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Best Mattresses for Seniors : Review and Buyer’s Guide

Most people aged 65 and above have many difficulties staying asleep and even falling asleep. Sleepless nights do not only cause you to feel tired the following day but may also lead to health issues.

best mattresses for seniors

Seniors often complain that they do not sleep at night because of sleep disturbances, difficulties staying asleep and also it’s tough to fall asleep. However, if you get the best mattresses for seniors will help to solve these entire problems for him or her.

Our Picks for Best Mattresses for Seniors

Purchasing a mattresses could be a hassle especially when you can’t test immediately. If you are in a hurry, you can check these 3 product directly as they are comfortable with good quality overall.

Best Overall
LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Responsive Latex...
Popular Option
Tuft & Needle -T&N Adaptive Foam Legacy Original Queen...
LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Responsive Latex...
Tuft & Needle -T&N Adaptive Foam Legacy Original Queen...
Best Overall
LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Responsive Latex...
LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress - Responsive Latex...
Popular Option
Tuft & Needle -T&N Adaptive Foam Legacy Original Queen...
Tuft & Needle -T&N Adaptive Foam Legacy Original Queen...

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Most people think that it is normal for seniors to have sleep difficulties. These best mattress for seniors helps in aligning the spine in a neutral position.

Individuals suffering from back pain, joint pain, sleep apnea, and arthritis require the best mattress for elderly to alleviate their pain so that they can sleep well. A knee pillow, sleep apnea pillow, and an adjustable bed can help to improve the sleep quality for seniors as well.

Furthermore, there are many best mattresses perfect for seniors, which are available on the market; hence it’s hard to choose the one that matches your needs. It is advisable to replace your bed after every seven years.

How will you know that your mattress needs to be replaced? You will require a new mattress if you start waking up having pains and aches when enjoying a better sleep when away from home or you always tired even after a whole night sleep.

Why Seniors can Benefit from a Good Mattress for the Elderly?

A good mattress for the elderly provides numerous benefits to enable them to rest the whole night and wake up feeling fresh. Most of the individuals will always complain of having sleepless nights due to an old mattress or an extremely thin mattress.

  • Neutralizes the Temperature

Most of the health medications cause them to have high body heat, which makes them have discomforts during the night. The best mattress for seniors is usually neither hot nor cold, which enables them to sleep like a little child.

These mattresses feature a cooling gel in the thick foam layers that traps and absorbs body heat.

  • Reduces Motion Transfer

If you are two in the bed, the movement of the other person may cause disruptions to your sleep if the mattress cannot absorb the motion.

Therefore, it is important to getting the best mattresses for seniors that prevent the transfer of the action to any other surface area of the bed.

  • Provides a comfortable Changing Position while Sleeping

Some mattresses usually sink at the perimeter which makes it difficult to change sleeping positions especially if you are experiencing back or chronic pain.

The best mattress for elderly allows him or her to roll over in the bed until they are in a comfortable position.

What to Consider When Buying Mattress for Seniors

For you to get the best mattress for seniors, there are several features to consider while selecting the mattress that suits you.

Most mattresses from different brands differ from each with a few characteristics which make it difficult to choose and purchase.

When these people aged above 65 years do not get quality sleep, they can easily fall since the mind is tired and not enough rest.

  • Confirm Payment Options

The seniors always have a tight budget, and most of them can only afford a cheap mattress for comfort. Some of the manufacturers allow you to pay for the goods in installments. Investing in a mattress is a great decision because you will get a comfortable place to alleviate chronic pain or rest after playing with your grandchildren.

  • Support

Consider an excellent value mattress that will support your weight without sinking at the perimeter. For individuals who have osteoporosis or arthritis requires a mattress which will offer firmness together with cushioning.

This helps in preventing pressure points from being created.

  • Warranty and Guarantee

Look for a company that offers days of testing and also several years of warranty. Once you have purchased the mattress, it can be delivered right to your door.

