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Best Shower Wheelchair for Individuals with Physical Mobility Issues

Individuals who are forced to lead restricted lives, as far as their movements are concerned, may often question themselves that how exactly they should get from here to there and back. This is especially so when it comes to bathing and the use of the water closet (commode). 

shower wheelchair

The best shower wheelchair is something that the age, the war veterans, and the handicapped (not to mention the morbidly obese) often want to possess.

These shower wheelchairs consist of several varieties. Such as, the PVC shower wheelchair which comes covered in a coat of polyvinyl chloride. This ensures that it does not undergo the destructive process of rusting.

In this post, we will review the best shower wheelchairs in the market and shed some lights on how to choose the right one for yourself.

Our Picks for Shower Wheelchair

Best Overall
DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode, Transport Chair, FSA...
Wheelchair With High Quality
HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair Padded Seat...
High End Option
Drive Medical NRS185006 Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode...
DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode, Transport Chair, FSA...
HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair Padded Seat...
Drive Medical NRS185006 Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode...
Best Overall
DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode, Transport Chair, FSA...
DMI Rolling Shower Chair, Commode, Transport Chair, FSA...
Wheelchair With High Quality
HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair Padded Seat...
HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair Padded Seat...
High End Option
Drive Medical NRS185006 Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode...
Drive Medical NRS185006 Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode...

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The Exact Nature of a Shower Wheelchair

Let’s face it! What so many of us take for granted and as a given is not so for the unfortunate few who face barriers to their physical mobility. They may often need to travel and when they enter a hotel or friend’s home, there is the issue of bathing (and engaging in the act of nature) while they are in a wheelchair.

Disabled people may face a great deal of social embarrassment, particularly in hotel settings. To counter that, nowadays, the wonderful invention of a shower wheelchair prevents handicapped people from any possible embarrassment.

This leads many of these physically challenged individuals to gain a new lease on life. They can take a cold shower in the summer, engage in the pleasure of a hot showering in winter, and attend nature calls with relative ease.

All thanks to a special wheelchair that has so many qualities. For these folks, nothing short of the shower wheelchair will do.

(Prefer using a bathtub? You can choose to buy a bath lift or a tub bench)

Many shower wheelchairs of the past had the same problem. To begin with, they tended to rust with the passage of time and were unwieldy.

Also, the supportive materials these wheelchairs were composed of were rather uncomfortable. Consequently, this made these wheelchairs an unpleasant experience for the physically challenged individuals who used them in their day to day lives.

Yet the latest and best shower wheelchair has everything going for it. Nowadays, wheelchairs do not leave behind any marks on the body as they are now made using softer materials.

By using a shower wheelchair, bathroom safety is greatly improved.

Benefits of a Shower Wheelchair for Old and Handicapped People

We all know about the ravages of old age. The body loses its elasticity and what was easy to accomplish in youth becomes an uphill task in old age. The sunset period of one’s life is one of stocktaking. 

Many times, the elderly are not so lucky to have either, the full assistance of their grown-up children or the safety net of medical care. It is sad to see them face the cruelties of fate without any help in sight.

The same goes for the handicapped whether they happen to be war veterans or civilians. It is a difficult sight when they cannot accomplish the tasks of everyday life due to their physical disability.

Society has forgotten these special people, just like it forgets the elderly who are a source of wisdom for the younger generation. This is heartbreaking and a crying shame.

So, the best shower wheelchair out there in the marketplace is most probably a product that immensely benefits both the aged and the handicapped. These physically challenged folks can resume taking the responsibility for their daily actions with dignity and pride. Now they will not be at the mercy of others.

All thanks to the current medical technology which is indeed a modern-day miracle. When these people use the best shower wheelchair every day (instead of an ordinary wheelchair) they reap a two-in-one or rather a three-in-one advantage.

They can shower, bathe, and sit on the commode using the selfsame wheelchair. This is not a small thing. A couple of decades ago, such a scenario would have been unthinkable.

Yet today thanks to the many comforts of modernity and modern science, the impossible has become possible.

A Comprehensive Review of the Best Shower Wheelchairs Available Online

A market is a place of free choice. Where every customer buys according to his means (or beyond his pocket if he has saved up enough extra money).

It is a case of minimum cost and maximum benefit that rational and economic man is after, always. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of more than half a dozen of the best shower wheelchairs available on the Internet.

They are the cream of the crop and you will have to select one of them in the final analysis. So, shall we begin with the first one:

1. DMI Shower Transport Chair – Best Overall

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This simple yet elegant best shower wheelchair is ideal for the handicapped and senior citizens. For instance, you can shift dependent people on and off the commode with it in a couple of seconds.

The same goes for the shower. As for the extra comfortable resting region for the buttocks, it does not cause any unnecessary chafing when used regularly. Hence, it is a PVC shower wheelchair at its best.

This movable piece of usable technology can slide over both polished floors and expensive carpets in an equally hassle-free manner. Like the previous shower wheelchair, this one can also accommodate a 250-pound person.

Its weight is only 18 pounds. The shower wheelchair has a lifetime guarantee which comes with it and it contains the softest latex rubber in its extra padding.


  • Undergoes ready assembly with a few tools
  • White color makes for easy cleaning
  • Made of top quality material


  • Non-adjustable in nature
  • May cause slight discomfort to the back sides of underweight people who use it

2. MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode/Shower Wheelchair

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This best shower wheelchair can be employed for dual functions. It is for use in the washroom or serves as a makeshift commode. Meanwhile, it also doubles for showering and bathing purposes.

