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Best Scooters for a Broken Foot and Buyer’s Guide

Do you have an ankle injury, ankle sprains, fractured foot or any injury to do with your lower leg? If yes, then a knee scooter for a broken foot is the best device for your leg to avoid unnecessary weight being placed on your lower leg. Using a knee scooter will help you move freely and comfortably without causing more pain to the injured foot.

The knee scooter for a broken foot has a unique design, which also ensures that the leg is elevated. Rather than wheelchair or crutches, knee scooters enable patients to get involved in daily activities of their lives with fewer limitations.

Other than providing comfort for your leg, knee scooter for a broken foot also has other advantages, which include the ability to work with the natural balance of the body. It also ensures that hands are always free when standing still, and less upper strength of the body required.

Our Picks for Best Knee Scooters for a Broken Foot

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What is a Knee Scooter?                                             

A knee scooter is a wheeled device that is more comfortable and allows you to minimize the weight on your injured foot. It has a cushion, which makes it easy when kneeling on the Kneel scooter of a broken leg.  There are several types of knee scooters including 3 wheel knee scooters and 4 wheel knee scooters.

If you get injured on your both feet and legs, you can choose a lightweight transport wheelchair or manual wheelchair instead.

Who Should Consider Using a Knee Scooter?

There are several reasons why one should consider using a knee scooter.  Anyone undergoing severe pain on the lower leg should consider using a knee scooter for a broken foot. This helps you ensure that you are not exacting any weight on it during the healing period.

  • A person with Ankle or Foot Injury

For a person having ankle injury will require a knee scooter to provide mobility during his or her injury time. The knee scooter will help you avoid causing further harm on your ankle by lessening the weight carried by the ankle. If you have a foot injury (a waterproof cast cover will help you out when showering), you are sorted because the best knee scooter for foot injury will provide comfort and support for your foot to heal by itself.

  • Person Who Has Suffered a Car Accident or Bicycle Accident

After encountering a car or bicycle accident, one may have got some injuries on the lower parts of the body, which may hinder him or her from walking before they have healed completely. You will need to get a knee scooter, which will enable you to walk comfortably and travel anywhere.

  • Elderly Person

The seniors who cannot put up with the weight of their body requires knee scooter for balancing their body weight. They can also use knee scooters when they get a fracture, before or after surgery.


7 Best Knee Scooters for a Broken Foot Reviews

The best knee scooters provide a perfect solution for people suffering from lower body injuries.  It is a special kind of mobility scooter. A knee scooter also helps you maintain a comfortable and supportive position while waiting for your leg or foot to heal. These ensure that no weight is carried by the lower body to avoid re-injuring again.

However, selecting the best knee scooter for a broken foot may be a challenge due to the high number of products available in the market. There is a wide variety of knee scooters, hence choosing one that suits your needs might be time-consuming. Here are the 7 best knee scooters which we found after reviewing all the top-rated knee scooters.

1. KneeRover Economy Steerable Knee Scooter

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KneeRover is one of the top brand in knee scooter world. KneeRover Economy Steerable Knee Scooter is our top selected product as the best knee scooter for a broken foot because it has excellent features to support broken foot. This knee scooter weighs 21 pounds only, but it can support up to 300 pounds without breaking, thus fit for both adults and kids. It is suitable for people having leg mutation, fractured or broken foot, ankles, knees, those recovering from operations, and users having mobility problems.

The wheels of this unit are 7.5-inch, which makes it easy in rolling on different types of surfaces as they have great impact and shock absorption. This scooter has locking handle breaks, which are adjustable and are supported by on-wheel breaks for effective stopping. It can also be folded for transportation and storage.


  • 7.5-inch wheels to enhance the stability
  • Adjustable kneeling cushions with pads for comfort
  • Quality rubber wheels able to roll on different surfaces
  • Portable and easy to store
  • It is affordable
  • Dual flexible break system for safety


  • Assembling difficulties
  • Knee pads are un-countered



2. Steerable KneeRover Knee Scooter

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Steerable KneeRover Knee Scooter is an advanced scooter for a broken foot, which comes with a basket that can be used to store things when outdoors. It enables you to have the independence and the mobility you need during the healing process. It has excellent features such as the tie-rod mechanism and adjustable handbrakes, which is lockable. This knee scooter has four wheels, which are 7.5 inches and are unmarked.

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter has a countered kneeling platform that is 3.5-inch thick. This makes it comfortable for the patient even when they are required to walk for a long distance. The handlebars and the paddle platform are adjustable to suit your ideal height. These knee scooters have lightweight of 22 pounds that features a capacity weight of 300 pounds.

Finally, the handle breaks and the steering function allow for excellent control and stability. It is also easy to maneuver even around tight areas.


  • Provides the rider independence and mobility needed during healing
  • Able to maneuver in tight surfaces
  • Steering gives you control and comfort for safety
  • It’s lightweight
  • Basket for storage purposes


  • Unstable in rugged surfaces
  • Hard to assemble


3.Drive Medical DV8 Steerable Knee Scooter Aluminum  – Crutch Alternative

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The steerable Aluminum knee scooter is durable and has a dual aluminum frame design, which gives the patient full control of the device when riding. This device has super thick-knee pads that provide the maximum rider comfort. It has an adjustable height from 33” to 37.5, while the kneepad is adjustable from 17.5” to 21.5”.