Some good companies also guarantee a refund or replacement of the mattress if it does not satisfy you.

  • The Materials Used

It is essential to concentrate on the physical and practical features used to make the best mattresses for the elderly like density and thickness because most of these materials are proprietary.

The commonly used materials are rubber, bamboo, gel, and memory foam. If you are allergic to some elements, then pay attention to it because materials containing latex have allergy risk properties.

Don’t buy a mattress which is too cheap, because it may contain harmful chemicals.

6 Best Mattresses for Seniors Review

Make the golden years of your seniors enjoyable and comfortable. Ideally, as a senior you spend most of the time resting after a walk, visiting the doctor or even playing with kids.

However, if the mattress is of poor quality, then you will spend sleepless nights listening to other people snoring. It may also take you several hours before falling asleep.

1. Memory Foam Layla Sleep Copper Infused Queen Mattress

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This queen-sized mattress is made of memory foam infused with copper to provide a cool place by cooling it.

It has variable support which is ideal for all sleeping positions. The Layla Sleep mattress features two firmness levels that are being firm on one side and soft on the other side.

Moreover, it comes with a thermogel infused cover that provides a more refreshing night sleep and perfect heat dispersion.

The gel is designed to react with the body temperature to keep is neutral; hence no sleep disruption because of being too hot which is good for seniors who take medicine frequently.

It is also designed to fit in any platform whether slatted base, box spring, solid foundation or adjustable base. Besides, it has 120 days of trial before you decide if you love the mattress.

In case you don’t like the mattress, Layla Sleep coordinates with you to ensure the mattress is picked from your home and then your full amount is refunded. But it is advisable to at least use the mattress for two weeks before concluding on its quality.


  • It has a cooling system
  • Features a thermogel to neutralize the body temperature
  • Offers 120 days of trial
  • Guarantees full money back if the product does not please you
  • Has two firmness levels


  • The soft part may not be ideal for heavyweight people

2. Twin XL LUCID 12 Inch Responsive Latex Medium Hybrid Mattress

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The LUCID mattress features high-quality steel coils which are wrapped individually to enhance air circulation. It is cheaper than Layla as well.

It also conforms to the sleeping styles and motion isolation to prevent sleep disturbance. This function is very important for couples. 

This best mattress for elderly is made of plush memory foam topped with a natural latex layer that enhances the spring and sinks feature. However, if you are allergic to latex, please stay away from it.

Furthermore, this mattress is great for individuals looking for memory foam having breathable and hypoallergenic properties of latex. Its cover is a two-tone color that appears attractive and elegant on this mattress. 

This LUCID mattress comes with a 10-year warranty; hence you can place your complaints any time within this period. You can choose other sizes as well.


  • Great edge support
  • No sleep disruption at night
  • Offers ten years warranty
  • It is of high quality and durable
  • CertiPUR certified


  • Lack of days for trial
  • Only one firmness level

3. Greenguard Gold Brentwood Home Non-toxic Memory Foam Cypress Mattress

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This mattress comes with a 3.5 inches gel created within the memory foam that conforms your body for proper alignment of the spinal and pressure relief ( You can also consider buying a coccyx cushion when you driving). What makes it one of the best mattresses for seniors is its quality features.

It is designed to eliminate motion transfer and turning along with tossing hence providing excellent night sleep. Furthermore, the mattress has a great number of customer reviews, and most of them love it.

Also, the mattress comes with a removable zipper cover that is lined with New Zealand natural wool that helps to regulate temperature and resist odor. It is also Green Gold certified and its nontoxic with low VOC.

Besides, it’s manufactured using CertiPUR foams that are free of flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde, and heavy metals.

There are no toxic flame retardants. In a word, you don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals a mattress will bring. This one is eco-friendly.

The mattress has middle firmness level,  also features 4-way stretch knit that enhances longevity and comfort.

