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Best Heavy Duty Lift Chairs: 7 Top Bariatric Lift Chairs

As unfortunate as it might be, we need to use a lift chair at some point in our life. There is a myriad of lift chair models to choose from. However, finding a heavy-duty lift chair is not as easy as it sounds for bariatric users. 

best heavy duty lift chair

We spent a few days coming up with this guide to help you find the best bariatric lift chairs that meet your needs.

Best Bariatric Lift Chair Overall
Golden Technologies Comforter Series Extra Wide Heavy Duty 3-Position Lift Chair
Golden Technologies Comforter Series Extra Wide Heavy Duty 3-Position Lift Chair
Best 500 Lbs Heavy Duty Lift Chair
Pride Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position Lift Chair
Pride Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position Lift Chair
Best Extra Wide Heavy Duty Lift Chair
Golden Technologies Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position Lift Chair
Golden Technologies Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position Lift Chair

What is a bariatric lift chair?

Bariatric lift chairs are also known as heavy duty lift chairs. They are a type of lift chair made with sturdier materials to bear more body weight.

In general, they come with a wider seat and have a weight capacity of over 300 lbs.

How much weight can a lift chair hold?

A typical lift chair can handle loads of about 250 lbs to 300 lbs. But a bariatric lift chair can hold up to 700 lbs. You don’t need to go after a chair with an extremely high weight capacity. Just make sure your weight is well within the recommended range.

Best Heavy Duty Lift Chairs: Reviews

1. Golden Technologies Comforter Series Extra Wide Heavy Duty 3-Position Lift Chair – Best Heavy Duty Lift Chair Overall

Best Heavy Duty Lift Chair
Golden Technologies Comforter Series Extra Wide Heavy Duty 3-Position

Golden Technologies Comforter Series Extra Wide Heavy Duty 3-Position


Golden Technologies is a brand that is famous for making high-quality lift chairs. While its products are a bit more expensive than some competitors, you have a better chance to get a perfectly fitting chair. That’s why we decide to make it our top bariatric lift chair to recommend.

There are 3 sizes available: small wide, medium, and tall. The small wide version can hold up to 375 lbs and has one heavy-duty motor. The medium and tall versions can handles loads of up to 500 lbs and have two heavy-duty motors. This makes the chair can accommodate most heavier users.

It is also a comfortable lift chair. The seam head pillow and lumbar pillow could offer the right support for your body, and the cushion is soft and will keep itself in a good state even after a few years. The motor works smoothly to lift and lay down. The maximum reclining angle is 145 degrees.

Note that this chair is an awesome choice for napping but can’t lay all the way down to flat.

Want to have a chair that can blend seamlessly with your decor? This chair is likely to meet your needs. There are plentiful fabric choices for you to choose from. Both the hues and texture are different.

Even better, you get the opportunity to upgrade the chair. If you suffer from back pain or muscle soreness, adding a massage and heat function is sensible. Or those who have longer legs or want to sit more comfortably, then a foot extension is a must-have. 

Simply put, this is a well-made, customizable and comfortable lift chair for bariatric users. It is so sturdy that it will last for years.

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Dimensions: 38 x 41 x 34.5 inches

Recline angle: 145 degrees


  • Very sturdy. The chair can bear up to 500 lbs.
  • There are a variety of fabric options.
  • Massage and foot extension options are available.
  • It is comfortable.


  • You can’t lay flat on this chair.
  • It is a bit pricey.

2. EVER ADVANCED Lift Chair Recliner – Best Leather Bariatric Lift Chair

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This Ever Advanced lift chair caught our eye because it is affordable, classic, and durable. We recommend this bariatric lift recliner for people who are heavier and shorter.

Unlike the Golden Technologies Lift Chair we mentioned above, this chair can only hold up to 350 lbs. But it is sufficient for most bariatric users still.

Featuring a brown faux leather upholstery, it fits most home decor and is very easy to maintain. We also like the powerful motor that pushes seniors up and down smoothly and quietly.

You will control it by pressing the buttons on the side. There is a USB port located at the same place for you to charge your smartphone or tablet. Some people will like this design as you don’t need to look for a remote whenever they try to sit down. However, for seniors with arthritis or weak hands, this would be a hassle.

For added comfort, it embraces heating and massage features. The 8 vibrating nodes work on 4 areas to offer you a full-body massage. The heating pad at the lumbar part helps to relieve pains and muscle stiffness on the waist.

To be honest, the massage and heating functions will not as effective as some in the massage chairs, but get the job done. Except for the USB port, it also comes with cup holders to make your life easier.

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Dimensions: 34 x 29.1 x 41 inches

Recline angle: 150 degree


  • The faux leather upholstery is easy to maintain.
  • The metal frame can hold up to 350 lbs.
  • The motor works smoothly.
  • Affordable price.


  • It is narrow and short for some users.
  • It is not a good choice for people with arthritis or weak hands.

