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Pure Wave Massager Review: CM7, CM5 and CM3

If you are looking to work out a specific knot or muscle group, then a percussion massager is the right tool to consider. Percussion massagers can be used on any part of your body, from sore calves to stiff shoulder muscles.

pure wave massager review

Pure wave massagers are top rated percussion massagers and a popular brand that entices people due to their effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, and value.

In this post, we will give Purve Wave massagers an in-depth review and it will help you to make a decision.

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Most Advanced
PUREWAVE by Pado CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion and...
Less Massage Sticks
PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Massager with 5...
Budget Option
Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Percussion Massage
PUREWAVE by Pado CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion and...
PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Massager with 5...
Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Percussion Massage
Most Advanced
PUREWAVE by Pado CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion and...
PUREWAVE by Pado CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion and...
Less Massage Sticks
PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Massager with 5...
PUREWAVE™ CM-05 Percussion Massager with 5...
Budget Option
Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Percussion Massage
Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Percussion Massage

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With the many bustles and hassles of life, a massage device is almost like a necessity today. A percussion massager plays a crucial role in relieving tension in our muscles and stress and providing a good after-effect and a healthy sleep.

Using the right massage helps improve your productivity for the next hours or days, regardless of the stressful life situations that you encounter. Plus, compared with the massage chair, it is much cheaper.

However, it is hard to find a truly useful massager in the market. Among these devices, Pure Wave massager CM7, CM5, and CM3 are the best percussion massagers to relieve off tension from joints and muscles.

It is a great idea to give any of these products to your family or friends, especially the one that engages in an intense workout, sports or someone with knee pain or someone who is extremely stressed after a busy day.

Apart from relieving tension and stress, Pure Ware Massagers also promotes quick muscle recovery.

Investing in any of these three therapy devices is an excellent decision due to their high performance and reliability. Pure Wave Massagers allows you to get great value for your money.

Even though CM7, CM5, and CM3 are all popular, it is still better to look at the devices and make a personal decision about whether they are suitable for you or not because three massagers slightly vary from each other.

Pure Wave Massager Review

As mentioned above, Pure Wave is one of the most popular percussion massager brands on the market today.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and portable massager, it is advisable to consider any of the three devices namely Pure Wave Massager CM3, CM5 or CM7.

Here is our in-depth pure wave massager review that will enable you to choose the right product from the three Pure Wave Massagers.

1. Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager Review

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The Pure-Wave CM7 massager is ideal for relieving muscle tension, knots, pains, aches and spasms. It is also a good tool for facial massage.

This makes it a suitable device to use in different body areas including feet, legs, neck, and back. However, its use is not only limited to the body parts mentioned as the Pure Wave Massager CM7 make people obtain both psychological and physical benefits.

Its percussion massager technique enhances circulation, relieves muscles soreness, trigger points while also making you feel relaxed.

Besides, the handheld device comes with a lightweight design, which is a feature that we cannot fail to mention in this Pure Wave massage review.

It also features a purposefully elongated handle that allows the device to reach a wide area range. Moreover, the pure wave massager is also portable as it weighs a few pounds.

Thus, you can easily put it into your bag and carry it to the gym. With the innovative slim design, the tool is ideal for use with a partner or self-use.

The compact design makes it a favorite companion wherever you travel, either a trip with friends and family or you go for a tiresome activity.

The Pure Wave Massager CM7 is available at a relatively affordable price as compared to most devices in its category.

Apart from its affordability, the CM7 Cordless Massager is a powerful and dual-mode device that can be used as a body and facial massager.

Finally, it includes a reliable speed button that helps in adjusting the intensity of percussion or facial micro-vibration.

At the handle side, the device features a powerful facial micro-vibrator motor that operates on a 10, 000 RPM, while the body percussion motor runs at 3,700-RPM maximum speed.

The Pure Wave Massager CM7 comes with 6 different attachment which can accommodate different needs of people.

• It is a dual mode device that allows for facial micro-vibrational therapy and percussion therapy.
• Features a design ideal for both personal and professional use.
• It is a robust and reliable cordless electric massager.
• Provides for intensity level adjustments to fit your requirements.
• It relieves pain and tension on the tendons and joints.
• Slim and lightweight, this makes it easy to carry on a backpack.
• It can be used with various creams and lotions

• Offers excellent value for money, but it would be better if the warranty could be extended.
• It is not an intuitive user device, thus you will be required to follow the instructions carefully.

2. Pure-Wave CM5 Cordless Extreme Percussion Massager Review

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The Pure-Wave CM5 Massager is another tremendous cordless percussion device by PADO in our Pure Wave Massager review that is purposely designed to help relieve stress after intense workouts.

Moreover, the therapy tool can also address other common problems such as sore feet, knees, thighs, shoulder and neck aches. It is also highly effective in treating sensitive joints and relieving stress on tendons.

