Best Simple TV for Seniors to Use in Daily Life

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Life can become tough sometimes for seniors when it comes to new technology; new and improved products keep coming out faster than ever. Maybe they’re not satisfied with their old LCD TV anymore and are looking to get something new, like today’s LED TVs, but not so complicated to use. In this post, we will shed one light on how to choose a good and simple TV for old people.

If you’re in a hurry, the TCL 55S425 Smart LED Roku TV is our top choice.

Our Picks for Best TVs for Elderly

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Best Easy to Use TVs for Elderly Reviewed

Here we review the best TV for seniors so that you can pick which suits you best.

1. TCL 55S425 Smart LED Roku TV — Best Overall

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A great addition to your household and a simple TV for elderly people, the Roku TV will provide you with dazzling quality entertainment. 

With its 4K high-definition pictures and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, it will deliver crystal clear footage with contrast and color of whatever it is that you’re watching. It comes in five different sizes — 43, 50, 55, 60, or 75 inches. 

Smart functionality allows for easy and intuitive access to all of your favorite content. The remote has less than 20 buttons and looks a lot like older remotes, so it’s quite easy to use. 

You can also combine it with an Alexa device to get voice control. The same can be done with your tablet or smartphone, basically turning it into a remote.

It has three HDMI ports and one USB port.



  • WiFi receiver is weak.


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Having a 4K processor powered by an AI, this senior television won’t come short when it comes to adding life to the images it broadcasts.

Made using OLED technology, which is different from LED, it comes in three different sizes: 55, 65, or 77 inches. The AirPlay feature allows you to instantly cast anything from your tablet, iPhone, or Mac. The same can be done for playing music.

Both images and sound are further enhanced with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies, which are used in movie theaters. It’s also capable of connecting to an Alexa device or Google Assistant and providing you with voice control.

It has four HDMI ports and three USB ports.


  • Uses AI.
  • Comes in several sizes.
  • Uses cinema imaging technology.
  • Has several USB ports.


  • TV can be too bright during a night viewing.

3. TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 Smart LED TV — Best for Budget

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With the Fire TV experience built-in, this TV will put together and organize all your favorite content, including live TV from HD antennas on the home screen for easy entertainment.

With 4K HD quality and HDR imaging, you will enjoy the best combination of sharpness, color, and contrast. It’s built for speed as well, as it’s powered by a multi-core CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit). It comes in two sizes: 32 or 43 inches.

The remote is simple to use and has only about 15 buttons, most of which are labeled with icons for intuitive understanding. If voice control is what you want, you can connect the TV to your Alexa device and get started on that right away.

It has three HDMI ports and one USB port.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Fast performance.
  • Remote is easy to use.
  • Can connect to an antenna.


  • Does not have a wide viewing angle.

4. Sony X950G Smart LED TV — Best for Wide-Angle Viewing

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Entertainment will come to you with fantastic color and contrast through this smart TV’s intelligent X1 ultimate image processor.

It delivers 4K quality with HDR images and comes in four different sizes: 55, 65, 75, or 85 inches. Full-array LED lighting dynamically provides high contrast and brightness. Dolby Vision and Atmos technologies further enhance the image as well as sound.

The X-Wide Angle technology, available for 75-inch and 85-inch TVs only, allows you to enjoy your watching experience from anywhere in the room. You won’t find any motion blur thanks to the X-Motion Clarity technology’s high refresh rate of frames.

AirPlay will let you integrate your other Mac devices seamlessly with the TV, and it can also connect to Alexa or Google Assistant to provide voice control.

It has four HDMI ports and three USB ports.


  • Comes in several sizes.
  • Has a wide viewing angle.
  • No motion blur.


  • TV software is prone to crashing.

5. Samsung TU-8000 Smart TV — Best for Color

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Enjoy all your favorite movies and shows using this TV’s finely-tuned colors and crisp images. It comes in six different sizes — 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, or 85 inches.

The 4K image processor with HDR imaging and crystal display technology shows colors at many more gradients than a conventional Samsung TV. The remote is easy to use and has control over the TV as well as connected devices. For voice control, the TV connects to Alexa.

There’s also a universal guide that delivers you a personalized list of content curated from channels and other broadcast types which is great for seniors who like to watch specific TV shows. 

Any clutter from TV cables won’t be a problem with this product since they can be hidden inside its stand.

It has three HDMI ports and two USB ports.


  • Comes in a lot of sizes.
  • Remote is easy to use and universal. 
  • No cable clutter.


  • Adverts can be shown on the home screen.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best TV for Seniors

Since we’re talking about getting an easy to use TV for elderly people, it limits our options when it comes to certain things. The whole purpose here is for our parents or grandparents not to find difficulty when using the new TV, as well as enjoying it. For this, we have to consider a few things.

Image and Sound Quality

While it’s generally important for TVs to provide images with high resolution and great sound quality, it’s even more crucial when it comes to seniors; this is because they’re more prone to having vision and hearing problems.

In this regard, what we want are TVs that provide images at 4K resolution. The set should also have high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging technology, which offers even more detail when it comes to shadows or highlights, such as the TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 Smart LED TV

Some TVs also have Dolby Vision and Atmos technologies, which add to the quality of image and sound, like the Sony X950G Smart LED TV.

It should also be able to produce a wide array of colors with great detail as well as eliminate any motion blur as much as possible.


High-quality images are amazing, but that does not matter much if the TV is not big enough to show them clearly, especially to those watching from a distance. 

The best TV for seniors should be at least 40 inches in size; the larger the TV, the better, although that comes at a heftier price. Brands that provide the same model in different sizes can be very convenient as you have more options to choose from and find the size that fits you best, like the Samsung TU-8000 Smart TV, which comes in six different sizes.

Remote Control

Many of the new TVs can have remote controls with too many buttons on them; this can become confusing for a senior and can ruin their viewing experience. They’re used to the older TVs with controls that were much simpler and straightforward.

The best TV for seniors should come with remote controls that have fewer than 20 buttons, which are laid out and labeled clearly so you can understand their function. 

It’s even better when the TVs have voice control, which you can establish by connecting the TV to your Alexa device or Google Assistant. Of course, if you don’t have any of these devices, you’d have to get them to use that feature.


Let’s not forget about the cost because it matters. Think about how often the TV will be used and whether you’re willing to pay the extra price to get the bigger TV.

The extra size is not the only thing you get for a higher price — you also end up with other perks in terms of quality and ease of use.


Now that we’ve gone over a lot of TVs for the elderly, it’s time to pick a winner. 

Our winner is the TCL 55S425 Smart LED Roku TV as the best TV for seniors, with the LG OLED55C9PUA Smart OLED TV as our runner-up. 

Why? Simply put, the Roku TV comes in several sizes, and its accompanying remote is very easy to use. It delivers high-quality 4K images with HDR as well as excellent sound quality. 

It’s compatible with Alexa and can provide you with voice control. 

As for our runner-up, the credit goes to its AI-powered core, as well as its OLED technology, which is superior to most LED TVs.

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