3. Pulaski Faux Leather Dual Motor Lift Chair – Best Dual Motor Heavy Duty Lift Chair

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For some seniors or people with limited mobility, laying flat is a necessary feature of a lift chair. They sleep better in the chair instead of in the bed. 

To achieve this, you need to purchase a dual motor lift chair. Not only can the chair lay all the way down to 180 degrees, but it also enables you to control the footrest and backrest separately. 

This Pulaski chair is a dual motor lift chair that is trendy in the market. It looks elegant and with a low profile. We believe it would be a good piece of furniture in any room. 

What we like most is its generous sitting area which could accommodate a big body frame. Add to that the weight capacity is 350 lbs, and it would be a good heavy-duty lift chair for you.

You could lay flat on the chair comfortably or stand up effortlessly. This chair could make a big difference to improve the quality of your life. Another nice touch is that it has a battery backup to avoid the hazards of power off.

The only downside of this power lift chair is that it doesn’t include massage and heating functions. 

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Dimensions: ‎34.5 x 41 x 41.5 inches

Recline angle: 180 degree


  • It has a wide seat.
  • The chair can lay flat.
  • Battery backup to avoid anything unexpected.


  • The footrest can’t extend very high.
  • Some users feel the upholstery is too firm.

4. DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair – Affordable Dual Motor Bariatric Lift Chair

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If you are on a budget or just plan to use a lift chair for a short time but still want a model that can lay flat, then this one would be the best bet.

The Deavise power lift recliner has various great features, but the price point is incredibly low. We feel so surprised that it uses an OKIN dual motor.

As you know, OKIN is a reputable lift chair motor manufacturer. Their motors are powerful, quiet, and have a long lifespan. Therefore, you could rest assured it can push the entire chair up without causing any squeaky sounds. 

All that lifting and reclining process can be operated by a wired remote. There are 4 icons on the remote to you to adjust the footrest and backrest. The chair is an infinite position chair.

In addition to that, the maximum weight capacity is 450 lbs, making it a suitable choice for heavier people. 

Another thing worth mentioning is its 2 USB ports on the side. Seniors who will spend hours of the day sitting in the chair will love this feature as it ensures they can watch the movie or talk with their family and friends without any interruption.

This chair does have some limitations. Albeit it has a high weight capacity, but the seating area is narrow. We also feel the backrest is a bit thin.

Weight capacity: 450 lbs

Dimensions: ‎ ‎37 x 38 x 41 inches

Recline angle: 180 degree


  • The weight capacity is 450 lbs which are great for bariatric people.
  • The quality of dual motors is great.
  • 2 USB ports included.


  • The seat is not very wide.
  • I need to add more padded for the backrest.

5. Harper&Bright Designs Smoky Brown Wilshire Series Heavy-Duty Power Lift Recliner Chair – Best Big & Tall Power Lift chair

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This is a simple lift chair for big and tall. You can’t see any additional features such as heating or massage in this chair, but it is very comfortable and with a wide seating area. Meanwhile, it is one of the most affordable heavy duty lift chairs on our list.

We like the smoky brown color of the upholstery, providing a low-key and classic appearance. The faux leather is easy to clean and will not fall apart with use easily. The padding around the seat gives your body great support.

This is a single motor lift recliner, but it is able to recline to 160 degrees which could cater to most needs. The laying area is so roomy that you can stretch out freely.

The motor works smoothly to push you up; however, the speed may be too slow for some users. Another thing to look out for is that its weight capacity is only 330 lbs.

As we said, it is a simple and standard lift chair. For those who don’t need bells and whistles, buying it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Weight capacity: 330 lbs

Dimensions: ‎ ‎41 x 40 x 39 inches

Recline angle: 160 degree


  • It is a very cheap lift chair.
  • The seating area is roomy.
  • Classic and comfortable upholstery.


  • The chair lifts very slow.
  • The weight capacity is only 330 lbs.
  • Don’t include any additional features.

6. Pride Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position Lift Chair – Best 500 Lbs Heavy Duty Lift Chair

Best 500 Lbs Heavy Duty Lift Chair
Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position Lift Chair

Heritage LC-358XL 3-Position Lift Chair


Except for Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility is another company that strives to provide solid-built lift recliners. This Heritage LC-358 XL model is specially designed for the larger individual with an impressive 500 lbs weight capacity.

There is a few of fabric to choose from, and they are made out of durable materials. It will not get pilling with use. The 26″ wide seat, in tandem with the soft and supportive high-density reflex foam padding, makes it one of the most comfortable heavy duty lift chairs. 

What makes it stand out is its Dual Motor Sync system, which enables the two motors can work at the same speeds. You will feel secure while the chair moving from the seated position to a standing position or from the reclined position to a seated position.

