Best Wheelchair Carrier For The Back Of A Vehicle

For someone who need to use a wheelchair, mobility scooter or other heavy duty equipment frequently, a wheelchair carrier is a necessary equipment to consider.  It is very helpful especially when you want to go for a long journey. We reviewed the best wheelchair carriers for the back of a vehicle and we are sure that you can find your favorite in this post.

Our Picks for Best Wheelchair Carrier For The Back Of A Vehicle

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What is a Wheelchair Carrier?

A wheelchair carrier is a platform that allows any disabled person to travel with their mobility vehicles such as wheelchairs and mobility scooters. These folding wheelchair carriers can be easily mounted on a hitch at the back of the car and be transported along with the disabled person. This is a must-have if you don’t have a good foldable wheelchair.

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What Type of Wheelchair Carrier for Car is Right for You?

The Wheelchair Carrier for the back of a vehicle comes in many types. Each of these types has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the best wheelchair carriers for cars are:

Bumper Mounted Carrier:

The bumper mounted wheelchair carrier is a special type of wheelchair carrier where the wheelchair is to be manually folded down and lifted to the carrier. However, lifting wheelchairs might require the assistance of an extra individual if the wheelchair is particularly heavy. For the bumper-mounted carrier, you might need to drill holes into the bumper to fix the carrier. However, it might block your car’s trunk, making it harder to access.

Hitch Mounted Carrier:

Hitch mounted wheelchair carriers are an affordable option for many users. They can be simply mounted on the back of a car using a hitch. They usually have a ramp that helps in loading and unloading the wheelchair. They give you full access to your trunk as well. Some are automatically and some are manually lifted.

Electric Wheelchair Carrier:

The car’s electric motor or a battery operates these wheelchairs. They are usually operated with a switch or remote control. They are easier to use, as they do not require you to manually push the wheelchair onto the carrier. These are better for disabled people as they require minimal effort. However, they can be expensive and require the car to be turned on to operate!

Manual Wheelchair Carrier:

A manual wheelchair carrier is popular as it is more affordable than the electric wheelchair carriers are. These do not use power and so you can still use them when the car is turned off. You need to push the wheelchair up the ramp manually to carry it. However, this requires more effort on your part and heavier wheelchairs might require two persons to lift up.

So, when choosing the right Wheelchair Carrier for the back of a vehicle, you need to consider the size of the wheelchair as well. If your wheelchair is relatively smaller then bumper mounted carrier will suffice. However, if it weighs up to 300 lbs. or more, then a hitch-mounted carrier will probably be better. Further, a manual wheelchair carrier will suffice for most situations. However, if the wheelchair is too heavy then, you should use an electric one.

What to Consider When Buying a Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle?

When buying a Wheelchair carrier for the back of a vehicle, you need to consider a lot of features to choose from. These features are:

Type of Carrier:

First and foremost you need to consider what type of wheelchair carrier you might need. If you are looking for minimal effort then perhaps an electric carrier will suit you best. However, the manual one beats it by being more affordable. We recommend going for the manual hitch mounted carriers for a car as they are affordable and functional.

Weight capacity:

Next, you need to consider how much weight your carrier can carry. First, consider the weight of your wheelchair and then see if your carrier is sufficed to handle that. Most hitch mounted carriers can handle weights of up to 500 lbs. However, bumper mounted carriers can only handle up to 200 lbs. SO ensure, the carrier you buy can easily bear the weight of your wheelchair.


The next thing to consider is the weight of the carrier itself. If the carrier is too heavy you might have trouble mounting or dismounting it. Furthermore, if your car is too small compared to a heavyweight carrier, it might not drive as fast. So ensure your carrier has a weight of around 60-70 lbs.

Vehicle Type:

The next factor to consider is the type of vehicle you have. You should also consider the type of hitch that is on the back of the vehicle. Most carriers require a 2-inch class II or IV hitch. Anything smaller than this and the hitch might not be able to bear the weight of the carrier. Always use the recommended hitch class with your carrier.

Safety Features:

Next, look for any safety features offered by the carrier. Most carriers are equipped with an anti-wobble device that prevents their wheelchairs from wobbling and toppling over. Other features include safety rails on the side and locking bars to help secure the wheelchair.


When it is mounted on the back, there are chances it might become damaged. So, it is better to choose a carrier that is durable. Most are made from a very sturdy steel, which provides ample durability. A warranty is an added bonus!


