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Lifefone Medical Alert System Review

LifeFone is amongst the leading medical alert systems in the country. It is a prime seasoned care-providing service. The Lifefone medical alert system has been around since 1976. This makes it one of the oldest and most experienced customer care providers in the United States.

lifefone medical alert system

Designed specifically for senior users and the elderly, Lifefone offers a great user experience. But this in no way means that it cannot be used by other kinds of customers. The Lifefone medical alert system gives peace of mind to the elderly, and to people living alone. It takes away the fear of not being able to reach medical help in time.

Numerous cases of emergencies often deteriorate because they were unable to reach help in time. A medical alert system, especially an experienced one like Lifefone, allows the elderly to live fully beyond that fear. Every soul deserves the right to have care-free experiences.

Lifefone is known for its thoughtful design and packages. They provide two kinds of services. The first is their At-Home devices, designed for around-the-clock residence coverage. For those customers who would like some additional peace of mind, the company also provides a mobile support system. These On-the-Go devices can connect to your mobile coverage service to better assist you. This Lifefone review shall discuss the myriad functions and advantages of the packages provided by the medical alert system.

Lifefone features a great variety of medical alert options. What really sets Lifefone apart, however, is their extra packages. This medical alert system attempts to be both user-friendly and caregiver-friendly. These little thoughtful add-ons really manage to make Lifefone a worthy choice. These extra features shall be discussed in greater detail further in our Lifefone review, along with their pricing structure.

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How does the equipment work?

Lifefone service offers four primary packages, based on their at-home and on-the-go devices. These are:

  • At-home landline
  • At-home and mobile combo
  • Mobile GPS system
  • At-home cellular

The variety provided caters to customers with varying needs and lifestyles. Customers can call their customer service line and be advised on which plan would be best suited to their needs. Lifefone’s At-home models usually comprise of a signaling device and a base device. The signaling device is made to be portable, and also stylish so that it can be worn. Oftentimes, it can be worn on a necklace or on a watch, and look rather unassuming.

The base device has a range of a couple of hundred square feet with the signaling device. It also contains a built-in speaker. In the event of an emergency, the wearer presses the button on the signaling device. The base device then puts in a line to the call center, where an operator assesses the situation. This human touch allows for a more understanding channel and service quality assurance.

Similar services are provided by the On-the-go devices. The only difference is that instead of a base device range, the signal connects the wearer to the call center via mobile GPS coverage. This Lifefone review will also cover the functionality and interface of these devices.


What is the performance like?

As mentioned above, there are two main kinds of equipment. These are signaling devices and base devices. Their major pros and cons are discussed now in the Lifefone review.

The signaling devices are designed to be portable and also aesthetic. The ones used by Lifefone are much smaller and less heavy than other competitors. They are small, streamlined devices, designed in such a manner that they can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. When the button is pressed, they connect the wearer to the base device.

The base unit has an impressive range of around 1300 feet. This range is unrivaled by any of Lifefone’s competitors in the medical alert system market. Once the user activates the button on the signaling device, the base unit immediately directs a call to the call center. A Lifefone representative then picks up the call and assesses the situation of the emergency. In the event that they do not get a spoken response, they immediately follow the operational code put together by the user’s caregiver.

The volume on the base unit is adjustable in order to cater to the user’s needs. If the customer has auditory problems, they can easily adjust the volume of the microphone so as to make hearing easier. The interface is quite easy and efficient.

Lifefone’s Voice-In series is quite popular with customers, despite the fact that it is a rather expensive package. This is due to the quality and ease of the service. It is available for both the kinds of services, both At-Home and On-the-Go. People prefer this series because it removes the needs for a base unit. The signaling device itself contains a microphone, a speaker and a connection interface. This is very popular with customers who prefer having only one device, for ease and portability.


Salient features of Lifefone Medical Alert System

In this Lifefone review, we have listed some of the best features of the system which make it a good contender for your choice.

Battery life: The very nature of this service means that it must be available at all times and in all places. Therefore, the signaling device or the base unit uses a battery for power. In the event of a power failure or any such issue, the device will be able to perform without any problems. Since their service nature means that they will hopefully not need to be used often, the battery lasts quite a long time. A great thoughtful feature is that the company can monitor the battery life. In case of a low battery, the device alerts the customer. Furthermore, the battery life has a backup of up to 32 hours.

