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Best Reading Lamp for Elderly People

As you get older, your eyes need a little help to see clearly. A good lamp can really improve your reading experience and help you maintain focus.

best reading lamp for elderly

Your specific needs and where you read will affect your decision. Do you want a table or floor lamp? Or maybe a portable one? Perhaps you need an included magnifying glass to see the text better.

We’ve reviewed the best reading lamp for elderly people for every budget, so read on to find them.

Best Neck Light
TSINGREE LED Neck Book Light USB Rechargeable, Hands...
Best Desk Reading Lamp
LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Book Light Color...
TSINGREE LED Neck Book Light USB Rechargeable, Hands...
LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Book Light Color...
Best Neck Light
TSINGREE LED Neck Book Light USB Rechargeable, Hands...
TSINGREE LED Neck Book Light USB Rechargeable, Hands...
Best Desk Reading Lamp
LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Book Light Color...
LEPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light/Book Light Color...

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Reviews of the Best Reading Lamps for Seniors  

We scoured the internet to find models for all tastes, from table to floor lamps and with magnifying glasses included. Here they are.

1. Tsingree LED Neck Book Light—Best Neck Light

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This neck light from Tsingree is a lightweight, affordable and portable lamp. It hangs on your neck to illuminate your book or newspaper and adjusts well to most everyday situations.

Both ends of this U-shaped lamp have two LED bulbs of 20 lumens, so altogether they’re 80 lumens on the brightest setting. That’s enough illumination for different tasks, from knitting to reading, and the rechargeable battery lasts for several hours.

If you’re worried about learning to use a complicated lamp, this model has an easy clicking mechanism. It goes from full four-beam brightness to a softer two-beam setting. The soft mode is still bright, so if you’re reading in bed, you may disturb whoever is next to you.


  • Easy mechanism.
  • Adjustable fit.
  • Lightweight at 4 ounces.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • So bright it can bother others in shared spaces.

2. Miroco LED Floor Lamp—Best Floor Lamp

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This Miroco floor lamp has four brightness levels and four color temperatures, with 450 lumens of maximum, non-flickering light output. It’s over 5 feet tall, but you can lower the flexible neck to illuminate your exact spot on the couch or in bed.

It has a well-balanced base, so it doesn’t tip over easily if you have pets or grandkids running around. The adjustable neck also feels sturdy, much more than you’d expect from a lamp of this price.

When you’re sitting or lying in bed, it can be tough to turn off because the controls are at the top. Another slight issue is that it can take a little while to figure out how to use this lamp because it doesn’t come with instructions. 


  • Four brightness levels and four color temperatures.
  • Easy to operate touch mechanism.
  • Flicker-free light.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Sturdy base.


  • Hard to turn off when sitting or lying down.
  • Doesn’t come with instructions.

3. Lepower Metal Clip-on Light/ Reading Light—Best Desk Reading Lamp For Seniors

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This small lamp is a clip-on version you can attach to your bed’s headboard, nightstand or desk. It has two settings for bright and dim light and two color settings that are easy to find on the switch. The cord is 5 feet long, so you must be close to a power outlet.

The light is soft and stable, with no flicker, so it doesn’t tire out your eyes. You can twist the flexible light arm to adjust it in any direction you need. The clip is large and sturdy, so it doesn’t fall off easily.

Overall, customers who bought this lamp are happy with their purchase, and the price is great for a lamp of this quality. It weighs about 1 pound, which is perfect for a desk lamp, but heavy if you plan to attach it to a book


  • Two options for tone and two for brightness.
  • The clip is large and sturdy.
  • Non-flickering light.


  • No battery, requires mains power.
  • Heavy to use as a portable lamp.

4. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp—Brightest Light

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This floor lamp comes with an incorporated magnifying glass, ideal for seniors with vision problems. You can set it next to your favorite reading chair and twist the 24-inch adjustable neck to get the light at the perfect reading height.

The lens is 6.5 x 4 inches, so it’s enough to view the entire page of a book or magazine. The quality diopter glass, which it’s made from, doesn’t warp or change shape with the lamp’s heat. The glass may burn holes through their furniture, so keep it away from direct sunlight!

The maximum output of this lamp is 540 lumens, which is more than ample for reading. However, this super bright bulb is also the lamp’s most significant negative, given that there’s no way to dim it.


  • Comes with a quality magnifying glass.
  • Super bright 540 lumens.
  • Adjustable neck.


  • Possible fire risk in direct sunlight.
  • No dimmer included.

5. Aixpi Magnifying Glass with Light—Best Handheld Lamp

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For those who prefer a handheld magnifying glass with their light, we recommend this battery-operated option from Aixpi. It gives you some handy flexibility because you’re able to move the light around the house, from your favorite reading chair to the bed. 

The lens has powerful 30x magnification, but the light is a mere 12 lumens, which can be both a positive and a negative. It’s ideal for reading in bed or around other people without bothering them. It may not be enough, though, for those who need an extra bright light to see their book.

Keep in mind that you must keep the light in your hand, and it weighs 9 ounces. While it’s not a lot, it can get tiring over time, especially if you have debilitating conditions such as arthritis.


