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Aging, illness, and injuries can affect the mobility and strength of an individual. The limitations can be short term or long term and the transfer is the task need to be addressed every day. The transfer board serves as safe, durable bridges between the destination and the starting point ( such as between the bed and wheelchair) of the user. The following information will help you to make the right decision for finding the best transfer board.


Our Picks for Best Transfer Boards

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What is a Transfer Board for Disabled and Seniors?

A transfer board is an equipment that is used by an individual to transfer from one place to another. For example, it can be used to transfer from the bed to a wheelchair or from a wheelchair to a car. The boards come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The transfer boards are designed in a specific way. They are also known as sliding boards. Most people who use a wheelchair or have been prescribed a bed rest may have difficult moments getting in and out of the adjustable bed, car or wheelchair. The transfer boards can make lives easier for both them and caregivers.

However, you should use a board only when advised by your doctor because they may think using a sit to stand lift or a floor to ceiling pole is more suitable.

Benefits of Using a Transfer Board

As we mentioned above, the transfer board is a useful wheelchair to car transfer device. For people who suffer from arthritis, back injuries or paraplegics, it may be the must-have in their daily life.

You can get a lot of benefits when using the best transfer board.

  • The anti-slip transfer boards reduce the risk of falling. Falls can make the situation even worse for patients and seniors.
  • The transfer boards can make the work of caregiver easier.
  • They do not involve complex mechanisms. The typical transfer boards are non-electric and easy for caregiver or users to know how to use.
  • They are affordable. Compared to the hydraulic patient lift, it is much cheaper.
  • They are easy to store. Live in a small house? This transfer board is small and portable.


Types of Transfer Boards

The transfer boards can be classified into the following types:

  • Wooden transfer boards

The boards are made from wood. They are polished to slide easily. It is durable and sturdy but heavier than PVC transfer boards.

  • PVC transfer boards

These boards are made of plastic. They have a surface that helps to transfer the user from one point to another. It is lightweight.

  • Bariatric transfer boards

The boards are designed with quality and sturdy wood or plastic which can support individuals with heavy weights without breaking or cracking. For users with the bariatric problem, you can also look for a heavy duty wheelchair.

How to Use a Transfer Board?

If it is your first time to use this wheelchair to car transfer technique, there are some aspects to consider:

  • Ensure your upper body is strong enough for using a transfer board.
  • Ensure that the transfer board is sturdy without any defects before use.
  • Wear clothes to reduce friction with the transfer board.
  • The hands should lie flat on the board surface to ensure that the fingers are not hurt.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure maximum safety when using the board.

You can watch this video below to know exactly how to use the transfer board correctly.


What to Consider When Buying a Transfer Boards for Elderly or Wheelchair Users

The transfer process may cause injuries which could be fatal for wheelchair users and the elderly. Hence, you need to consider some factors when choosing the best transfer boards for yourself or loved ones.

Now, we will look at the factors that you should consider before purchasing a transfer board. This information will help you to make the right decision.

  • Material

The material used to make a transfer board will determine its durability or strength. Most boards are made of sturdy plastic or wood. The wooden boards are excellent due to durability and strength but the plastic sliding board is more lightweight. Choose a board with round edges, a smooth surface, and water-resistant.

  • Weight capacity

This is another essential factor that you should not forget. The weight capacity determines how safe the user will be. Ensure that the board you choose accommodates the user’s weight; this will help to prevent injuries and support the user safely. For example, healthier people may need a bariatric sliding board.

  • Budget

There are various transfer boards in the market today. You can easily get an affordable board. This is because of the competitiveness of different brands in the market. Ensure that you choose a board within your budget without compromising quality.

  • Microbial protection

The coating or finish of the transfer board you buy should be waterproof. This helps to prevent bacterial growth, which can cause infections.



Best Transfer Boards for Wheelchairs Review

The transfer boards seem similar to each other and you may get confused when searching online for the best one. The following are some of the best transfer boards that we like.

1. Beasy Board Transfer System

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Beasy Borad Transfer System is one of the best transfer boards you should not miss if you are not on a budget.

As it is long enough to accommodate transfers in places where space is enough, Beasy Board transfer system is ideal for car to wheelchair or bed to recliner transfers (They also offer the model for small spaces). The board also has been used for re-positioning in beds. (See also the best bed trapeze for bed repositioning as well.)

It includes two pieces: the round rotating seating disc that slides the board, and Beasy transfer board. The disc is secure within the track of the board. It moves in a frictionless way and rotates making it easy for you to sit and move.

The Beasy transfer board helps to transfer the user as it supports weight safely. It is lightweight but can support up to 400 lbs. By using this Beasy transfer board, the physical strain of the caregiver and user is reduced.