This product has a strong and durable steel framework and can support individuals weighing up to 250 pounds which is a lot. It weighs a mere 20 pounds.

This shower wheelchair can fit over a commode below the 15-inch limit with relative ease. The fitting capacity is nice and snug.

The back area is composed of PVC. Possessing five wheels, this PVC shower wheelchair can be fixed on a temporary basis as per individual preference.


  • Designed for a high degree of tensile strength
  • Large wheels on the sides are absent
  • Brakes that work quickly


  • Too much extra material at the bottom end
  • The front wheels may touch your heels at times

3. HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair

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This top-notch shower-cum-toilet chair serves well as far as transferring your near and dear ones into and out of a shower or onto and off a commode is concerned. In fact, you can multitask with it, if you choose to.

The bottom region and the backrest are both composed of PVC. Also, you can take squeaky clean showers for extended periods of time on this item without any worry of this PVC shower wheelchair undergoing any rusting or malfunctioning.

Meant for morbidly obese individuals, it generally has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds. Made of aluminum it is very light in its structure. Moreover, it is rustproof and with a detachable chamber pot; it is 22 inches in its width.


  • Works with smoothness and style
  • Built to last for a long time
  • Easy to put together and dismantle
  • Gives more bang for the buck


  • A bit uncomfortable to use in the beginning
  • The wheels may be too tiny

4. Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair

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this is a very high quality state-of-the-art best shower wheelchair. It is used in the topmost institutions and is, therefore, ideal for those who want peace of body and mind.

Moreover, nothing can surpass the security this wheelchair lends the individuals who use it. Also, it functions superbly which is a relief. Arriving with a life-long warranty, it is also rustproof.

Besides the pads that protect the frames of those who sit on it, this wheelchair can be washed and hygienically restored with the least amount of effort.

In addition to that, the back seat can be moved through various angles just like other reclining wheelchairs to ensure that the seated individual is able to shampoo and rinse his or her hair.

Furthermore, this shower wheelchair is highly suitable for old people’s homes and for those who for some reason are confined to their residential area. This self-propelled shower wheelchair beats many other hands down.


  • Guaranteed ease of movement
  • You get also something in return for all that money
  • Smart and streamlined design
  • Very comfort-giving in its dimensions


  • Very rarely the back-seat swings at an extreme angle
  • It usually takes some getting used to despite the high quality

5. IPU ELT817 Elite Rolling Shower Chair

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This best shower wheelchair is heavy duty stuff since it can withstand 325 pounds of weight. Having the dual capacity, the chair comes in a variety of colors such as grey, red, and blue.

The seat can be clipped on the wheelchair or taken off it, in a matter of seconds. Tough in the material comfort it lends the individual, it is also super-safe.

The adjustable height allows for customizable usage in the blink of an eye. Rust won’t touch this wheelchair and that is the final word on the matter.

Meant primarily for the male of the species, it does not have a resting area for the feet. Besides, the colors are an additional plus point.


  • The customer can buy it with eyes closed since it will end his or her worries
  • For very obese people who can use it without a care in the world


  • You may have to customize it for different body types

6. Drive Medical Aluminum Shower Commode Wheelchair

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This wheelchair for showering can also be used as a commode itself or be placed over one. Its overall height can be changed in accordance with the user’s demands and that too without the use of any gadgets.

The aluminum body is rustproof and a treat to gaze at in admiration. As for the back seat, it has sufficient padding.

Furthermore, there is an area for the feet that can be slid away at appropriate times. The maximum poundage it can carry is 275.

The user can easily move the wheelchair’s backside wheels forward. Besides that, this self-propelled shower wheelchair weighs a total of 41 pounds.


  • Goes well with any standard toilet
  • Has solid wheels
  • Functional in many ways


  • Does not fold at all
  • The brakes may be a bit faulty in the beginning
  • Its performance may have dissatisfied a few customers

7. Shower Wheelchair Bath Toilet Commode Bariatric

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This bariatric shower wheelchair has a capacity for supporting 300-pound individuals. Made of very light aluminum, it will not rust no matter what.

The seating arrangement which is soft to the touch can also be detached from the wheelchair, as per the user’s preference.

With 24-inch wheels, this bariatric shower wheelchair has a seat which is 20 inches in its dimensions. The white color it comes in is a sight to behold. Lock mechanisms exist on the back wheels.

Moreover, it will arrive at your doorstep with a seatbelt attached. As for the armrests, they too are detachable.


  • A great value-added product for your money
  • Customers generally love its long-lasting structural-functional nature
  • Makes life easy for the handicapped, elderly and, also, morbidly obese


  • Assembling it is slightly difficult
  • Leans forward every time you handle it

The Bottom Line

After what was a whole lot of comparison, we finally came up with one which fit the bill and it happens to be the DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair.

Not only is the price right but the qualities it possesses outweigh the drawbacks (if any) that it has in its makeup. So then, save up a few extra green bucks and purchase this shower wheelchair for your near and dear one. It is a guarantee that he or she won’t be disappointed in the end results.

Cherry is the editor-in-chief of Mobility With Love. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a master's degree in Adapted Physical Activity. Her expertise includes biomechanics, biochemistry, nutrition, disability studies, and so on.

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