It features a powerful percussion motor that operates on a maximum 3700 RPM, which is a more than enough power for massage. Many people might consider this tool too aggressive due to the high speed.

However, the magnitude of this rotation ensures that relieved of all tensions and knots on all your muscles.

Besides, the device comes with a well-thought design, which is one of the features that appeal to most people. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, this unit is also very useful in relieving tension and stress on any part of the body.

The unique design includes a great handle that is very easy to grasp, the speed and massage mode is easy to adjust and allows you to change massage attachment easily.

Additionally, this unit uses a 2200 mA Lithium battery that can offer up to180, 20-30 minutes massage sessions each day. The batter also charges relatively first as you can recharge the lithium battery in about one hour.

The other fantastic thing about this Pure Wave Massager is that each massager attachment plays a different role and performs a different kind of massage.

For instance, the six-head stick helps cover large areas within a short time making it ideal for your thighs and back.

It is also suitable for motion stimulation, muscle stretching, and flexibility as it specially designed to relieve stiffness and improve circulation for quick muscle recovery.

On the other hand, the point stick attachment is suited to help in relieving muscle pain and breaking up knots. This attachment target particular tension points, which ensures that you can enjoy relaxing results.

Finally, the unit features another attachment that we cannot avoid mentioning in our Pure Wave massager review is the air-cushion attachment.

This attachment provides a softer massage, which makes it perfect for those who do not like rough massages. It is suitable for individuals who want to enjoy a relaxing massage or address aching joints.

• Comes with a reliable lithium battery with an excellent recharge time
• Offers multiple massager attachments
• Powerful cordless massager
• Features an easy reach design
• Suitable for personal and professional use

• It takes time for first time user to get used to using the device.
• Can’t be used as facial massager.

3. Pure Wave CM3 Cordless Massager Review

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The Pure Wave CM3 unit comes with a great design that allows it to target specific points including neck, back, soles and hands.  It is a good choice for people who only need a basic massage therapy.

With its unique percussion massaging design, the unit can sit well on your body areas to relieve tension and stress from your body. Stress and tension can build up if they are not addressed in time and lead to adverse complication later in life.

Moreover, the Pure Wave massager can get rid of all the aches, knots and pains all over the body. The unit comes with a long handle that makes it extremely comfortable and allows you to reach most areas of your body.

Therefore, the device can even be used to massage the even you back and any other part that your hands cannot reach. This makes it ideal for sports massage as well as any other form of stress that your body may be experiencing.

The Pure wave massager comes with powerful percussion motor just like the other two devices from PADO, which allows it to operate at 3500 RPM. Additionally, this unit features two massagers all in one device, one for vibration therapy and another for percussion.

Finally, the CM3 massager is a cordless and compact unit, which makes it a perfect therapy tool for use.

However, it only has 2 massage sticks and one mode. The intensity is not adjustable ( only has high speed). Therefore, it may not suit people who expect more modes of massage.

• Comes with a reliable lithium battery that works for more than 150 minutes
• It is quite easy to use

• It only has 2 massage sticks when compared to other Pure Wave massagers.
• It only has one mode.

Pure Wave CM5 vs. CM7

As you have seen in our Pure Wave Massager review part above, the CM5 and CM have almost similar features. However, there are some critical differences between these units and some extra benefits added to CM7.

The two electric devices are cordless and powerful as stated in the deep-tissue reviews, though the intensity levels are adjustable.

Both units are the best Pure wave therapy tools by PADO for legs, hands, feet, neck, and back. The two electric massagers are also perfect for massaging tendons, muscles, and joints.

Moreover, both massage machines feature an excellent percussion technique ideal for relieving tight knots on your muscles.

Besides, both electric units feature a handheld intensity button for easier adjustment. This means that you can adjust the percussion levels to suit your requirements when relieving tendon distress, muscles pressure or joints aches.

You may find that CM7 is quite similar to CM5. However, the CM7 massager is still a clear winner among the three Pure Wave percussion devices as it includes facial massage stick, body oil stick and scalp massage stick all in one unit. Customers can use it as a facial massager, head massager or body massager at the same time.

The facial attachment in CM7 is particularly useful for those with stress, headaches or jaw pain, unlike the other devices.

In addition, Pure Wave CM7  features a unique facial vibration motor which can be used for microvibration therapy.

In conclusion, the CM7 is the outstanding one due to its dual mode capabilities that include micro-vibration and percussion therapy as well as more massage sticks.


Overall, all the three devices in our Pure Wave Massager review offer exceptional features that make them the best and the most popular therapy tools in the market. The Pure wave CM5 and CM7 massagers are almost similar, but CM7 remains the best of the three as it comes with additional benefits. Therefore, the CM5 massager can be a cheaper alternative to CM7 unit as it offers almost similar features.

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