  • Lightweight
  • It can support up to 400lbs
  • Recommended for car transfers
  • It is smooth and easy to transfer an individual
  • The system bears the friction
  • No lifting is needed


  • The transfer board very long and cannot accommodate transfers in places where space is limited.
  • It does not come with a carry bag.
  • Relatively expensive


2. Drive Medical lifestyle Transfer board

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If you feel the one we mentioned above is too complex and only need a simple wooden transfer board, you can consider this drive medical transfer board.

It is made from Baltic birch.  It is a simple board that can help you to move in and out of a wheelchair. The board has an attractive lacquered birch to offer the required strength. It can accommodate up to 440 pounds.

Additionally, the board has rounded corners with tapered ends. It also has hand grips.  It measures 24″ by 8″ by 0.5″ with 1.98 lbs weight.


  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It can support up to 440 pounds
  • It is made from Baltic birch with a lacquered finish
  • The corners are rounded, and the ends are tapered


  • It is not resistant to splinters.



3. Vive Transfer board

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The Vive transfer board is another good wooden transfer board that will help you to transfer the patient from wheelchair to toilet, bed or commode.

It is made of high-quality wood. The board promotes independence and prevents caregivers and users from any injury. The board also has a smooth and durable finish, which allows the user to slide easily to the destination without friction.

The dual cutout handles offer a secure grip when moving across the board. The handles are rounded and sealed with a smooth finish to protect your hands. The tapered ends have rounded corners for more effortless transfer. The rounded corners also work for increasing comfort and prevent scratches on the furniture.

In addition, the board supports up to 440 pounds.



  • The board is lightweight.
  • The board makes transfers easy and safe.
  • It has dual cutout handles for better leverage.
  • The handles are rounded and sealed for safety and protection.
  • It can support up to 440 pounds.
  • Affordable


  • It is short and narrow for some users.
  • The surface is not smooth enough for some users.
  • Can cause injuries if not used well.

4. Sammons Preston Bariatric Transfer Board

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Looking for the best bariatric transfer board? This one is what you want.

This Sammons Preston Bariatric Transfer board is designed to help healthier people to deal with transfer problems.

The board has handles which make it easy to transfer and a secure grip on the board. It is 35″ long and 8″ wide, and comes with a weight capacity of 600lbs.

The transfer board is sturdy and offers a safe surface for transferring a patient. It is made from quality wood which is sealed and coated to prevent water or other liquids from damaging the board.


  • It is made from birch wood, which is durable and reliable
  • It has two hand slots for better leverage
  • Weight capacity is 600 lbs


  • A bit more expensive than other wooden transfer boards.


5. Days Curved Transfer Board for Wheelchair User

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If you are looking for a good curved transfer board, you can go for this one. The transfer board from Days is ideal for wheelchair users, the disabled, and seniors.

This transfer board features a curved shape which will help to accommodate your needs of the transfer. The board comes with the dimension of  27.625″ by 14.625″ with tapers of 10.125″ and can hold up to 336 lbs.

The best part of this product is that the ends have pads to prevents the board from sliding off the surface. You know that falling may cause a lot of severe situations.

The sliding board is made of waterproof plastic, which is resistant to shattering and splintering.


  • Can accommodate different angles of transfer easily
  • Slip-resistant pads on the ends
  • The board is non-slip and waterproof
  • It is sturdy and durable


  • It may not match the size of the chair or bed
  • Low weight capacity


6. DMI Wooden Slide Transfer Board

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DMI Wooden Slide Transfer Board is another one of the best transfer boards that can help you to transfer a patient or senior to another place.

Made from maple plywood, this wooden transfer board is an essential tool for those who have mobility problems. It also benefits caregivers a lot due to the fact that caregivers have to spend huge effort to transfer patients usually.

The board measures 30″ by 8″ by 0.75″ with a weight capacity of 440 lbs. The wood is well coated that will not cause any skin injuries.

Besides, the DMI wooden transfer board features integrated dual cutout handles which provides leverage with a secure and safe grip for the users. Have large hands? This transfer board got you covered. Also, the handles are rounded and sealed to make you feel more comfortable.


  • The board has a weight capacity of 440lbs
  • Dual cutout handles
  • It has integrated cutout handles for safer and secure transfers


  • The board may get splinters after.
  • Not slick enough to transfer a senior person who is very weak.




Transferring patients or senior people from one place to another can be difficult and dangerous if not done carefully. However, buying the best transfer board can make the process safe and easier. Transfer boards also improve independence for those who have mobility problems but still have enough upper body strength. The transfer boards reviewed above are some of the best in the market. These products feature smooth surfaces, high quality, affordable prices, and microbial protection. They are lightweight and portable. Pick the best board that matches your budget, lifestyle, needs, and taste.


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