Best All Terrian & Off Road Mobility Scooters

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There’s nothing like a mouthful of fresh air and taking in nature’s sights. Unfortunately, some disability or injury can steal from you the mobility and you can’t enjoy the beauty of nature fully. If you enjoy being outdoors but can’t stand or walk for a long period of time or you’re looking for something that can take you far beyond a small city trip? The solution to all these problems is the off road mobility scooter (all terrain mobility scooter). These mobile scooters are of great importance to people who want to enjoy outdoors a lot.

If you’re looking for an off road mobility scooter or a friend or relative needs one, so look no further for a complete overview of the 6 of best mobility scooter for off road.


Our Picks for Best All Terrian & Off Road Mobility Scooters

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-25 at 16:43

What is outdoor mobility scooter?

Off-road mobility scooters (you can also call it outdoor mobility scooter or all-terrain mobility scooter) are single person battery-powered scooters which are very easy to use. These off-road mobility scooters are also considered as walking aids to mobilize those people who are not able to walk or have some mobility issues. These are specially designed to facilitate the indoors or outdoors traveling. They are three to four-wheeled scooters having a bigger frame that provides traveling even on rugged surfaces.

Off road mobility scooters are very ideal for the outdoor ravel even on uneven rough grounds and roads. These scooters can also handle unpaved roads or grass with no trouble as they have added suspension and high ground clearance. They have longer battery range and better wheels and engines. They offer faster speed and additional standard features such as comfortable well-padded sitting for longer travel. Their weight capacity is around 250lbs to 350lbs.

As these off-road mobility scooters are designed to use on rough terrain so they give you the freedom to enjoy many adventures and activities. These scooters help users to improve their quality of life and make them more independent by providing them with improved mobility and access to almost all places, whether it’s a building in your local area or on business or leisure trips without relying on someone else. Whether you live in the countryside or you want more time to spend enjoying nature, you’ll surely love off road mobility scooter.

Why seniors need an off-road mobility scooter?

As people get older, they find themselves harder to get around and move. They become less mobile and active as they age. The lack of mobility prevents them to keep up with their social gatherings and daily activities so an off road mobility scooter is the perfect solution for all seniors. These scooters give seniors their mobility back which can change their lives.

These mobility scooters are also one of the best ways of transport for elderly people as they no longer can drive high vehicles like cars and mobility scooters are very easy to use and operate. They can just use their fingers like as they pull and push a lever and have adjustable seats and armrests. If you will take a long journey, you may also need a foldable electric scooter or a scooter carrier for the back of a vehicle.

Moreover, These off road mobility scooters are very eco-friendly and require no fuel as they are operated electrically. Seniors don’t need to pass a driving test to run this mobility scooter on the road. The family members don’t have to carry the elder members of the family or push the manual wheelchair around.

Seniors can now roam around easier by retaining their independence as driving mobility scooters to give them the freedom to go anyplace they want safely. The seniors can ride anywhere and will improve their active lifestyles. So an off road mobility scooter is one of the top accessories for older with difficulty getting around.

( You may also need a portable wheelchair and  scooter ramps for stairs)

How to choose the best all terrain mobility scooters?

There are a number of things you need to look for when buying the best outdoor mobility scooter for use. The wheels are one of the most important things to consider as the user will face different terrains outdoors and regular rubber tires are not preferred choice. Best all terrain mobility scooters are the one with solid or foam filled tires. They can support and more durable when riding on the uneven rocky terrain. Another important factor to check is the travel range. With Larger batteries, the scooter can cover more mileage.

There are many specifications of the off road mobility scooters that first-time buyers and users need to know. At present, there are many different models of off road mobility scooters available in the market. An increasing number of scooter manufacturers have produced models that can deal with rough terrains and can safely move through pathways which the lightweight scooters cannot steer.

