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Best Patient Lift Slings for Handicapped and Elderly

You might have heard about patient lifts that are used to pick and transfer patients with mobility disorders. One of the main components of these lifts are the slings. Patient lift sling is the part of the lift that is in contact with the patient and actually helps in grabbing the patient for lifting him/her up.

patient lift slings

A patient lift sling is a very important part of the whole machine, without it the electric or manual hydraulic lift is of no use. You don’t get a patient sling along with the lift, you have to buy it separately according to the type of sling that you require.

Our Picks for Best Patient Lift Slings

These 3 lift slings in the table come with different designs. If you are in a hurry, you can start the research by checking them directly.

Best Overall
Drive Medical Padded U Sling, with Head Support, Medium
For Sit To Stand Lift
Patient Aid Padded Sit to Stand Lift Sling (PASA2),...
Drive Medical Padded U Sling, with Head Support, Medium
Patient Aid Padded Sit to Stand Lift Sling (PASA2),...
Best Overall
Drive Medical Padded U Sling, with Head Support, Medium
Drive Medical Padded U Sling, with Head Support, Medium
For Sit To Stand Lift
Patient Aid Padded Sit to Stand Lift Sling (PASA2),...
Patient Aid Padded Sit to Stand Lift Sling (PASA2),...

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What are patient lift slings?

To understand what a patient lift sling is, let’s take the example of a crane. You have the whole machine but what if you don’t have the chains to grab the item that you need to lift.

Will the crane arm and hook be of any use if you don’t have chains for grabbing the item? No! right?

Same is the case with hydraulic lifts. The complete lifting process is mechanized in the hydraulic lift. It has a pump for lifting the patient or it can be electric and lift a patient up on its own, but all this is useless without a sling.

A patient lift sling is basically a combination of reinforced straps, cloth, foam and metal chains. Everything is made extremely durable and heavy duty since it will be used in the lifting of a person which, in some cases, can turn out to be heavy duty.

The sling is wrapped around and under the patient to provide full support to all parts of the body without causing any inconvenience and jerks to the patient.

For a safe transfer of the patient from his/her bed to the sofa or to the washroom and then back to the bed, a good quality sling that has no sharp edges and uncomfortable areas is extremely important.

There are many different types of patient slings and can be used for everything from bathing to going to the washroom or sitting on the dining table.

Best patient lift slings reviews:

1. Drive Medical Padded U Sling

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This padded medical sling is a typical u-shaped sling and is one of the best patient lift slings because it not only helps in lifting the patient but also supports the back and head during the process to prevent any kind of injuries or sprains.

It is four points sling that can be used for lifting the patient up from floor, bed, wheelchair etc. and transfer him/her anywhere you want.

This particular sling can be used to carry small stature as well as large statured people. Its dimensions are 49 inches by 37 inches by 1-inch which is ideal for individuals of any size. Total weight bearing capacity of this sling is 600 pounds.

Its specifications show that it is made extremely durable and sturdy. The padded sling is made of a polyester material which is known for its strength.


  • It is padded and has a headrest.
  • It is made of durable and sturdy material.
  • Its weight bearing capacity is 600 pounds.
  • Lifting the patient up with it is not difficult.


  • Transferring the patient to the toilet chair is tedious with this sling.

2. Invacare Compatible Mesh Full Body Sling:

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Invacare is a renowned company in the world of assistive care equipment. This sling is also one of their most sold items along with their patient lifts which is why it comes under the category of best patient lift slings.

This particular sling is made with a combination of mesh and polyester that makes it durable yet breathable.

It is made for amputee users and for people who require shifting from the bed to a wheelchair and from wheelchair to bed. It is seen that the patient’s skin is usually stretched and hurt during the process of lifting, to prevent this brushed lining is used in this sling.

It can be used to lift up to 450 pounds of weight and the company claims that it is good to go for at least 600 lifts. the best part about this product is that it comes with a commode opening so it can be used for transferring the patient to the toilet as well.


  • It comes with a commode opening.
  • Can lift a patient weight up to 450 pounds.
  • Has a brushing layer added?
  • Is made of durable material.


  • The material of the sling is slippery.

3. Drive Medical Full Body Patient Lift Sling (medium):

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This full body sling by the medical drive is very adaptable and comfortable and is the best patient lift sling for the elderly.

It can be used for any kind of patient and comes with two options, with or without commode opening. It has metal stays and does not require any chain or straps for lifting the patient up.

Any kinds of lifts are possible with this sling. You can easily lift the patient up from the floor or from the bed and transfer him/her anywhere you want.

It is made from a combination of mesh and polyester which is why it is very durable and can easily withstand weight up to 600 pounds.

This is a medium sized sling which is easily compatible with a small to medium statured person. Apart from this, it comes in two options i.e. 4 cradle points and 5 cradle points.


  • Can endure weight up to 600 pounds.
  • The medium size is very versatile and is compatible with many body types.
  • Comes with two options for toilet use.
  • Very durable and stays put for a long time.


  • Small size is not available.

4. AliMed Full Body Mesh Seat:

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This sling is a combination of full body sling and a toileting sling. This sling supports the back, hips as well as the head of the patient to keep any jerks from causing any kind of injury.

It is made with a combination of mesh and polyester which is a very durable combination and keeps the sling intact for a long time.

The sling has a small opening for commode which makes transferring the patient to the toilet very easy as you don’t have to remove the sling on the toilet seat.

Total weight capacity of this sling is 400 pounds and it is made wash safe as well. The color of the sling does not fade with washing.


  • It can be used in the shower.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Is laundry safe?
  • It is very easy to use.


  • Edges of the straps are rough.

5. Drive Medical Full Body Patient Lift Sling (Large):

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This very easy to use medical lift comes with a commode and no-commode option. This large size is specifically made for folks who have a large build and the medium size is too small for them.

