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What do you do when you wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder? Anyone in his or her right frame of mind will say that you must make a trip to the washroom. However, the excess light entering one’s eyes lowers the levels of a hormone named melatonin. Therefore, sleep becomes a difficult task since now the individual is wide awake. Hence, the only alternative is purchasing the best toilet light for your washroom.

An ideal toilet light will keep the illumination low enough for the barest amount of visibility. Also, it won’t make the brightness so extreme that it causes pain in the eyes and puts an end to your sleep cycle. Furthermore, as a bonus, you won’t fall. Since that would equal getting hurt and, in the worst-case scenario, causing a fracture in the hipbone.

Our Picks for Best Toilet Lights

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-01 at 03:05

A Review of the Best Toilet Lights

The variety of toilet lights in the commercial hub are innumerable. The global economy includes quite a few that are excellent. They pour forth a warm glow and function well. Yet there is also no lack of fraudulent stuff. Hence, you wouldn’t want a product that offers little value in return for your precious money. So, with that end in mind, we present to you the six best toilet lights:

1. Illumibowl Germ Defense LED Toilet Night Light

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This toilet light sticks to your toilet cover and can be used many times. Furthermore, you can take it off by hand and your toilet will not suffer from any damage. Also, the light won’t enter the toilet bowl by mistake. The special light energy it emits particularly wipes out all bacteria. Hence, it is suitable for human hands. Moreover, children and the elderly will not face any consequences from handling this light.

In addition to that, the light goes into action with precision thanks to its motion sensors. It also doubles as a safe and foolproof device for your little infant. He or she can learn toilet manners in a surefire manner. It has the brand name written on its plastic body as well. The colors available are many and it arrives with a 365-day warranty.


  • A cool and high-quality product
  • Multicolored nature is a delight
  • Acts in an immediate manner to nearby motion


  • May malfunction depending on your luck
  • Has a faulty hook

2. Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-01 at 03:05

For the most part, it happens to be an efficient system that turns on and off depending upon your presence. Also, it has a sensor for light and will not light up in broad daylight. This is a good thing since such a built-in feature particularly conserves energy. Moreover, it hooks up with any sort of toilet seat. You, the consumer, also get to choose any of a large range of colors. Furthermore, the colors will alternate on a time-dependent schedule; a few seconds per color. It also possesses a dimming facility. Therefore, this toilet light solves the problem of reaching for the electric light switch at night. In addition to that, it runs on three AAA battery cells.


  • Works fine provided it is a bought fresh from the store
  • Made of sturdy materials


  • Has some manufacturing faults
  • Won’t go on functioning for a lengthy period
  • The danger of complete breakdown is a possibility

3. KOHLER Cachet Nightlight

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-01 at 03:05

To begin with, this product possesses a two type LED lighting system. This usually allows a different light to become active when the toilet is down from when the lid is up. Furthermore, the light energy that emanates from it has a regular 420-minutes’ worth of running time.

Additionally, it runs on four AA batteries without any need of a plug-in electricity lead. In short, your toilet will light up in a brand-new way thanks to this special nightlight. Its dual light function works well. Provided it springs into action, you can kiss your worries goodbye. So, here are some extra features included along with this toilet seat.


  • Excellent clientele care on the parent company’s part
  • A fully-functional product with few flaws
  • A necessity for anyone who wants to avoid night-time hassles


  • Imperfect in its plan and not quite secure
  • Some customers find it to be not as luminous as their expectations
  • Difficult to assemble

4. Vintar Rechargeable RainBowl Motion Sensor

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-01 at 03:05

There is a detection element to this piece of technology. Depending on your body’s heat energy, the unit will switch itself into action or go dead, accordingly. Moreover, you can charge it again and again since it does not need any batteries. Thus, making it environmentally friendly. Once charged, it will last a full 60-days. Also, no liquid can penetrate it. Simultaneously, it has a full spectrum of 16 colors which can circulate in their bright delightful mode. A dimming facility also exists on board this gadget. Besides, it comes with a year-long guarantee and the clientele feedback is always welcomed in a warm manner.


  • A super cool product that functions with perfection
  • Simplicity defined and active at the pressing of a single switch
  • They will not backtrack on the 365-day guarantee
  • Generally, customers are very happy with this item


  • None except that the latex tips on the USB could prove to be irritants

5. Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light Lamp

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This wonderful gizmo has a built-in sensor that only turns it on in the presence of darkness. When there is light, it shuts down. It consists of a six-pack light set. These lights have direct plugs that fit into electric sockets. These electric sockets can be in the washroom or anywhere else in the home. The set is so energy-efficient that it saves up on electricity big time. Also, this is a good alternative to LED lights. It is a wonderful item for all sorts of residential areas. The resultant luminosity causes the greatest overall effect.