What’s more, the manufacturer offers 7 years warranty for the motor and a limited lifetime warranty for the metal frame. Some bariatric users may feel apprehensive about the durability of a lift chair, and this one is an excellent solution.

In terms of controlling the chair, it prepares a wired remote with an embedded USB port. Using it is straightforward by pressing the two buttons on the remote. 

Similar to the Golden Technologies, it also has options for you to add heating and massage functions even though it is only located at the back. 

If you have some budget and intend to use a lift chair for a long time, then you will not regret investing in this chair. 

Weight capacity: 500 lbs

Dimensions: ‎ ‎45 x 30 x 36 inches


  • Can bear up to 500 lbs.
  • It uses a dual motor sync system.
  • Wide and comfortable seating area.


  • Expensive.

7. Golden Technologies Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position Lift Chair – Best Extra Wide Heavy Duty Lift Chair

Best 700 Lbs Heavy Duty Lift Chair
Golden Technologies Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position 700 lb Capacity

Golden Technologies Heavy Duty PR-502 Independent Position 700 lb Capacity


If you are worried about whether the power recliner can hold up your weight in the long term, then this chair is an ideal option. The extraordinary 700 lbs weight capacity makes it stand above the rest.

It features a 33″W x 22″D” wide seat in line with the high weight capacity. If you happen to have an ultra broad body frame, this bariatric lift chair will serve you well.

Another advantage is that it consists of heavy gauge springs for added comfort and durability. The memory foam padding supports each part of your body without losing shape. Other nice touches include a removable head pillow and a reversible seat cushion.

Unlike most standard lift chairs, it uses 3 motors to ensure the chair is working properly. The quiet motors pushing the chair up and down constantly, and it is capable of moving the leg rest and backrest independently.

This is the luxury car of heavy duty lift chairs, but it is the very few choice for people who have a really large weight.

Weight capacity: 700 lbs

Dimensions: ‎ ‎47.25 x 37.5 x 39.5 inches


  • The weight capacity is up to 700 lbs.
  • You can control the footrest and backrest separately.
  • The seat is very wide.
  • Comfortable.


  • It is costly.
  • It can’t go to zero gravity position.

Benefits of using a heavy-duty lift chair

We know that lift chairs could help seniors and people with some kind of disability get in and out of the chair with a breeze and offer a good place for relaxation. However, as we said, the weight capacity of most lift chairs is around 250 lbs to 300 lbs.

Using a heavy duty lift chair enables people with obesity to feel secured and confident while sitting in the chair. Not only is the weight capacity higher, but also the motors are powerful, and the frame is stronger.

Hence, it would have a long lifespan just like other standard lift chairs do, even though they have to bear more weight on a daily basis.

We suggest every bariatric user get a heavy duty lift chair as it avoids falls and other unexpected as well.

Who makes the best bariatric lift chairs?

When it comes to the best bariatric lift chairs, 2 brands immediately come to our minds!

The first one is Golden Technologies which is a family-owned mobility aids company in the US. Its heavy duty lift chairs are solid-built and embedded with the most advanced technologies in this industry. It also offers lots of options for you to customize the chair. 

Pride Mobility is another brand worth mentioning. Their electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are trustworthy, and so with lift chairs. Its products are also highly customizable, and a few models are specially designed for people with obesity. 

These 2  brands provide outstanding warranties and services. Nonetheless, they are on the expensive side, but they present the highest level in this industry.

What to look for when buying a bariatric lift chair?

In fact, there is not much difference between buying a standard lift chair and buying a heavy duty lift chair. But we think there are a few factors we need to pay some attention to.

Weight capacity

Perhaps this is the most important thing to look at when purchasing a lift chair for heavier people. Make sure the maximum weight capacity exceeds your body weight by 50 lbs or more.

This is due to the fact that some manufactures claim that their products have more load-bearing capacity than they actually are.

Never compromise on this metric, or you will get a wobbly chair that will break in a few weeks in the end.

Seat width and depth

Some bariatric lift chairs are capable of bearing a lot of loads but have a narrow seat. It will cause an uncomfortable experience for people who have a broader frame. 

You should check the seat width and depth and compare them with your body metrics so that your body can fit with the chair and get the correct support from the chair.


Comfort is always one of the top priorities for everyone using a heavy duty lift recliner. It is paramount to ensure whether the paddings could support you well with use. We also should check the quality of fabric or leather. If it cracks or becomes pilling easily, you will not like staying in the chair.


The motor for a bariatric lift chair should be more powerful as it needs to hold more weight. We found some companies such as Golden Technologies will use two motors to pushing the chair up. Another thing to watch out for is that whether the chair uses a TUV certified mot


For bariatric users, we should look for a heavy-duty lift chair that can handle more loads. Not only should we look at the weight capacity, but also the durability the chair will have. We found a few good models from Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility, but they are more expensive. You still can get some good chairs with a lower price tag from other brands.

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