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Best Step Stools for Elderly

There are a lot of spaces in the house that are hard to reach, especially when moving and working becomes harder with age.

step stool for elderly

For elderly people that want to stay independent, without having to rely on the assistance of any other people to undertake everyday tasks, getting the best step stool for elderly people could be a great investment.

So, we compiled a list of products ranging from plastic stools to other types with inbuilt handrails to help you find the best step stool for elderly people:

Best Overall
DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber...
Best Bariatric Step Stool
Drive Medical 13062-1SV Bariatric Heavy Duty Step Stool...
Best Step Stool Without Handrail
Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool 350lbs Heavy-Duty Welded...
DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber...
Drive Medical 13062-1SV Bariatric Heavy Duty Step Stool...
Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool 350lbs Heavy-Duty Welded...
Best Overall
DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber...
DMI Step Stool with Handle and Non Skid Rubber...
Best Bariatric Step Stool
Drive Medical 13062-1SV Bariatric Heavy Duty Step Stool...
Drive Medical 13062-1SV Bariatric Heavy Duty Step Stool...
Best Step Stool Without Handrail
Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool 350lbs Heavy-Duty Welded...
Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool 350lbs Heavy-Duty Welded...

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What is the step stool?

Step stools are stepping tools that come with or without handles, a bigger surface area, and also slip-resistant feet to provide support while seniors want to climb on and out of their bed or tub. These stools can be versatile, affordable, and can be placed in any room.

Why senior need a step stool?

As we age, our movement, stability, and posture start becoming weaker. It is therefore essential to get the right step stool for elderly people that need extra help around the house.

These stools are the ideal way to get hard-to-reach items or get in and out of your shower or bed.

Best Step Stool for Elderly And seniors: Reviews

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a step stool for elderly people, we can get into our picks for the top 6 “best step stool for elderly” reviews:

1. Duro-Med DMI Step Stool – Best Overall Step Stool For Seniors

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If you want a step stool with handles for elderly people, then you can’t find a better pick than the Duro-Med DMI step stool. This stool is a typical design with steelmaking, that comes with a handle as well as rubber grips.

These features make it safer and a great sturdy option for seniors. The handle on its own also comes with a rubber grip to avoid any slipping, which is important because this means you will have to pull yourself up just by using the handrail.

The stool’s rubber platform and grips are great since they prevent the chance of slipping once you step down off of it, making sure seniors get added protection from any falls.

One of the main problems people found with the stool was the manual and assembly. The whole process is slightly inconvenient because of the inadequate hardware.

That said, the overall design and safety factor all but make up for this one downside, so you still end up with a much better step stool than most out there.


  • Durable
  • Anti-slip rubber
  • High weight load
  • Light and portable
  • Comes with handles


  • Chance of tipping over
  • Can be heavy for people with disabilities

2. Drive Medical Bariatric Footstool – Best Bariatric Step Stool

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Drive Medical is one of the most popular medical supply companies out there. The brand caters to the health and home requirements of elderly people in general with each product design and feature. This is no different for the Drive Medical Bariatric Footstool.

This is a great bathtub step stool for elderly people that can also be used to get in and out of your bed or car. In addition, it has the ideal height for folks to reach cabinets and shelves without having to worry about slips and falls.

The rubber padding of the step stool prevents slips, while the handles are durable and do not feel weak once you place any weight on it.

All of the parts of this stool come with welds, so you don’t have to take part in any installation, assembly, or complicated procedures involving bolts or screws.

The step stool weighs around 13 pounds. This makes it convenient to move around wherever you need it.

The main problem with the design is the height of the handles, which means you’ll need to pull yourself up by holding on to the rail without any weight on the step. This will result in the stool tipping over since you do not weigh down the actual stool.

Besides this design flaw, you can be assured that Drive Medical’s Bariatric Footstool has the ideal construction to make sure you don’t have to worry about falls or trips while making it much easier for you to carry out your activities independently.


  • Long-lasting
  • Prevents slips
  • No need for assembly
  • Package has a handrail


  • Can have problems with stool tripping over
  • Can be heavier for some people

3. Vaunn Medical Step Stool – Best Step Stool Without Handrail

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Another great step stool for elderly people is the Vaunn Medical Step Stool. This footstool has a great weight load limit of 300 pounds, which accommodates the average senior person.

It has a three-layered chrome plating along with its platform which makes the stool more long-lasting and resistant to rust as well. The layer makes it much more effective compared to regular plastic or steel stools.

The step stoop has broad legs to provide greater stability. These are also fixed with rubber studs which give it greater traction so that it can be placed on any ground surface.

What’s even better is that the stool has multiple functions because of its versatile design. So, whether it’s for at-home use, or you need to take it along with you for some travels or medical visits, it’s a perfect choice.

One of the most attractive aspects of the stool is the lifetime warranty. The stool is designed to last for a lifetime without problems of wear and tear, through a high-quality guarantee.

So, once you get this amazing product, you know you’ve got a stool that’ll last.


  • Resistant to rust
  • Wider leg space for stability
  • Heavy-duty design


  • Rubber tips aren’t tight and sometimes come off

4. Easy Comforts Bath Safety Step

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If you’re looking for an affordable bathtub step stool for elderly people, look no further than the Easy Comforts Bath Safety Step. This stool is the best gift you can get for your senior relative for when they need to have a shower without worrying about falling.

The stool is designed to not only accommodate regular adults and elderly but has a strong and stable design that can work for other people with neurogenic or muscular disabilities that make them more likely to have trips and falls.