  • Portable, handheld light.
  • Lightweight.
  • Powerful 30x magnifying glass.
  • Not too bright, ideal for reading in bed.


  • Not the best for those with arthritis.
  • The lamp is not super bright.

6. EasyLifeCare Chest Rest Illuminated Magnifying Glass—Best Magnifying Glass Lamp

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This chest lamp comes with a 4.5-inch magnifying glass and 2.5x magnification, with a bifocal 4x magnified spot. It’s suitable for reading without bothering others, and it’s also ideal for watching TV while knitting at the same time.

In a dark room, this lamp may not be bright enough for reading, but it works well as an auxiliary light. 

We love that they can do their reading without holding a magnifying glass because the lamp rests on the chest. It weighs 6.4 ounces, so it’s not heavy, but if you struggle with neck problems, it can be tiring over a long time. Some also note that the stand could be taller to get a better angle, but you can fix this with a cushion.

The light is white and described as “medium bright,” but keep in mind that it works with relatively expensive CR2016 coin batteries. The batteries that arrive with the lamp die fast, so you may have to replace them soon after purchase.


  • Not too bright, ideal to not bother others.
  • Portable.
  • Magnifying glass with bifocal spot included.


  • Uses expensive batteries.
  • Could have a better angle for improved comfort.

7. ZHSX Dimmable Led Magnifying Lamp—Best Dimmer

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This desk reading lamp for seniors comes with a 4.3-inch, 5x magnifying glass to see your reading. It’s easy to use, with only one button to turn the lamp on and off, as well as to dim the light.

The neck of the lamp is flexible so that you can bend it in all directions. The heavy-duty base keeps it from falling over, no matter how much you twist it.

Overall, it’s a good option for those who like to read at a table, but the light is not the brightest. The magnifying glass allows you to see better, but it’s not the best option for those with debilitated eyesight.


  • Dimmable.
  • 5x magnifying glass.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Sturdy base.


  •  Not the brightest light.
desk reading lamp for seniors

What To Look for in a Reading Lamp for the Elderly

Are you still not sure what to pay attention to? Let’s go through some of our tips to pick the best reading lamp for elderly people.


These are some of the best options for a reading lamp.

  • Desk lamp: Ideal for reading at a table or in bed if you have a nightstand.
  • Floor lamp: Best for those who read on the couch.
  • Chest lamp: Comfortable option for reading in bed, and usually not too bright.
  • Handheld: Most portable, best for reading for shorter periods.

Magnifying Glass

Some of the best model reading lamps for the elderly feature a magnifying glass at the center, with small LED bulbs on the sides. You can find these elements in all types of lamps. If you have eye conditions that make it harder to focus on small text, we recommend finding one of these.

Important: Remember that a magnifying glass can start a fire or, at the least, ruin your furniture. If you place your reading lamp in a spot with direct sunshine, you might end up burning a hole through your favorite chair.


With LED technology that most lamps use today, it’s easy to get a super bright reading lamp you can also dim when you need to. They measure the brightness of LED lights with the unit of lumens, not watts.

The best lights have an output that’s dimmable to about 20 to 50 lumens when you’re reading in bed. It’s also a good idea to have a maximum output of over 100 lumens if you want to illuminate the entire room.


A light that’s too bright can affect your sleep pattern and keep you up at night. In the past, you would have replaced the bulb with a warmer tone. Today’s LED lights often offer you two in one, with an adjustable effect from warm to cool. 

If you want some variety for different moods or times of the day, we recommend the models with tone-varying options.

Ease of Use

For older adults, it’s especially important to have a light that’s simple to use. It’s best if there are no more than a couple of buttons, and their operation is easy to figure out.


How Many Lumens Is Best for Reading?

We recommend between 20 and 50 lumens for reading. This is usually enough to see what’s on the page, but won’t be so bright that it’s hard on your eyes. Of course, if you want to use the lamp for general illumination, too, buying a dimmable light or one with several light settings would be ideal. 

Which Light Is Good for Reading Yellow or White?

Yellow and white reading lights are suitable for different situations. Bright white light helps you distinguish the letters better, so it’s useful for those who have trouble seeing. On the other hand, yellow light is easier on your eyes and won’t affect your sleep.

How Do I Choose a Floor Lamp for Reading?

The most important thing when choosing a floor lamp for reading is the height. Most reading floor lamps have an adjustable neck that can adapt to different heights, from the bed to your favorite chair. Also, make sure the light is bright enough for your reading needs.

The Winner

After carefully looking through all these models, we determined that the best reading lamp for elderly people is the Tsingree LED Neck Book Light

It’s a smart, small and affordable lamp that gives you the extra help you need when your eyes are a little tired. The light is also bright enough to see the page when you’re in the darkness, getting ready to go to sleep. 

What happy customers love about this light is that it’s so portable and lightweight. And since it’s rechargeable, you won’t have to waste money constantly on batteries. 

If you prefer a floor or table lamp or need a magnifying glass, try the other amazing options on our list.

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