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Lifestation Medical Alert System Review

This LifeStation review will help you find out that is Lifesation medical alert system a life-saver for you or your loved ones. Keep on reading!

lifestation review

Lifestation offers an emergency medical alert system that is very affordable based on monthly contract. They operate their own monitoring center in the U.S. Lifestation is ranked as one of best emergency alert systems available in the US and has received a remarkable response from its customers due to its reasonable terms and cost-effectiveness. Here, you will find a comprehensive Lifestation review.

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Let’s just start a little background of Lifestation and how does it work.


Lifetstation is a very renowned medical alert system company that was established in 1977 in New Jersey but they are available all over the US. It is only based on the medical alert. On the other hand, it doesn’t provide services like providing medications or fire/smoke alerts. They expanded their services to provide ease to their customers. As a result, this system uses mobile phones where no landline is required. (Yes, they also offer landline and no landline options.)

There also added the automatic buttons for fall detection and a GPS device as well. LifeStation system is sold to elderly citizens or to those people who buy it for their old-aged parents. They also have a partnership with the hospitals, healthcare providers and different local agencies.

What’s in the box and what it does?

As this is Lifestation review, you will know each and every detail. There is a Home plus base station, a guide for the right setup, a wristband, and power supply.  It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the whole device and activating it. All you have to do is connect the base station to power and plug it into the phone jack. Once activated, your loved ones can connect to response agent during an emergency without the need of picking up their phone.

In addition, they just need to press the button on wristband or pendant and will be connected to the Lifetstation call service that’s available 24/7 all week. When the emergency button is pressed, it gives a call to the help monitoring center of Lifestation and help will be assisted or sent depending upon the situation. The care specialists are trained in such a way to stay connected on the line until the help has been granted to the user.

Lifestation features

It offers three different types of alert systems:

  • In-Home Traditional and Plus
  • Mobile phone with a GPS (in form of the pendant)

Those who have and uses a landline phone, In-Home Traditional is for them which is quite affordable. The plus one is for those who don’t have the landline, so they us plus cellular connection to make the phone calls to the emergency monitoring center. Furthermore, the GPS phone one does not require any connectivity to cables, base station or power supply. It comes with its own rechargeable battery. You have the advantage to take it anyplace and connect to Lifestation during emergency situations which also detects your location.

The landline and cellular systems have microphones and loudspeakers equipped with base console units that allow easy 2-way communication. They have the standby battery of 32 hours that is beneficial during cases of power loss. The mobile GPS pendant has 5-day battery power and its own microphone and speaker. It is totally weather resistant and can be worn in showers without any worry. The GPS pendant has a range of 500 feet.

The key and best features of Lifestation are:

  • They have their own landline and cellular monitoring system
  • Fall detection add-on feature
  • Tracking the user’s location via GPS
  • Coverage nationwide; all over the US
  • Affordable package with no contract

Additional features of Lifestation

The pendant also comes with a fall detection sensor inside the help button which immediately notifies the monitoring center when the user falls. There are also some additional accessories offered by Lifestation that includes a lock box, hallway and bathroom button, an extra help button.

Lockbox allows the responders or caregivers to enter inside your home using the key when you are not able to unlock the door yourself. The help buttons in hallways and bathroom allow you to press the button in case of an emergency or fall. The additional help button allows another home member to use the system. (Try some balance and strength exercises to prevent fall.)

Pros of Lifestation medical alert system

This Lifetstation review will absolutely talk about the benefits and pros of using this medical alert system. To begin with, it is an extremely affordable help alert system that you can buy for seniors. They also have many budget-friendly offers according to your needs. Lifestation has its own call monitoring center that is UL certified. Unlike all other help alert systems, you don’t have to be in long-term contract with Lifestation. When you don’t need it anymore, you can close the service.

It also offers a 30-days money back guarantee to all its new customers. Lifestation alert service will also inform the caregiver or the user’s family when they receive an emergency call. Lifestation also performs a system check every week to ensure that all in-home systems are working fine and also advice their users to press the help button for monthly testing. This will help the user to operate the equipment properly and experience the emergency and process of response. Safety won’t be sacrificed and lifestyle will also be preserved.