  • A marvelous night light set that sets the place aglow
  • Smart design and awesome dimmer facility
  • Could prevent accidents in the dark
  • Transforms the interior décor of your home


  • Over-reliance on the light sensor may be a problem

6. Sanborne Elongated Nightlight Toilet Seat

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The product has a light and dim glow that illuminates with surety. Also has a facility that prevents any quick shutting about the toilet seat. The four AA batteries allow it to function for up to half a year. As for the period it remains turned on and off, it is 9-hours and 15-hours. A pair of devices don’t let the seat slide anywhere since it has been created from a solid plastic material. A handy device that helps prevent any injuries to elderly people.


  • A good substitute for an older device you may have possessed
  • Worth the amount you will shell out for it


  • Some customers find it disappointing
  • Faulty clips exist on it which allow the toilet lid to fall
  • The batteries may not work in as smooth a manner

What is a Toilet Light?

A toilet light is a small source of illumination that attaches to the commode or toilet. It emits a dim glow that lends a soft luminosity to the entire bathroom. It is a great way to improve bathroom safety. It’s meant to provide enough light energy to make things visible. This light is particularly essential for those who frequently use the washroom at night such as seniors.

So, the light must be bright enough to allow objects to stand out in relief. On the other hand, it should not be so dim that nothing gets seen with clarity. Moreover, this toilet light must hit the sweet spot between blinding light and pitch darkness. Also, it must have enough battery power to last a long time which could range from a few days to several weeks. There is one more thing to consider: the light source must not emit harmful rays and it ought to imitate natural sunlight.

Why do Senior Citizens Need a Toilet Light?

Those who sleep seven hours a night often face one simple issue of frequent trips to the washroom at night. Especially, senior citizens who have diabetes. Since their body tries to get rid of the excess glucose levels in the blood and this action is carried out through the mechanism of repeated urination. Furthermore, when the individual goes to the washroom, his or her vision is a bit blurred because of a sleep hangover. So many old people choose not to turn on the original washroom light. As explained earlier, due to light exposure they would simply not be able to go back to sleep. Therefore, in such circumstances, only the best toilet light will be suitable for a senior citizen.

Additionally, there is one more issue. This is the chance of the washroom being already occupied by some other household member when the elderly gentleman or lady decides to make a trip to the washroom. A social blunder in the form of a surprise encounter could turn out to be a huge embarrassment. It would be shocking for both parties. To avoid such a scene from occurring, the best toilet light will be a blessing in disguise.

Besides, old people are especially subject to accidents and they often fall or bump against some hard object. This is due to low visibility. Moreover, since their bones aren’t as strong and sturdy as adolescents or mature adults. So, there is always the chance that they might undergo a fracture or end up bedridden for the rest of his or her life. Thus, a toilet light will help to avoid these tragedies.

Factors to Keep in Mind in the Survey for a Toilet Light

You must compare several criteria to get a good idea which is the best toilet light among many. Two of these are the amount of light and level of heat emitted by these toilet lights. The first demands that LED lights are used since they have a competitive edge in this regard. As for the second point, it is judged through a look at the Kelvin rating written on the light. It comes in three varieties:

Brightness LevelKelvin Range
Warm White2000 – 3000 Degrees
Cool White3100 – 4500 Degrees
Daylight4500 Degrees and Above

Then we come to two other kinds of toilet lights. These are those that fit very close to the toilet seat or bidet. The second sort is that which you can plug in anywhere in the washroom. The former illuminates the commode in a better manner. Yet you need to wash and polish them quite often. This is for purposes having to do with cleanliness. Old folks often have compromised immune systems. They can catch an infectious illness from these toilet bowl lights. So, the latter is a better choice in their case. That is because you don’t have to clean it quite so often.

Coming to battery power, we find that it has a huge influence on the nature of the best toilet lights. Also, its price can undergo fluctuations due to the power source alone. The LED types go on and on as far as steady energy generation concerns us. Once you try one, you will come to know that LED lights are in it for the long haul. Since they can survive countless hours. Besides, they must have a sign that shows that the battery power is running on empty. That is so you can act in the nick of time before any damage occurs.

Toilet lights are a must for the security of any human being who enters your washroom. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your near and dear ones to get injured or break a bone while using the toilet in dark or dim lighting. The number of people with gray hair who fall in the washroom go into the millions. So, such preventive measures are not a luxury but a definite necessity. Also, there are some people whose movements are bound by a wheelchair or walker. They can avail of the opportunity of buying the best toilet light for their washroom.

Some of the toilet lights employ special technology: they can detect movement. Therefore, anyone who enters the washroom can use this toilet light and it will adjust the brightness as per requirement. Moreover, the makers of these toilet lights are making the devices more sophisticated. There is already talk of the best toilet light in the market that adjusts its brightness level. It generally increases or decreases luminosity in direct proportion to the surrounding darkness. Such would be ideal for many situations. Furthermore, it is thanks to the modern-day miracles of technology.

The Bottom Line

With that, we come to the end of this guide and review for the best toilet light. Finally, after examining the half a dozen toilet lights, the best one turns out to be the Sycees Plug-In LED Night Light Lamp. No other kind will do. In comparison, none of the rest comes close to it in classic design and effortless functioning. So, buy one for a secure home where any accidents will become a thing of the past.


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