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Best Non-Slip Shower Mat for the Elderly and Seniors

Wet surfaces like tubs, spas, and showers can become very slippery. Good non-slip shower mats for the elderly prevent accidents and make standing on hard surfaces more comfortable. 

non slip shower mat for elderly

Here, we take a close look at the bestselling mats and can recommend the Othway Non-Slip Mat. But take a look through our reviews to find the best non-slip shower rugs for your needs.

Best Overall
Non-Slip Bathtub Mat OTHWAY Soft Rubber Bathroom...
Best For Hygiene
Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16,...
Most Versatile
Vive Shower Mat - Non Slip Tub Bathtub Grip, 22" by...
Non-Slip Bathtub Mat OTHWAY Soft Rubber Bathroom...
Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16,...
Vive Shower Mat - Non Slip Tub Bathtub Grip, 22" by...
Best Overall
Non-Slip Bathtub Mat OTHWAY Soft Rubber Bathroom...
Non-Slip Bathtub Mat OTHWAY Soft Rubber Bathroom...
Best For Hygiene
Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16,...
Gorilla Grip Patented Shower and Bathtub Mat, 35x16,...
Most Versatile
Vive Shower Mat - Non Slip Tub Bathtub Grip, 22" by...
Vive Shower Mat - Non Slip Tub Bathtub Grip, 22" by...

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Best Non-Slip Shower Mats for the Elderly Reviewed

Non-slip bathroom rugs for the elderly are available in different shapes and sizes to suit shower stalls, bathtubs, and other wet areas. We also included a versatile use-anywhere solution in our selection.

1. OTHWAY Non-Slip Bathtub Mat — Best Overall

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Othway’s thick and heavy mats offer extra comfort for standing and sitting. Made from heavy-duty rubber, the mat is soft and comfortable, which is the first reason why we consider it one of the best non-slip shower mats for seniors.

Rubber doesn’t get slippery when wet and this mat’s textured surface achieves an anti-slip effect. This style makes sitting in the bathtub on the mat also quite comfortable. We like the cobblestone look and the soft rounded edges. 

At 31.5 by 15.75 inches, it’s big enough to cover the bottom of most baths but still rolls up into a manageable package that’s easy to store.


  • Choice of two colors
  • 60-day money-back and 18-months worry-free guarantee 
  • Heavier and thicker than other mats
  • Made from natural, environment-friendly rubber without PVC, BPA or latex


  • The cobblestone effect may not suit everyone’s tastes

2. Gorilla Grip Bath Mat — Best for Hygiene

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This well-drained rectangular mat has enough suction cups for strong adhesion inside your bathtub, the most at-risk area in bathrooms. The surface offers a good grip and the well-sized holes mean excellent drainage. 

Antibacterial treatment enhances the hygiene of this mildew-resistant mat, provided you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. The material is non-toxic, BPA, Latex, and phthalate-free.

The Gorilla Grip Bath Mat is machine washable so it’s easy to remove oily and slippery build-up. 


  • Durable material but soft on feet
  • Generous size covers the bottom of baths
  • Large-sized drainage holes fit different drain placement 
  • 10-year warranty
  • Package contains two mats


  • The anti-bacterial treatment causes a strong chlorine smell that needs some time to dissipate, so wash before first use!
  • Not suitable for sitting on

3. Vive Shower Stall Mat — Most Versatile

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This square mat fits both showers or bathtubs to create a non-slip surface. The lightly textured matting is comfortable to stand on and drains water well thanks to multiple drainage points. 

Latex-free, Vive’s mat is made from a non-toxic PVC material that’s easy to clean. Put the shower mat in the washing machine and wash on a cold setting with mild detergent. Air dry the mat completely before re-installing it. 

We think it’s one of the most versatile shower mats for seniors and it’s suitable for use in showers, in bathtubs, in spas, or anywhere on the floor in wet areas.


  • Lightly textured surface for comfort and safety
  • Secure base with 164 small suction cups 
  • Easily releases from the surface when needed
  • Durable and eco-friendly design with latex-free, non-toxic PVC material
  • Machine washable and no need for scrubbing
  • Lifetime guarantee 


  • Some users prefer a rectangular mat for baths

4. SlipX Solutions Square Shower Mat — Best for Large Shower Stalls

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Another shower stall mat this time from SlipX. Made from transparent PVC with 27-inch sides and 100 suction cups, it covers a sizeable area securely. 

There are many holes of varied sizes for good drainage and a large, dedicated center opening for the shower drain.

We like the range of color options to suit all bathrooms. Being practical shouldn’t mean giving up on aesthetics.


  • Square shape 
  • Drains well
  • Folds for storage
  • Comes in six colors


  • If the central drain hole peels away from the floor, it could represent a hazard.