·      Very affordable
·      24/7 monitoring as well as customer service
·      No long-term contracts
·      Certified by UL
·      30 days money back guarantee to new customers
·      Caregiver alert feature
·      Weekly system checkups by Lifestation
·      Easy setup
·      Easy usage with one press button
·      User’s location tracking by GPS
·      Lifetime warranty of all the equipment


Cons of Lifestation medical alert system

The only depressing thing you will read in this Lifestation review is that it does not offer any smoke/fire or carbon monoxide alert. As a result, there is no option available to connect to a fire alarm by the Lifestation help system. In addition to this, the range of console is limited to just 500 feet. There is no option for reminding seniors to take their pill neither is there any activity monitoring feature which many competitive alert systems offer.

·      No smoke/fire alarm alert
·      Console range up to 500 feet only
·      No pill reminder
·      No monitoring of seniors activity

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Overview of the equipment

It is better to understand the equipment properly through this Lifestation review before you make a purchase for your loved ones.

In-Home Alert system: The equipment comprises of two basic parts i.e. a base console station and a help button to press in emergency situations. All the equipment are UL listed. The help buttons worn by the elderly on their hands or neck are connected with the console. When they press the button, a signal will be sent to the base console to make a call to Lifestation medical alert center. A call will be connected via the landline or the In-home plus model. The base unit has a sensitive microphone and speakers that will allow the clear communication between the user and care specialist even if the user is in another room. Moreover, the mobile GPS has a built-in speaker and microphone which enables you to make an emergency call.

If the user is unable to speak, Lifestation will follow your personalized emergency action plan where they call your family, friends or caregivers. Next, it sends emails and messages to inform them about your situation. You have to set up an action plan in which you mention the people whom you wish to be contacted in emergency situations. If there’s no emergency plan set up for you, Lifestation will call 911.

Furthermore, the range of wireless help button is 1,000 feet for the In-home options. The connection might vary according to the home construction as well as the signal availability.

Lifestation Costs

When it comes to the cost of Lifestation, you will see that it includes annually, quarterly and monthly billing options. You can choose the payment options that are more convenient for you. Lifestation offers very affordable packages.

you can check the price by clicking the button below:

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To add on the fall detection feature or lockbox features, you have to pay a little bit extra money for all the above-mentioned offers. Moreover, the fall detection is compatible with all three alert options.

Life station offers you free shipping and equipment with a cost-free activation. They also replace the damaged equipment free of cost as they offer a lifetime warranty on all their equipment. This is not it! There is no cancellation fee and also 30-days money back guarantee offered by Lifestation.

Your account will be deactivated and canceled when you return their system. You get the option for choosing between the wristband and pendant. If you are comfortable wearing the quick help button on the wrist, then go for the wristband. If you want to add the fall detection feature as well, then you have to go for the pendant. You can pay the bill through your credit card or electronic fund transfer.


Lifestation Customer service

Lifetstation offers a 24/7 customer and calls monitoring service. When you press the help button it only takes 20 seconds on getting online. Generally, the response time for Lifestation is just 20 seconds to provide you help as quickly as they can. They have highly skilled and trained call operators and stay online till you receive physical help. Their own monitoring center works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All the care specialists are experts who undergo training of 6 weeks. Every call the user makes will be answered in less than a few seconds by live people not answering machines.

You can set up the emergency action plan by providing an email address and phone numbers for the caregiver alert feature by calling the customer support of Lifestation anytime. This is free of cost. The users can also call on the toll-free no. to get guidance about the setup process of equipment. All in all, Lifestation will provide you with technical and best operational staff to help you any issue.


How to upgrade the Lifestation alert device?

You can upgrade your alert system anytime you want. For upgrading, you have to return the old equipment to Lifestation to get a new upgraded one. Also, you have to reactivate it.

What is the delivery time?

You will receive your Lifetstation system in 2 to 3 days after placing the order.

Will the equipment work without power?

Yes, the system will work as it has battery timing up to 32 hours if there’s no power. Generally, the battery will start charging when the power is turned on.



Lifestation is one trusted medical alert system that is necessary for all senior citizens. It is very easy to use and does not involve any high machine operation. All in all, your loved ones only need to do is press the help button. Their quick response time, easy setup, affordable price, as well as the CSAA Five Diamond and UL certifications, make it the US’s one of the best medical emergency alert systems.

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