Best mobility scooters for off road reviews

Below mentioned are the reviews for the best mobility scooter for off road on the market:

1. PURSUIT XL PMV SC714 Pride Electric Scooter

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-25 at 16:43

This mobility scooter is manufactured by Pride Mobility that has a top speed of 7.5 MPH and an extended range of up to 28 miles. It has front and back suspension with four big 13 ” tires for excellent outdoor performance and brake system that is hydraulic-sealed. Available in two colors: silver and candy apple red. It is full-Size 4-wheel scooter however very portable and easy to disassemble and the weight capacity is 400 lbs. This scooter also comes with Challenger Mobility Patriotic Accessory Bundle which includes rear basket, cup holder and cooler bag. Pursuit XL has High-impact bumpers and fenders. The lighting package comprises directional signals, an unmatched visibility headlight and a 180 amp microprocessor controller as well.


  •  Durable
  • It has very comfortable seating with good leg room and reclining the high-back seat.
  • It is a well-built, stylish and safe design with shock absorbers
  • Longer battery life
  • The lightings are very bright and protected from damage by sunlight or fog


  • Hard to push the delta tiller
  •  It can’t be transported in a car
  • Limited adjustments of the seat height
  • Less water resistant

You can watch this video to see all the features of this pride pursuit s714 mobility scooter:

2.  BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 4-Wheel Heavy Duty Long Range Travel Scooter

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BuzzAround Extreme Scooter is a full size 4 wheeled scooter manufactured by the Golden Technologies with two powerful U-1 batteries offering a maximum speed of 5 mph and drive range up to 18 miles with only one-time charge. The charging or battery port is easily located underneath the tiller and the gauge of bright LED battery keeps you informed. It has a weight capacity of about 330 lbs, ground clearance of 4″ and wheel tires (front and rear) of 9″ which allows driving comfortably. Features like adjustable seat height, flip-back armrests with multiple seating options, turning radius of 56″ is ideal for the wide corner outdoors and comfortable spring suspension makes the ride very smooth. BuzzAround extreme scooter comes with Ultrabright head and tail lights and blue and red shroud panels are included in the package for free.


  • It is easy to disassemble and transport
  • Plenty of legroom available for taller people due to its 44″ long frame size
  •  Smooth and long-range drive to 18 miles
  • Long battery life
  • Ultra bright front and back lights make traveling easy at night


  • The tires are not air-filled (pneumatic) so it is not suitable for riding on rough terrain
  • No power elevating and high back seat option
  • The seat belt is required due to its fast speed
  • Horn is not audible


3.  Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter

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Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter is manufactured by Afikim which is designed using advanced and latest technology and safety systems.  It is an award-winning scooter that is best for outdoor use full time. This scooter comes with safety features like shock absorbers and panic sensor. High ground clearance and full round suspension deliver a high level of safety, stability, and comfort. It can also be used on smooth and uneven terrain, thanks to its stable four alloy wheels and tires that are pneumatic (air-filled).

It offers a drive range of 28 miles on a single charge and maximum speed of 9 mph. This is the best choice if you want a faster scooter. It has a weight capacity of 450 lbs with a fully adjustable wide orthopedic seat of 18″, armrests, backrest and headrest for maximum comfort. This Afiscooter has a full LED lighting package which is dimming continuously to save energy when not moving and the control panel display is really impressive. The ergonomically designed tiller can be adjusted to meet the demands of the drivers. It comes in three colors that are metallic silver, dark grey and blue. It is one of the most comfortable, advanced and best all-terrain mobility scooters in the market.