5. Yimobra Original Bath Tub Shower Mat: Largest Sized Mat

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This 40 by 16-inch mat is made from PVC and is also free of nasty compounds like BPA, Latex or phthalate that can cause allergic reactions in some people. 

Not only is Yimbora’s non-slip bathroom rug for the elderly machine washable, but it also arrives refreshingly odor-free out of the box.

This mat works even if it covers a drain so you don’t need a perfect fit or specially shaped mat.


  • Largest cover for bathtubs
  • Six color options
  • Three different patterns
  • Child size also available
  • Strong suction cups
  • Machine Washable 
  • Phthalate, Latex, and BPA free


  • Might be too large for some bathtubs

6. Non-Slip Bathtub Stickers — Best No-Maintenance Solution

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Don’t have room for a regular rectangular shower mat or want a no-maintenance solution? By attaching permanent stickers to the surfaces you stand or walk on, you won’t have to wash and dry a traditional mat.

Each sticker is self-adhesive and can be placed on any smooth surface. The stickers’ surface is covered with approximately 1250 tiny protrusions to increase friction. Water flows off easily and helps stop soap suds and mold from accumulating.

The stickers are easily removed without leaving residue behind. They’re made from non-toxic, fade-free material.

Each package contains 24 pieces as well as a silicone scraper. Ideally, at least two-thirds of the surface should be covered to avoid the risk of accidental falls

Alternative patterns include snowflakes, colored flowers, and sea creatures. 


  • Sticks well on any smooth surface 
  • Made with environmentally friendly PEVA material
  • Natural, ecological glue
  • Odor-free
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable to stand on
  • Easy to remove
  • Leaves no residue
  • One year no reason return policy
  • Five colors available


  • Not reusable

Tip: Avoid disappointment with the New Anti-slip Shower Mat 

  • To avoid disappointment with any new mat, keep in mind that it will struggle to adhere to textured surfaces. 
  • Clean the surface first.
  • Do not use bath oils as these loosen the grip of suction cups
  • Check the mat has good grip before use and do not jump on any mat.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Rinse mats after each use, both removable and adhesive types. 
  • Only air dry wet mats because a dryer or radiator will ruin them.
  • Some materials have a strong odor initially so wash according to the manufacturer’s recommendations before first use and be aware you might have to wash again until the odor wears off.

How to Choose the Best Non-Slip Shower Mat for Seniors

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, safety is your primary concern when it comes to the best non-slip shower mats for seniors. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind. ( You can also consider purchasing a bath lift, tub transfer bench, or grab bar if you want to create a safer bathroom.)

What Are the Size Options?

Showers have different configurations. Most of the time they’re either an enclosed cubicle or a faucet mounted above a bathtub. Less common is showers mounted in an enclosed tiled area, perhaps with a curtain across one side. 

Either way, to mitigate slip risk, you need a mat with the right dimensions. Take into account the standing or sitting area and any slippery areas that must be walked across to reach the shower. If the shower mat serves as a sitting mat in the bath, make sure it’s big enough to do double duty.

Lastly, the placement of the drain matters. Some rectangular mats leave a cutout for drains. Others are designed so the drain can be anywhere under the mat and water freely flows through the gaps between suction cups.

Suction Cups for Security

Of course, the best non-slip shower mat for seniors should have the maximum number of suction cups. But the cups also need to be sizeable enough that they prevent peeling. Check if there’s room for water to flow through the gaps. Some mats have extra holes to enhance water flow, which is a good idea.

All the mats in our review have a good number of effective suction cups.

Which Materials are Best?

The main materials in shower mats for the elderly are rubber, PVC (Vinyl), and PEVA.

Rubber is a good choice as it’s naturally non-slip. Natural rubber, in particular, is environmentally friendly compared to plastic products and feels softer. If you choose PVC, be aware that it becomes harder in winter.

PVC is of concern because of additives. If you have concerns, stay away from anything that contains BPA or Phthalate. A safer alternative to PVC is PEVA.

Some people can have an allergic reaction to Latex making PVC products desirable.

Do I Need a Washable Mat?

The short answer is yes unless you want to spend a lot of time scrubbing. Regular cleaning, before mold grows, maintains hygiene. The secret is to clean, rinse, and dry your mats regularly. Being able to throw the mat in the washing machine is a must.

Our Verdict

Non-slip bathroom rugs for the elderly come in different shapes and forms. For shower cubicles, we recommend the Vive Shower Stall Mat

If you want to slip-proof your bath, then look at the comfortable and well-draining Othway Non-Slip Mat, that is comfortable both for standing and sitting.

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