Best Snoring Mouth Guard & Mouthpiece : Types, Reviews, and How to Choose It

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Snoring is a problem that influences more than 90 million Americans and half of the human beings snore at some point in their whole lives.

It may not only be an indication of disease but a nightmare for your bed partners or roommates.

While there are a lot of snoring or sleep apnea treatments available, the snoring mouth guard is loved by tons of people because it is invisible, carriable and comfortable.

List Of The Best Snoring Mouthpiece

SnoreRx Mouthpiece Boil and Bite Adjustable MAD
Good Morning Snore Solution TSD
Zquiet MouthpieceMAD

What Is Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece And How It Work?

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is an oral device that reduces snoring by opening the airway.

As you know, the cause of snoring is due to the relaxation of the soft palate in the throat which turns out to partially block the airway. Hence, if an oral device can keep your airway open, your snoring or sleep apnea will diminish in some circumstances.

By wearing an anti-snoring mouthpiece, your lower jaw is pulled forward so that airflow will become fluent.


Types Of Snoring Mouth Guard

There are 2 types of snoring mouth guard in the market: MAD and TSD

  • MAD(Mandibular Advancement Device):

    It is also called Jaw Advancing Device (JAD). This type of mouth guard is to stop snoring by pushing your lower jaw forward slightly. In this way, your airway will stay open in the night.

  • TSD( Tongue Stabilization Device):

    The principle of  TSD is to counteract your tongue from falling back into your throat so that your airway will not be blocked. It is a great choice for snores who wear dentures.


Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard vs. Snoring Mouth Guard, What’s The Difference?

For the people suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA), CPAP machine is always the common treatment (often used with sleep apnea pillow).

However, CPAP is relatively expensive and not very comfortable for some people. Hence, doctors will advise wearing sleep apnea mouth guard instead especially for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients.

When you search online, it is easy to get confused about sleep apnea mouth guard and snoring mouth guard, they almost look the same.

Moreover, some physicians may suggest people suffer from mild OSA to wear a snoring mouthpiece.  However, the sleep apnea mouth guard cannot equal to snoring mouth guard. The differences include:

  • Material

    Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard belongs to the medical devices category so that its material must pass strict inspection. Even though some of snoring mouth guards are also meet some standardizations, but some of them just don’t.

    In addition, most of snoring mouth guards are made from plastic but sleep apnea mouth guard use acrylic resins as material.

  • Durability

    Usually, Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard can last for years, but snoring mouth guards need to be replaced from 6 to 24 months.

  • Custom Fitted

    While you can buy stop snoring mouthpiece online, visiting a dentist is a must when you need a sleep apnea mouth guard.

    The dentist will make a mold according to your tooth and mouth structure as well as your other special needs. They will adjust it and do the follow-up later. Hence, the sleep apnea mouthpiece tends to be more fitted and comfortable.

    As for stop snoring mouth guards, some of them use one-size-fits-all approach and others use  “boil-and-bite” technique. The plastic will become soft when the temperature gets hot so that it will form on your teeth and fit your mouth. However, you can never expect it will be as fitted as a sleep apnea mouth.

  • Price

    Snoring Mouth Guard is definitely an affordable choice compared to professional sleep apnea devices. Using a sleep apnea mouthpiece will cost you a few thousands usually but snoring mouth guard sales at a few tens to hundreds mostly.


Benefits Of Using A Oral Appliances To Treat Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

  • Effective

    A mouth guard seems simple but it is effective. Some of the studies investigate the effectiveness of oral appliances and has proved that snoring is improved and often eliminated.

  • Comfortable

    CPAP machine is an effective treatment for treating sleep apnea but it is big and has to work with a mask together. Some people just can not tolerate this CPAP therapy.

    Thus, a mouth guard is a great alternative for it and can bring a great relief for those snorers.

  • Invisible

    Contrary to CPAP or other devices, the mouth guard is invisible which will make you look perfect when you sleep and even your partner or roommates will never know you are a snorer.

  • Carriable

    Yes, you can carry it anywhere you want especially on travel.


Drawbacks of Using Oral Devices For Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

  • Not For Severe Case

    For people with severe symptoms, a snoring mouth guard or sleep apnea mouth guard may not enough to control the situation. Doctors may suggest using PAP machine or even taking a surgery.

  • May Cause Pain

    It may take some time for you to get used to it. In some cases, an oral appliance may cause pain and even temporal mandibular joint arthritis (TMJ) especially when they are using one-size-fits-all solutions.


