superpole offers assistance when you want to get out of the bed.

The conventional floor stands can move the bed away from the wall, reducing the available space.

The trapeze is installed beside the bed, and it occupies about 5” of the floor space. The arm and nylon straps can be adjusted if you want. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs


  • The trapeze can be installed in any room
  • It is easy and quick to install; you turn the screw which is at the bottom.
  • The trapeze can expand between the ceiling and the floor to make it reliable and sturdy.
  • It has rubber pads on the ceiling and floor plates to prevent scratching the surfaces.
  • It has a white anti-microbial coat finish.
  • Has a foam grip handle


  • The pole is not long enough to fit a ceiling that is too high. The trapeze is 93-99”.
  • The trapeze swings, not ideal for bathtubs.

6. Lumex Versa-helper Bariatric Trapeze with a stand, 2940B

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Another best bed trapeze for seniors from Lumex. The trapeze helps the patients and seniors to change position in bed and get in or out of bed safely. It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds of support.

The users can support themselves via self-support movements with less assistance. It has chrome floor stand for free standing of the trapeze.


  • The users can change position or get in or out of bed safely
  • The height and handbar positions are adjustable
  • It comes with a floor stand
  • It has a weight capacity of 450 pounds of support
  • It is constructed from high-quality materials
  • The trapeze is sturdy with an excellent design


  • The base may take more space in a small room
  • It is costly


If you have mobility issues due to age, sickness, or disability, a trapeze bar for bed mobility can help in changing position or moving in and out of bed or chair. It is essential to choose the best device to aid in the process of healing.

The above information and reviews will help you to make the right decision when buying a bed trapeze. Ensure that the bed trapeze that you choose is strong and has adjustable handbar positions and height, ideal weight capacity, simple to assemble, high quality and durable.

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