The metal straps are already added to the sling which is why no extra straps and chains are needed. The straps that are already added have three steps, which helps in adjusting the sling on the lift according to the patient’s preference.

It can endure weight up to 600 pounds and is made extremely durable and sturdy. Since it is a full body sling, it can be used to pick the patient up from the floor as well.

The dimensions of this large full body sling are 58 inches by 45 inches by 1-inch which is perfect for a person with a large stature. It comes in 4 or 6 cradle point options.


  • The sling has proved to be very durable.
  • It can be used in showers.
  • Has two cradle point options.
  • The large size is very accurate.


  • The price range almost doubles when you skip between sizes.

6. Sit to Stand Padded Patient Lift Sling:

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This sling is specifically made for helping patients stand. Some of the patients don’t have severe mobility problems but they do have a problem with standing up on their own. This sling helps them in standing up.

It is given extra padding since this sling goes under the arms and less padding can result in stretching and hurting of skin which can result in sores and cuts.

This sit to stand sling is compatible with almost all the high-end lift brands. There are hardly any that don’t go with this particular string.

The extra padding has proved to be extremely useful in making the patients self-dependent.

The whole process of sitting and standing is made very easy with this particular sling. It is perfect for showers, as well as for transferring between wheelchair, toilet seat, and bed.

The best part of this product is that it comes with an adjustable belt. This helps in making the whole process easier, convenient and more comfortable.


  • It has extra padding.
  • It is easily compatible with most lifts.
  • It has an adjustable strap.
  • Comes with a non-slip lining.


  • Some patients find it inconvenient to use.

Types of patient slings for handicapped and elderly:

Every sling is made for a certain use, some are used for using the toilet while some are used to help the patient stand up. Hence, there are many different kinds of patient slings on the market. these are:

Full body sling or cradle sling:

This is similar to a seating hammock. It is placed underneath the patient and then lifts the patient in a seating position. It has headrest as well for patients who cannot hold their head. There are many variations of this sling as well.

The type of sling you purchase depends on the mobility condition of your patient. This particular type of sling is the safest way of transferring the patient from the bed to the wheelchair (See also transfer pole for transferring the patient).

It is made of nylon or polyester to make sure it is durable. This sling usually comes in a four points attachment. All the best patient lift slings mostly come under this category.

Supine or horizontal sling:

This type of sling is for patients who have medical conditions that don’t allow them to sit or bend any part of their bodies. So, this sling keeps them in the supine position and transfers them to the same position.

Mostly it is used for transferring patients from their bed to the therapy table and vice versa. They are specially designed as cases like these are very rare. These lift slings prove the best patient lift slings for the handicapped.

Toileting slings:

As the name suggests, the purpose of this sling is to transfer the patient to a commode or a toilet chair. These slings are either made of straps or are similar full-body slings but have an opening at the base equal to the size of a commode.

This sling makes going to the toilet easy as you don’t have to remove it and make the patient sit on the toilet, rather the patient can easily use the toilet with the sling on.

This sling has complete support to the patient with straps going around the back and under the arm of the patient. Moreover, the leg straps keep the legs open for more convenience.

They are mostly used as lift slings for elderly and lift slings for handicapped.

Universal sling:

This is the standard sling that is used by approximately 85 percent of the patients. It is very easy to use. it is called a universal sling because there are hardly any patients who cannot use this type of sling.

It is also very easy to use since it does not need to be pushed under the patient rather the base is open, and the patient is lifted by the support the back, neck, and legs of the patient.

Under the category of a universal sling, there are two points, four points, and six points slings as well.

Standing slings:

Some patients don’t have a severe mobility problem, rather they require just aid for standing and sitting, etc. for patients like these, there are special slings known as the standing sling.

This sling helps in lifting the patient up at an axis so that the patient can stand. As compared to other slings, it does not lift up the patient vertically.

The straps of this type of sling go under the patient’s arms and around its back. Mostly these lift slings are used as lift slings for elderly who don’t have severe mobility problems.

Buying guide:

Buying a sling is not as easy as it looks. You need to evaluate the kind of sling that will be perfect for your patient. Some of the ways by which you can determine what is the best patient lift sling are:


since slings are made with cloth and straps, it requires stitching everything together. While buying a sling, make sure you take a closer at the stitching and the way all the parts are bound together.

If the loops of stitches are far away, then it is not as strong as it should be. The thread used should be very thick and the stitches should be close to each other.

This ensures that the stitches won’t start opening any time sooner as it can prove very dangerous as well.

The material used:

It is necessary that you keep an eye on this one. Buying a sling that uses a good quality material is extremely important. If it uses something delicate like cotton, then be rest assured that the product is not worth buying.

It is better than you buy something made of nylon or polyester or a combination of both. Moreover, buying a sling made of waterproof material also help you in the long run as cleaning and maintaining it will be easy.

Hooks and chains:

If your patient is a heavily built person then making sure that the hooks and chains are made with reinforced metal is extremely important. If they are made with weak metal, it can cause severe injuries if the hooks or chains suddenly break.


As already mentioned, there are many types of patient lift slings on the market, so choosing the right one for your patient can be tedious.

One way to go through with this process is by weighing the pros and cons of each type of sling and deciding what feature do you really want and what kind of sling will fulfill your needs.


Patient lift slings along with hydraulic patient lifts are one of the most used assistive tools ever invented. They have helped the caretakes as well as the patients to a great extent and the overall rate of injuries during the transferring process and during the showering process have decreased to a great extent only because of the use of these lift.

These lifts, as well as the slings, are not heavy on the pocket which makes them easily accessible, but this does not mean that you buy any lift and sling that comes in front of your eyes. You need to do your research and find the product that works best for you.

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