The one concern for this product is that it is not designed to withstand the total weight of a person, so you have to be careful when stepping on it or you could find yourself tripping over.

However, the stool is perfect for balance and greater confidence when you need it. Plus, the step size is ideal for getting in or out of the shower. You will still have to dry it off following each use, otherwise, rust can be a big problem. The stool is not as high as other models you may find, but it’s still tall enough to accommodate regular use.

The best part is that the design is great for regular home interiors and versatile enough to go with most another home décor as well.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal height
  • Supportive for disabled people


  • Can slip

5. Evelots Mobility Half Step

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You no longer have to worry about heights or falls with the ideal step stool with handles for elderly. The Evelots Mobility Half Step comes with 12 drainage holes that make it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

Rain or water spills won’t be an issue since there won’t be any residual water left behind.

The stool also features six anti-slip legs that provide more strength and grip than other regular step tools. The design makes use of polypropylene plastic which makes it both lightweight and durable at the same time.

What’s even better is that the plastic is strong enough to withstand a whopping 400 pounds of weight. Moreover, you can carry the stool wherever you need it for better portability.

The one thing buyers can depend on is the step stool’s reliability. Evelots has managed to provide various products for years with a convenient return policy for 30 days, along with a complete satisfaction guarantee. So, if you decide to get this stool, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Six anti-slip legs
  • Plastic design is durable
  • Large weight capacity


  • No designed for heavy-duty use

6. Jobar International Bath Step

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If you want to get a traditional bathtub step stool for elderly people, this is definitely the ideal choice. It is great for any senior person that wants to comfortable take a shower and get in and out of the tub with no chance of slipping or falling.

What’s great is that the stool comes with a safety handrail that can be locked to give some extra balance and support.

Furthermore, it comes with a textured platform for better grip on the step, which further improves the safety and sturdiness of the whole stool.

Along with its rubber-covered feet, you’ve basically reduced the chances of slips and falls to a minimum, especially when taking a shower where there are more water spills involved.

The step stool makes use of a top-quality and durable metal construction using stylish steel that can match any kitchen or bathroom interior.

The steel design is just strong enough to support a huge weight capacity of 500 pounds but light enough to carry around wherever it is needed. So, for smart stool option that works for shower time, you shouldn’t miss out on this bath step.


  • Top-quality steel construction
  • Durable
  • Has a weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can rust after prolonged use

7. Vive Step Stool

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If you need a simple step stool with handles for elderly people, this traditional stool style from Vive is a great option. It makes use of a steel frame that has rubber footing so that slipping is a non-issue for any user and household.

The feet also leave no skid marks due to its light rubber covering and minimal slippage.

The broad space between the feet makes the stool ideal if you need to stand for a longer period of time. The step is around nine inches above the ground, so it’s suitable for regular household activities.

The one negative is that the stool can’t be folded up, so you’ll have to make adequate room for it in the house, which can make it a tripping hazard.

People still enjoy it since the stool doesn’t require a lot of effort in opening or closing it by bending down.

The design is also approved for medical use, so if you or anyone you know has some physical disabilities, the step stool is designed to accommodate those issues. So, for people with specific needs, or those who just want to get work done at home without worrying about falling, this stool is ideal.


  • medically approved for specific disabilities
  • simple design
  • durable steel frame
  • anti-slip


  • no folding
  • feet protrude out from the step which can be a trip hazard

How to choose the right step stool for elderly

If you don’t know which step stool for elderly people suits you, don’t worry. You just have to take some things into consideration before making your decision. These important features can include:


Some elderly people aren’t able to handle getting down to open a stool, so finding one that stays stationary is essential. It has to have a broader base and should come with a handle for convenient transportation.

Moreover, keep an eye out for a stool made using durable material that has anti-slip treads on its feet and steps for better stability.

You should consider the area where the step stool will be kept because it stays out throughout the day and pays close attention to the weight loads in the same way you would for adults.


Step stools generally can be found in typical one-, two-, or three-step designs. One-step models will be ideal for general height elevations like if you’re getting stuff down from the kitchen or bathroom cabinets or cleaning the top of different shelves and fridges.

They keep a low profile, which makes it easy to keep them out all the time, which also means they go well with normal house interiors.


Step stools that can be folded are great if you haven’t got a lot of space to leave the stool out permanently. The stools can fold completely which allows you to hang them against a wall away from other people’s view, or behind a back door for quick and easy access.

The one disadvantage of foldable stools is that it’s hard to bring them back out and then place them back up. If you’re someone that tends to leave their stools out regardless of space, you might want to consider a dedicated step stool instead of a foldable one.

Want to save more space? Pop-up trundle beds will be your ideal choice.


You can find heavy-duty or light stools according to preference. Some of the lighter types available are usually made of molded plastic.

These stools are durable enough that they last a good number of years for typical weight loads. However, they eventually wear out faster than other steel and aluminum types.

So long as you don’t care about long-term longevity, a simple plastic stool can do the trick.

Bottom Line

If you’re an elderly individual, or you know somebody who has problems due to their age, it’s time to stop using a chair to get work done. You need to be safe while reaching for things that won’t have risks of falling or be more inconvenient.

If you figure out your requirements, you should be able to find the ideal step stool for yourself. That said, our top pick for the best step stool for elderly people is the Duro-Med DMI Step Stool!

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This stool stands out due to its better rust-resistant anti-slip design compared to most of the other models on the list. The stool also manages to provide a stronger weight capacity than other stools out on the market, and is able to provide its amazing features at an affordable price!

So, if you want any of these products, simply follow the Amazon links provided to get your safety stool.

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