The last feature to consider is the ramp. Ensure it is foldable and allows for easy storage. Most ramps can fold out vertically as well as horizontally. You may also want to know portable wheelchair ramps for stairs .

Best Wheelchair Carrier for the Back of a Vehicle

1.TMS® Folding Strong Electric Wheelchair Hitch Carrier Review

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When it comes to the best electric wheelchair carrier lift, it cannot get better than the TM Folding Electric Wheelchair! This folding wheelchair carrier is specifically designed to support your wheelchair at the back of your car, being compatible with class III and IV hitches. It features an integrated ramp that can be folded out into a variety of 3 positions.

Out of these, the first allows the ramp to be folded flat to the surface while the second allows it to stand up straight and the third allow it to be fully folded out.

Each of these positions helps to either carry the mobility device or to store the carrier itself. Also included is an ergonomic handle that allows the ramp to be easily folded and unfolded. The weight of the ramp is about 71 lbs. while the weight capacity of the ramp is about 400 lbs. This large weight can be easily supported through the heavy duty steel construction.

The electric wheelchair carrier lift is coated with a black powder for an elusive finish. It expands out to a length of 42 inches and includes an anti-wobble device. It is specifically designed to carry wheelchairs, scooters, and even lawn movers or other machines. Its lightweight, easy to assemble construction ensures it is the best folding wheelchair carrier for car.


  1. Weight capacity up to 400 lbs.
  2. Includes a 3-inch safety rail.
  3. Heavy duty durable steel construction.
  4. The ramp can be easily folded out into three different positions.
  5. Easy to hitch up.
  6. Includes an anti-wobble device.
  7. Easy storage and portability.


  1. Requires assembly

2.Titan Ramps Wheelchair Scooter (Hitch Mounted) Mobility Carrier Review

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The Titan Ramps is a hitch mounted wheelchair carrier specifically designed to be used with electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, 3 wheel bikes and all other mobility devices. It can be easily hitched at the back or front of your car. It can be used with 2 inches class III or IV trailer hitches.

The total weight of the carrier is about 86 lbs, however, it can support a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. This is enough for the heaviest wheelchairs or mobility scooter. It includes a ramp as well that can be used with most mobility vehicles.

The size of this hitch-mounted scooter carrier is about 46.5 x 28 inches. It is made from a durable steel material that allows it to work efficiently for years on end without any defects. The tray depth is about 4.35 inches.

The carrier can be easily folded up for efficient storage. Spring pull pins are included as well to secure the ramp for easier and effortless transport. The Titan Manual Wheelchair carrier should be your go-to choice if you desire durability and strength.


  1. Weight capacity up to 500 lbs.
  2. Durable steel construction.
  3. Easier storage.
  4. The ramp can be folded out easily.


  1. Too bulky and too heavy.
  2. Harder to assemble.

3.Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier with Tilting Platform Review

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Safety and security are the main attributes of the best wheelchair carrier for the car. Perhaps, none can match the safety and security provided by the Silver Spring Manual Wheelchair Carrier. The bumper mounted wheelchair carrier can be easily hitched on an existing vehicle hitch ball mount. However, this means that it cannot be mounted at the front of the vehicle.

It can only carry a single folded wheelchair at a time. The tilted platform steals the spotlight. It can be easily tilted to help you load and unload your wheelchair or scooter. Alos featured is a height adjustable stability arm that secures your devices in place.  No more looking back to ensure your wheelchair does not go flying off!

Further, it can be folded upright which lend to easier storage and portability. The heavy-duty steel construction is durable and sturdy and weighs only about 33 lbs. However, it can easily support up to 100 lbs. Thi is sufficient to carry your heaviest foldable wheelchairs.

It is essentially a folder wheelchair carrier for car since it cannot sufficiently support other heavier mobility vehicles such as a scooter. Its cons aside, it can still securely and safely carry your wheelchair!


  1. Tilted platform for easier loading and unloading.
  2. Easy to assemble.
  3. Durable and sturdy construction.
  4. Secures your wheelchair properly.


  1. Can only hold one foldable wheelchair.
  2. Weight capacity not sufficient for other heavier mobility vehicles.

4.Silver Spring Mobility Hitch Carrier Rack – SC500-V3 Review

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Another hitch mounted scooter carrier and wheelchair carrier from Silver Spring, this carrier rack is perfect for those who want an easier carrying solution for their mobility vehicles. It easily hitches onto a 2 inch Class 3 or 4 trailer hitch. Nothing below that will be able to support the rack sufficiently.