Warranty: Lifefone gives their customers a 30-day trial period, which is a very generous and attractive offer. Such a long trial period is a rarity in the medical alert field. This allows customers to see if they are comfortable with wearing the device, and to understand how to use it in case of an emergency. The devices are durable and long-lasting which makes this a good offer to make. With a 30-day complete refund policy, it is very customer-oriented, making sure to fulfill their needs.

Lifefone also gives its customers a hundred percent lifetime warranty. In addition, there are no added costs for the replacement of any equipment. You can replace the equipment at any time without spending any additional money. To Lifefone also does not bind its customers on time. The customer has the chance to cancel at any time of their choice, and only have to pay for the amount they have used. In the case on any advanced payments, you get a full refund on the unused amount. This Lifefone review and most other customer reviews are of the agreement that this is a feature not many other medical alert systems provide.

Performance: Lifefone attempts to have an honest customer-company relationship. They have attempted to make the device easy to use for the elderly. It is therefore designed keeping the aged and the elderly in mind and remaining thoughtful about the problems that they may face. Therefore, the device that the user wears around the neck or the wrist should be light and ergonomic. Furthermore, it is waterproof and durable. It does not need to be removed often. And if removed, it comes with built-in fall protection. It is designed to be of most ease to aged individuals and to make its usage easy for them.

Extra features: Some of the best things about the company in this Lifefone review are the extra features that the company offers. What tremendously sets Lifefone apart from other medical alert systems is its keen attention to detail in the matters of caregiving and user happiness. Keeping these traits in mind, the company offers unique additional features that you can find in the offered programs.

Not only does the base unit call the call center, but caregivers can also customize it to perform other tasks, such as medication reminders. The base unit can store reminders for up to ten medications, and do this several times in a day. Once the user takes the medication, the user just needs to press a button to reset the counter.

Lifefone remains sensitive to every kind of user, whether caregiver or senior, by their added functions. Caregivers can set different features into the base unit, such as location services, and especially a feature known as ‘activity assurance’. Basically, the unit emits a beep at regular intervals that has to be silenced by the user. If the user doesn’t silence it, the call center automatically contacts the caregiver or follows the emergency protocol set by them. The response allows them to monitor whether the user is active and responsive.

Customer service: Lifefone really puts effort into their customer care end. This is visible by the fact that they are one of the very few medical alert system service-providers that have their own call centers. Customer care is available every hour of the day, every day of the year.


Packages offered and costs

Lifefone offers three kinds of packages on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The company also proclaims that you get 24/7 monitoring for a very low price. The service charges no installation and activation fees, and they make sure that once you have subscribed, you will never need to pay an increased amount in the service. The four different packages are:

At-Home Landline: The primary classic package offers the at-home landline service with the signaling device and the base unit. This is the basic package, and has all of the main functions of the device, except for the additional features. You can add these according to customer demand.

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At-Home Cellular: This package has all the features of the classic package, only on an at-home cellular basis.

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At-Home & On-the-Go GPS: This package comes with a combined at-home and on-the-go plan. It costs the same on a quarterly basis.

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At-Home & On-the-Go GPS, Voice-In-Necklace:

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The company offers their most expensive and innovative product, which is the At-Home and On-the-Go In-Voice alert system. This is an integrated mobile-only necklace, a single portable device performs all the work.


Mobilehelp system also offers an all in one solution, but it is a fitness tracker.

Fall protection: Customers need to pay more money for fall protection. The fall protection comes with an additional fee. You can include it with every package at the same price. (Check the tips and equipment to improve bathroom safety.)

If you want a medical alert system with no monthly fee, check here.

Are there any major faults in the Lifefone system?

Lifefone receives consistently positive customer reviews based on their performance. However, there have been reviews where customers have complained that the speaker and microphone do not work well enough. Clarity seems to be an issue with these customers.

In other cases, there have been reports of other features not working up to par. There have been a few customers who complain that their fall-detection does not seem to be working properly. Everyday actions that are common can also trigger it. It is important to realize however that these problems are not singular to Lifefone. Most medical alert systems often face similar hardware and interface-related issues. Keeping that in mind, the company has a good policy of customer feedback and quality assurance.


Bottom line

Lifefone is truly one of the earliest and most experienced medical alert systems, and this shows in the sensitivity and intricacy of their customer care service. There needs to be some transparency and clarity in the packages they offer and the pricing, although. All in all, it is a great medical alert service provider, and they truly understand the needs of their elderly customers. They aim to keep the quality high and make sure their customers are happy with the service designed especially for them.

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