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Home Modifications For Seniors

Some people want to be surrounded by their loved neighbors and family, and some want to save some money. These are part of the reasons why more and more older adults choose to age in place. In order to stay at home safely and comfortably, you should make some home modifications.

home modification for seniors

You may feel intimidating while considering home modification for seniors. Luckily, you come to the right place. We prepared plenty of guides in this category to help you get the job done step by step.

Kitchen Modification

As we age, our muscle tends to weaken and memory issues start to arise, making even pushing a button or learning a complex operation become a hassle.

Therefore, for seniors, some lightweight and easy-to-use kitchen gadgets come in handy. These products save tons of effort for elders and help to improve self-esteem.

Plus, you may also need to change the height of counter and the location of these kitchen appliances which is very important for wheelchair users.

Bathroom Modification

Falls always happen in bathroom and for seniors with mobility issues, taking a shower or standing up from a toilet could be hard.

You may consider installing a walk-in tub or some grab bars on the wall. Even a piece of anti-slip shower mat could work for improving bathroom safety.

We suggest you take into account all the details to ensure you or your loved one is been protected in this relatively dangerous area at home.

Bedroom Modification

You spend so much time in the bedroom so that you should put safety as a priority.

If you found yourself hard to get out of your bed, maybe an adjustable bed is the thing you need. If you are afraid of something dangerous happen, a bed alarm could do the job for you.

For seniors who spend most of their day in bed, an overbed table is a must-have. Plus, don’t forget to get yourself some pillows to make you feel more comfortable.

Garden modification

Having a beautiful garden is what lots of senior citizens will be proud of. Taking time to do some gardening activities is good for health both psychologically and physically.

However, we need to make some garden modifications according to our health condition. For example, you could use some senior-friendly tools. An easy to control lawnmower or a gardening stool with wheels are preferred.

Moreover, you could opt for vertical gardening or raised beds. These will decrease squatting or bending movements.

Flooring & Living Room Modification

For good accessibility, we also should modify our living room and flooring.

Try to replace your current flooring with a soft and anti-slip one. Or you can attach some non-slip treads and strips on the stair. This ensures seniors could walk confidently and safely at home which helps to prevent falls.

You could also consider buying some gadget for seniors to reach objects overhead. For wheelchair users, some ramps and wider doorways should be available.

Tina Miao was a doctor for years and then became a government officer who was responsible for health policies. She likes to review products and has a lot of insights into senior living and health-related problems.

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