These adjustments can be made from anywhere without the need for stools. It also features casters, which are 8 inches wide. Therefore, it can be used both outdoors and indoors. This knee scooter has high-quality hand brakes to ensure rider’s safety.

The knee scooter can be folded for transportation and storage. It weighs 19 pounds and dimensions of 7” W x 32” D, which improves its portability. This knee scooter is ideal for anyone suffering from a foot or ankle injury.


  • Kneepad provides stability and comfort
  • It is aesthetically appealing due to the sleek vein
  • Allows the patient to ride smoothly
  • Has a massive weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Quality handbrakes for safety
  • It is portable
  • Easy to adjust the handlebars and pads height


  • Lack of storage basket
  • Hard to assemble


4. All Terrain KneeRover Heavy Duty Steerable Knee Scooter Alternative of Crutch in Blue

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The Knee Scooter is a heavy-duty leg scooter with 12-inch tires, which can maneuver on all types of terrain; on dirt, grass, and gravel. It also features a 3 wheel knee scooter design. It has the mechanism of tie-rod steering, which is almost the same as those of vehicles making it controllable and stable. It has a double bar design to provide maximum strength and stability.

This motorized knee scooter comes with adjustable hand brakes, which are meant for safety. One can adjust the heights of both the handlebars and pads to enable your comfortable height. It comes with parking and locking features to ensure safety for the riders. The leg scooter is fit for both left and right legs. It has a folding mechanism for easy transportation and storage.

Besides, it comes with 3 inches molded and countered foam for maximum comfort of the rider. This knee scooter can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 pounds and is lightweight, as it weighs just 27 pounds. Due to the 3 wheel knee scooter design, balancing may be a little difficult hence it requires practice. ( See also 3 wheel walker and 3 wheel bikes for seniors).


  • It can maneuver on all types of terrain ( See also off-road mobility scooter)
  • The vinyl cover of the knee pad is washable
  • Its frame is durable and lightweight
  • Has a storage basket
  • Adjustable handlebar and pad height
  • Folding mechanism for transportation and storage
  • Solid and heavy-duty frame



  • Much practice is required to balance the 3 wheel knee scooter
  • With a weight of 27 pounds, it is difficult to transport


5. Healthport Steerable Knee Scooter

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If you are looking for the best knee scooter that will help you to walk while waiting for your injured ankle, foot, or the lower leg to recover fully, Healthport knee scooter will be good for you. It features a parking and dual brake system for the safety of the rider. It has softer kneeling pad to provide comfort. Healthport knee scooter has 10 degrees extra steering radius can handle sharp corners.

It has four wheels, which are 8 inches with reflective night stickers and can navigate in tight corners because they are stable and sturdy. Moreover, it comes with adjustable handlebar, seat and hand brakes height that suits you. The knee scooter comes with a two countered groove that is vertical and horizontal which allows it to be compatible with both left and right leg.

Moreover, this motorized knee scooter comes with a basket for storage whether indoors or outdoors. It also comes with video instructions of how to use and assemble it. The scooter can accommodate a capacity weight of 300 pounds although its weight is 23.5 pounds. This knee scooter can be folded to transport and store.


  • Storage basket
  • Folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft kneeling pad
  • Navigate in tight corners
  • Night reflective stickers
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Increased turning radius


  • Cannot be used by anybody except for people with heights above 5.3.”


6. All Terrain steerable Adult Small Petite KneeRover Jr

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The small petite is a knee scooter that can only work for lightweight individuals. It accommodates a weight capacity of 250 pounds. It is meant for kids and small adults. This knee walker also comes with pneumatic tires of 9 inches that are designed to navigate on all terrains both indoor and outdoor.

In addition, it comes with tie-rod steering automotive style for maximum control and stability due to the added wheel, which makes it easier for kids without balance. It comes with adjustable handlebars and knee platforms to suit own height. The motorized knee scooter also has a folding mechanism that enables easy storage and transportation and also has a basket for storage.


  • Navigate on all terrains
  • Heavy-duty handlebar for strength and stability
  • Storage basket
  • Adjustable handlebar and knee platform
  • Lightweight


  • It is only for lightweight people.


7.KneeRover PRO All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter with Shock Absorber

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It is stressing to be bound in bed waiting for your injured ankle or foot to heal. KneesRover PRO provides mobility, stability and comfort hence you are not limited on your daily activities. All-terrain kneeRover PRO is a good alternative of crutches and offers versatility. It comes with pneumatic tires of 12 inches which can quickly navigate on all terrains be it dirt, grass, gravel.

Moreover, it has a tie-rod steering style with an added stabilizer wheel, which increases which provides maximum control and stability. The knee scooter accommodates a weight capacity of 350 pounds and weight of 34 pounds. The double bar of heavy-duty aluminum increases durability and strength.


  • Navigate on all terrains
  • Added stabilizer wheel
  • Provides comfort and mobility
  • Heavy-duty double bar for strength and stability


  • Lacks storage basket
  • It is heavy hence not easy to transport
  • Requires folding mechanism to store easily

Bottom Line

The best knee scooter offers a solution ankle, foot, or lower leg injuries that might force you to stay bound in one place for an extended period. It provides comfort and stability while walking and prevent the lower body from carrying any weight, which may cause further injury.

Choosing the best knee scooter for your broken foot may be an exhausting task because as there are so many products in the market. We believe that the information outlined, and the products we have listed will help you select your suitable knee scooter easily.

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