A loading ramp is included with spring pull pins, which help to lock the ramp in a position ensuring a safe and secure position. The loading ramp is integrated onto the rack and has a size of about 59 x 27.5 inches. The ramp can be easily folded into three positions that make storage and the whole loading/ unloading process a breeze.

The total platform size is about 46.5 x 28 inches and includes 4.25 inches high side rails. These prevent the mobility of vehicles from wobbling or turning over. Also included in the manual wheelchair carrier is a swing away accessory that provides you with accessibility to the hood or trunk of your car.

The black powder coated steel mesh surface is durable and longlasting and supported with 1-inch square tubes from underneath. These ensure the surface won’t bend due to excessive weight. Speaking of which, the hitch mounted wheelchair carrier has a weight capacity of about 500 lbs while it weighs merely 96 pounds.


  1. Weight Capacity of 500 lbs.
  2. Easy portability and storage.
  3. Swing away accessory provides accessibility to the trunk.
  4. Durable steel mesh construction.
  5. The ramp can be folded out to 3 positions.
  6. Lots of tie down points.


  1. Very bulky and heavy to use.
  2. Difficult to hitch up.

5.ALEKO MC400 Carrier Rack with Foldable Ramp Review

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The Aleko Carrier Ramp is perhaps the best wheelchair carrier for car due to its strong and sturdy design. You can easily rely on this carrier rack to help you carry all your mobility vehicles safely and securely. Furthermore, it is an affordable and simple solution for transporting your wheelchairs or scooters and even other machines such as leaf blowers and so on.

Also included is a foldable ramp that helps in loading and unloading the mobility vehicles. The ramp can also be folded up for easier storage. The loading ramp has the dimensions 60 x 27.5 inches. This is enough to load the heaviest of wheelchairs.

The folding wheelchair carrier includes an anti-tilt locking device that ensures your vehicles do not wobble or fall off. It can be hitched onto a 2-inch class III or IV trailer hitches which ensure the rack remains secure.

The main highlight is the 4-inch side rails that help in securing your wheelchair. The hitch mounted scooter carrier features 11 different ties down points to ensure the safety of the wheelchair. It weighs about 67.8 lbs., however, the weight capacity is still a decent 400 lbs. It is the perfect manual wheelchair carrier for car for all those looking for a safe and secure outlet for transporting their much-needed mobility vehicles.


  1. Weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  2. Easy to store and transport.
  3. Includes anti-tilt locks and 11 tie points for added security.
  4. Foldable ramp for easier loading and unloading.
  5. Durable steel construction.


  1. The paint job is not durable.
  2. The mesh tends to be slippery.

6.HTI Hitch Carrier with anti-wobble Ramp review

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When talking about the best bumper mounted wheelchair carrier, how can one miss out on the HTI Hitch Carrier. Its durability and reliability have landed it into our top section. You might wonder what makes it so popular? Well, the versatility of use is one factor. It can be used to not only carry mobility vehicles such as a power scooter or wheelchair, it can transport other machines such as pressure washers, lawn mowers, generators etcetera.

Included with the manual wheelchair carrier for car is a ramp which makes loading and unloading the devices easier. The ramp can be easily folded up against the vehicle to save space. It can be further folded up to secure the mobility vehicle in its position. The ramp is about 42 inches long and is secured through spring pins.

Also included is an anti-wobble clamp that reduces swaying and ensures your wheelchairs or other vehicles stay safe and secure in their position. The HTI is perhaps the best manual wheelchair carrier for car and is perfect for 2-inch class III or IV  receiver hitch.

The durable steel mesh carrier comes partially assembled and requires assembly by at least 2 people. The maximum weight capacity of the hitch mounted scooter carrier is about 500 lbs. while the rack, itself, weighs 72 lbs. This folding wheelchair carrier for car will serve you for a long time!


  1. Wight Capacity of 500 lbs.
  2. Easy to store and transport.
  3. Durable steel construction.
  4. Includes anti-wobble clamp for added security.
  5. The ramp can be folded into any position.


  1. Needs to be assembled.
  2. The ramp is too steep angled for easy loading.

Bottom Line:

So, when it comes to the best wheelchair carrier for the back of a vehicle, our top 6 picks will suffice all your transporting needs. However, if we had to pick one as the winner, we would undoubtedly choose the as the best wheelchair carrier for car. This electric wheelchair carrier lift is perfect for those individuals who cannot lift their chairs themselves. Its weight capacity and heavy-duty steel construction ensure reliable performance throughout the years. Don’t believe us? Check it out yourself!


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