It is perfect for stomach, back, and side sleepers and also for couples with different sleeping styles. Brentwood Home mattress is made in the USA and features twenty-five years limited warranty.


  • Has a zippered removable cover
  • The New Zealand natural wool regulates temperature and odor
  • It’s non-toxic
  • Features 25 years warranty
  • Has 4-way stretch knit that improves longevity and comfort


  • It does not have days of trial

4. Queen Tuff & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

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The Tuff & Needle provides perfect support, and it’s comfortable for all sleeping positions.

The mattress is created with freshly poured adaptive foam that enables a bouncy feel and allows the mattress to be compressed and fit into a small spaced box. This way the mattress can ship easily right to your door as a parcel.

This adaptive foam is of high quality and more advanced than the other foams like memory foam and latex used by other brands. 

This T & N foam is not too hard or too soft to offer pressure relief making you have a refreshing sleep and it also can maintain the temperature in a comfortable level.

Besides, the localized bouncy mattress reduces motion transfer; hence you will not disturb your partner while going to the bathroom.  A toilet light can prevent falls without disturbing your loved ones.

Also, the mattress has a full refund guarantee if the mattress is not up to your expectation. It also comes with 100 sleep trial nights ten years limited warranty.

However, you will have to wait for 72 hours before the odor dissipates and the mattress expands fully.


  • Offers 100 nights of sleep trial
  • Their customer support is quick and excellent
  • It provides ten years warranty
  • The strong odor does not take long to dissipate
  • Full refund guarantee
  • Does not have motion transfer


  • May not be comfortable to heavier people

5. Ultimate Classic Brands 14 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress and Bonus Pillow

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The Classic Brands uses the newest gel and memory foam technology to manufacture this mattress to provide an incredible and plusher surface for a comfortable sleep.

This refreshing gel memory foam is designed to balance your body temperature and weight. It is well constructed to form a high-density mattress that provides full support and comfort for a better night’s sleep.

Moreover, it features a beautiful design that is detailed and tailored with a stretch knit cover that comes with matching knit side panels and waterfall edge.

The high-density base foam relieves conforms and pressure points on your body offering unparallel support over the night. Additionally, the memory foam used is resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mold, and allergens.

Furthermore, the memory foam is hypoallergenic and meets the standards of CertiPUR-US program for durability, emissions and performance. It has a 10 years warranty.

Besides, this mattress is realtively cheap , therefore it is a good choice for seniors on a budget.


  • Bonus shredded pillow
  • Temperature regulation
  • Meets all the standards of CertiPUR
  • Provides support and comfortable place for sleep
  • Can be used with an adjustable base
  • No sleep disruption from other partners movement
  • Offers ten years warranty
  • Cost-effective


  • It may not be healthy for night sleepers

6. 12 Inch iPedic Sojourn Dreamfoam Bedding Gel Memory Foam Medium Comfort Mattress

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This Dreamfoam mattress is constructed using high-quality memory foam featuring improved motion isolation and pressure point relief properties.

It is made of four layers that include 1.5-inch memory foam infused with copper graphite, 2.5 inches memory foam, 2 inches transitional foam layer, and 6 inches of supportive base foam.

This mattress for elderly is very comfortable so that you can sleep all night long.

The copper graphite introduced in the memory foam assist in regulating body temperature the whole night.

Besides, the mattress is rolled into a small and compressed piece that can easily be packed and shipped to your house.  It also requires 24 hours for it to expand and remove odors.


  • High-quality memory foam
  • Enhanced motion isolation
  • Regulates body temperature
  • It’s made in the USA
  • Has ten years warranty


  • No trial days

Bottom Line

It is essential to make the golden years of the seniors more comfortable by purchasing the top best mattress for seniors. Such a cushion will help them sleep the whole night without disruption and get enough rest.

However, there are difficulties in selecting the best quality mattress because there are many products available on the market. We believe this review will help you find a mattress that fits you.

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