Best Easy to Read Watches For Seniors

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As unfortunate as it may be, our senses wane somewhat as we age. This is nothing to be ashamed of, after all, it happens to everybody over time! 

While it seems like smartphones have replaced watches as our standard timepieces, many older people still prefer to glance at a watch. When it comes to watches for the elderly, the key thing you’re looking for is a large, easy to read face.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, we’re here to help you out with our list of the best easy to read watches for seniors. My personal favorite is the Timex Easy Reader 

Our Picks for Best Easy to Read Watches for Seniors

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-08-03 at 16:48

Reviews of Best Easy to Read Watches for Seniors

1. Timex Easy Reader Date Expansion Watch — Best Slip-On Watch

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-08-03 at 16:27

It can be difficult for an older person to strap on and tighten a watch. Even if the watch is easy to read, it’s not much use if joint or other issues mean it can’t be strapped on independently. Fortunately, the Easy Reader by Timex features a slip-on and off strap, making it easy to doff and don.

With four different design options and classic styling, the Easy Reader looks more elegant than other easy to read watches. Reading the watch at night isn’t a problem because the Easy Reader is equipped with Timex’s signature indiglo backlight.

Most watches are water-resistant up to around 165 feet but the Easy Reader is only resistant to around 100 feet. Perhaps this is problematic if you’re planning a deep-sea scuba excursion but it’s not an insurmountable issue for most people.


  • Doesn’t scream “easy to read” like some other options
  • Better aesthetics than other options
  • Easier to put on and take off than most watches


  • Only water-resistant to 100 feet, well under the average of 165

2. Casio Quartz Black Casual Watch — Best Budget Watch

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-08-03 at 16:27

It’s easy to read Casio’s watch while not taking away from its aesthetic value. One thing I love about the Quartz Black model is that it’s water-resistant, no issues doing the dishes while you’re wearing it. 

Something you might need to watch out for is that this watch can slow down. While this appears negligible at first, you’ll notice this after a couple of weeks. Prepare to adjust it accordingly every few weeks or so.

The lighting device in Casio’s watch isn’t nearly as effective as the lighting devices in other watches. While this doesn’t make it impossible to use in the dark, there are certainly watches out there that do a better job at night.


  • Easy to read but still looks very nice
  • Extremely affordable compared to other watches
  • Water resistant, which is not common for other easy to read watches


  • Imperfect lighting
  • Tends to slow down to where you will need to readjust it eventually

3. Timex Unisex Weekender — Most Variety

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-08-03 at 16:48

It’s rare to find a watch that’s not only easy to read but can be worn by anybody. This is one of the best things about the Weekender by Timex. A lot of easy to read watches for the elderly are also aesthetically challenged but the Weekender has tons of style and panache.

Staying on the topic of aesthetics, the Weekender is available in all different kinds of designs top suit individual tastes.

The strap is easy to remove and composed of two pieces. Thanks to this design, a replacement or strap repair is simple. Very few easy-to-read watches have this feature.

There’s one thing about the Weekender that might turn you off—costs a good amount more than other watches of its kind. Great for bragging rights though!


  • Versatile in its sizing
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easy-remove strap
  • Strap materials may irritate ultra-sensitive skin
  • Ticks noisily

4. Easy to Read Strap Watch — Largest Watch Face

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Many easy to read watches for old people don’t quite live up to their titles. That’s not an issue here as this is a large face watch for seniors, necessary for effortless readability.

The price point is another really good thing about this watch. It’s modest and inexpensive which can’t be said about many watches on the market. This is great for people who just want a time-telling tool, not a flashy statement piece.

Its extra features push it over the edge. The date is displayed by the number three, something fewer inexpensive watches do. It’s also water-resistant to 100 feet, so you can’t use it during bathing.


  • Large, elegant face
  • Shows the date


  • Too small for some men
  • Plating may flake off over time
  • Can’t be submerged in water

5. Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Strap Watch — Classiest Watch

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You don’t often see a classy looking leather strap watch that’s also easy to read. Timex’s watch is exactly that, and stands above the rest when it comes to aesthetics. It also costs much less than many elegant watches you’ll come across.

The watch is simple to use both day and night. Timex’s Indiglo technology allows the watch to light up.

You should even be able to read it after a moisture mishap. Note that it’s unsuitable for bathing but can withstand a splash or two. 


  • Ten-year battery life
  • Date featured
  • Indiglo backlight


  • Date needs regular maintenance
  • Loop for watch band isn’t durable

6. Nine West Women’s Bracelet Watch — Most Beautiful Watch for Women

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It can be extremely difficult to find a watch that’s easy to read, slips on like a bracelet, and looks decent. Nine West’s watch is all three.

Nine West combines style and function perfectly here and the price point is incredible for the look and functions. That said, this isn’t a budget option and shouldn’t be viewed as such.

This watch isn’t remotely water or splash resistant. Be mindful when wearing it and stay away from leaky sinks.


  • Fashionable
  • Stunning color variations
  • Slips on


  • Lacks water resistance
  • May be too large for some women

How to Choose an Easy to Read Watch for Elderly

Wondering what’s important in a large face watch for seniors? I’ve detailed the key considerations below. You can also check this handy guide to easy to read watches for the elderly:

Style vs. Function

An unfortunate fact about many easy to read watches for elderly people is that they lack style and taste. If a watch is elegant, it might be in roman numerals or have small numbers. If it’s functional, it might look clunky and bland. Anyway, you should purchase a watch with large numbers. This also applies when we choose an alarm clock for the elderly.

Luckily there are a few gems that combine function and fashion, and they’re reviewed here.

One watch that’s easy to read as well as stylish is Timex Men's Easy Reader Date Leather Strap Watch . It’s classy and readable although it’s not overly water-resistant.

Water Resistance

The ability for a watch to stay submerged for substantial lengths is a premium when it comes to watches for the elderly.

Many who use easy to read watches also prefer to go swimming or bathe while wearing their watch. It gets rid of some of the hassle involved with getting a watch on and off. That can be hard on older peoples’ weakened joints.

So, you might want a watch that won’t malfunction if it comes in contact with water.

Casio’s Quartz Casual Watch  is both easy to read as well as decisively water-resistant—up to 50 meters. There are some others you can submerge for 100 meters, but that’s more of a specialist requirement.


Your budget is obviously something you should consider when it comes to easy to read watches for seniors.

Pay attention to the aforementioned features when determining which is worth the price. Some are very expensive, but just because a watch costs more doesn’t mean it is superior. It just means it’s something you can brag about at gatherings.

Think of the Timex Weekender . There’s tons of stylish variety, but it’s no different than many other easy-to-read watches on the market, you can likely find something just as good for much cheaper. However, it does look pretty sleek compared to others!


Of all six watches covered here, the best one is the Timex Easy Reader . It’s the most well-rounded of all these watches. It comes in different designs, is easy to wear and it is water-resistant, which is rare to find in most watches for seniors.

Following it closely is another watch by Timex, the Easy Reader Date . Representing a style that was popular 50 years ago, it looks great and is easy to read. It also doesn’t feature the easy slip-on design. Luckily, the price is slightly lower to accommodate these absences.

The search for a watch that is easy to read for seniors can be difficult, but there’s one for everyone, I’m sure.

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