  •  Powerful, long-lasting and energy-conserving LED headlights that provide bright light and great drive range
  • Highly developed safety and electronic systems installed to ensure comfort and safety
  • It has sealed and lockable storage compartments where you can put the personal belongings
  • The optional canopy provides protection from rain and sunlight
  • It provides car-like experience


  • It is not suitable for indoor use because of its large size
  • To replace the batteries, the seat and battery cover located under the seat has to be removed
  • Electromagnetic interferences (EMI) from phones, radios, and transmitters can affect the power of a scooter


4. Maverick Executive Three Wheel Power Scooter

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The Maverick Executive is a 3 wheel all terrain mobility scooter designed by Drive Medical. It has sporty look like a motorcycle and best option when looking for a heavy duty scooter (see also heavy duty wheelchair). It offers a top speed of 9.5 mph and 35 miles drive range with electromagnetic brakes. It comes with larger 19.5″ low profile and air-filled tires, anti-tip wheels, turning radius of 62″ and 5″ ground clearance that makes it suitable for riding on uneven rugged terrains. It also has some features which provide great visibility like the hazard signals, rear view mirror, and reflectors. It comes with a smoked windshield to block out any glare on the display equipped with a captain and swivel seat types and 22″ width seat upgrade option providing a smoothest outdoor ride. It is one of the best all terrain mobility scooters as it is meant for all terrain.


  • Motorcycle control system is conveniently located on the handlebars for easy use
  • It is a perfect choice for hill climbing as it comes with 10̊ climbing Angle
  • High weight capacity
  • Best for hip problems as leg rests comfortably at the side of the single front wheel


  • Too big for indoor use
  • Not easy to disassemble and transport
  • No delta tiller, power elevating and multiple seating options
  • There is no basket or storage compartment


5. Hummer XL Folding 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter

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Hummer XL Folding 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Scooter designed by Tzora featuring large 13″ tires and full suspension to ride smoothly on any surface. It is highly portable yet having a weight capacity of 300 lbs and 8̊ climbing ability. It can go up to 15.5 miles with a maximum speed of 6.8 mph smoothly. You can ride comfortably with a luxurious comfort-fit seat with memory foam including Flip-up armrests. The 4-point seat arrangement provides stability and comfort than the center post seat while driving. With a ground clearance of 3.9″, it can perform well on rough terrain. The complete lighting package includes directional signals, front lights, rear tail lights and reverses tail lights as well. The ergonomic delta tiller of the Hummer XL makes it very easy to drive with one hand only. It is the single full-size folding scooter in the market.


  • Easy to transport and disassemble; highly portable as it can be folded in seconds
  • It comes with a large basket at the back where you can put all your personal items
  • It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use both
  • Batteries can be charged on or off the board


  • One of the most expensive scooters available in the market
  • Low speed as compared to other mobility scooters
  • It has a shorter battery life


6. Royale 4 Cargo Two-Seater Electric Mobility Scooter

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A comfortable three-wheeled scooter designed by EV rider which is full size and features automatic speed reduction, all-digital display panel and full front-rear suspension that is fully-independent. It is a heavy duty scooter that can drive up to 35 miles and a maximum speed of 15kmh. It also includes an adjustable tiller and digital controls that make your rides enjoyable. It comes with 32 inches dual Seat which seats two people. With 6″ ground clearance, 63″ turning radius, aluminum alloy rims and pneumatic tires, it is well suited for riding smoothly on rugged terrain. Higher load capacity of 450 lbs than other mobility scooters. This mobility scooter is equipped with digital tritium controls.  It uses sealed lead acid-AGM batteries and their charging time is 6 to 8 hours.


  • Easy to use
  • Dual seat allows two people to ride together
  • Comes with Golf Tires that is perfect to ride around a golf course easily
  • It folds down which makes it easy to transport
  • Comes with an auto open umbrella which provides protection from rain and sunlight
  • Electromagnetic brake system with dual emergency disc brakes provide better safety


  • Batteries not included in the package. They have to be purchased separately
  • No basket for keeping the personal items

The all terrain mobility scooters add a great deal of ease and convenience in the life of people with low mobility and elders. They gain freedom and independence using outdoor mobility scooters which helps them to do their daily life activities and outdoor activities. So, if it is an off road mobility scooter that you are looking either for yourself or your loved one, then this article can assist you to select the best outdoor mobility scooter that suits you best.

In this article, we have listed down the six best mobility scooter for off road in the market with their pros and cons, so you can go through the reviews and choose the right one that fits your requirements.



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