How To Choose The Best Snoring Mouthpiece?

  • BPA Free

    As mouthpiece is something that will be kept in your mouth, you must choose one which is BPA free. BPA is a kind of polycarbonate plastic material and proven to be a cause of cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and so on.

    Thus, it is very dangerous for our health. Any plastic with BPA which in touch with the mouth can deliver BPA into your body. All in all, you should avoid buying it in any case.

  • Latex

    About 3 million Americans and 68% of children with spina bifida are sensitive to Latex. If you are one of them, choose products that is Latex free.

  • Customization of  MAD

    No one wants to use an uncomfortable oral device. While customization is not a big deal for TSD, it is crucial for choosing a MAD.

    Some of them use boil to bite solutions and others use micro adjustability. These are 2 ways in the market to customize your needs. Although one-sizes-fit-all may work for you, there is a high chance to find a comfortable snoring mouth guard when you buy a MAD with customization features.

  • Breathing Holes

    Some people like or have to breathe through their mouth. In this case, please buy a mouth guard with breathing holes.  Plus, the size of breathing holes should be taken into consideration.

    The one that is too large tends to make you uncomfortable and the one that is too small will not deliver enough air to your body.

  • Avoid Cheap Devices With No Instruction

    As you know, the safety of material and design is very important.  It is better to choose something reliable and certificated. There are a lot of cheap devices on some websites, please think for yourself and stay away from it.


Snoring Mouth Guard Review- Our 3 Picks

SnoreRx Mouthpiece (Boil and Bite Adjustable MAD)


SnoreRx Mouthpiece is one of the most comfortable anti-snoring products made in the US.

By using micro adjustment design, SnoreRx allows you to adjust your jaw forward as much as 1 millimeter. It means customers can find the suitable position easily.

In addition, in order to help you achieve a custom impression, they apply a boil and bite method.

It is quite easy to set up. For those with sinus problems, the V flow design keeps the airflow through the mouth. More than that, snoring decrease significantly proven by a lot of people.

Plus, this mouth guard is free of BPA,  acrylic, and latex. It is FDA cleared and obtain the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AMASS) certificate.

You may feel a little snore on the first morning but you will adapt to it as long as you find the best position.


  • Micro adjustment to make you feel comfortable
  • Boil to bite process to ensure a custom fit.
  • V flow for mouth breather.
  • Safe material-free of BPA, acrylic, and latex.


  • May feel sore.
  • Not suitable for people wearing dentures.
  • A little bit hard to clean up.


Good Morning Snore Solution (TSD)

Good morning snore solution is a godsend for individuals wearing dentures.

Different from MAD, this oral device help to stop snoring by holding your tongue forward. It belongs to TSD or TRD (Tongue Retaining Device).

The advantage of TSD is that it will not occupy space which makes people feel more comfortable.

In terms of Good Morning Snore Solution, they use a kind of soft material to ensure a better experience. Besides, the unique design of TSD allows the one-size-fits-all solution can work for everyone.

No need to worry about the safety. All the material in this mouthpiece is BPA free and the manufacturer is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and FDA cleared.

However, there is no special design for airflow, therefore, it is not a good choice for individuals that breathe through their mouth.


  • No fitting problem.
  • More comfortable than MAD
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Suit for people who wear dentures.
  • Free of BPA


  • No breathing holes.


Zquiet Mouthpiece (MAD)

The company calls it Zquiet Comfort System. As the name of this snoring device suggests, it is a mouth guard that brings a quiet night to you and your partner.

Not like other MAD, this stop snoring mouth guard use a soft material which means it is more comfortable than other MAD devices in some circumstances. By implementing living hinge technology, individuals can speak when they wear it.

It comes with 2 ZQuiet mouthpieces and one of them is a little bit bigger so as to move the jaw further. It is still too big for you, you can easily trim or field it.

Even better, the company provides a trial offer for customers. Hence, there is no risk to try it.


  • Breathing hole available
  • Customers can keep talking while wearing Zquiet.
  • Free of BPA and latex, made from medical grade material.


  • No enough lifespan.
  • Not fit everyone.


Bottom Line

Until now, you already explored the whole concept of snoring mouth guard. There are more than 100 products on the market and you should choose it according to material, design and your own health condition such as if you are wearing dentures, you should go TSD.

We pick 3 best snoring mouthpiece for you and hope you find your favorite. If you are looking for a professional sleep apnea mouthpiece, it is better to look for a doctor.

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