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People may feel embarrassing while talking about the bedpans. However, it is a good alternative to a traditional toilet, especially for bedridden patients. In this post, we will guide you on how to choose the best bed pans for yourself or loved ones.

Our Picks for Best Bed Pans

If you want find a bedpan that can last for years, we recommend you to choose the stainless one in the table. If you are a traveler, the portable design may fit you better.

Best Overall
YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan Heavy Duty Smooth...
High Quality Option
Stainless Steel Bed Pans
Lightweight & Portable Option
KIKIGOAL Bigger Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue...
YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan Heavy Duty Smooth...
Stainless Steel Bed Pans
KIKIGOAL Bigger Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue...
Best Overall
YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan Heavy Duty Smooth...
YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan Heavy Duty Smooth...
High Quality Option
Stainless Steel Bed Pans
Stainless Steel Bed Pans
Lightweight & Portable Option
KIKIGOAL Bigger Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue...
KIKIGOAL Bigger Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue...

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Why You Need a Bedpan?

A bed pan is an object for holding feces or urine. Seniors and patients who have mobility issues or suffer from bowel and fecal incontinence may need it.

The big advantage of using this item is reducing the frequency to shuttle from bed to bathroom. You can also use it on a wheelchair or a recliner for eldelry.

As you know, seniors tend to fall easily and severe falls can lead to death. The patients who just have a hip replacement surgery can not move much. The bedpan helps patients to use the bathroom without moving from here to there.

Besides, it also makes the lives of caregivers easier due to the fact that lift a patient from the bed and take them to the bathroom is really a hard task even though they can use a sit to stand lift to help with that.

This is a solution for patients who are hard to use a bedside commode or go to the bathroom. You can check the video below to learn how to use a bedpan correctly.

What to Consider when Buying a Bed Pan

As a product that will be used in daily life, there are a few things should be taken into account.

  • Weight Capacity

You will put a lot of weight on the bed pan when using it. Therefore, it is important to check the weight capacity. Some of the bedpans are designed for bariatrics while others may only withstand a small weight.

Make sure to buy a one that can last for a long time. If the bed pan cracks, it may hurt the skin of patients. Bedridden patients are easy to get ulcers or sores and their skin is more fragile. This is also why they often use an alternating pressure mattress.

  • Size

The dimensions of a bedpan are another thing you should pay attention to. For example, if the depth of it is not long enough, it is going to leak or spoil. It would cause a lot of embarrassment.

  • Material

Most of the bedpans are made with plastic nowadays. It is lightweight and often comes with a lower price tag. You can also purchase a stainless steel one. That would be more durable and a bit easier to clean. However, it may cost more.

  • Comfort

Many good bedpans come with ergonomic design. Seniors and patients who use it daily need a comfortable one.

You should avoid buying one that contains a sharp edge or stick surface. It also should accommodate the shape of the body so that the user will not feel awkward or painful.

Best Bed Pans Review

Now, let’s get into the best bedpans in the market. Those products look very similar actually, we carefully compared them and hope those products will meet your needs.

1. YUMSUM Firm Thick Stable PP Bedpan

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This is one of the best bed pans in the market. It comes with a medium-size so that most of the average size people can use it. Made with PP, it is a sturdy one and can hold up to 220 lbs.

Patients will not worry about the product cracking under the body anymore.  This is for use both at home and in the hospital.

In addition, it features a smooth edge design which ensures that users will feel comfortable when put it under the body.

It is quite deep to prevent splitting. You can also use a liner with it together if you don’t want to clean the bedpan by yourself. Anyway, you can clean it by the household cleaner.

This bedpan comes at a low price.  You should avoid drop it on the hard surface cause it may fall apart.


  • Low price.
  • Made with sturdy PP.
  • Smooth edge.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not for the big man.
  • Made of 2-pieces which is easier to fall apart when dropping it on the floor.

2. Conva Tech Stainless Steel Bed Pans

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This stainless steel one from Conva Tech is another one of the best bed pans in the market now. It is a good choice for people who are looking for a long-lasting product.

Made with stainless steel, this is product is more durable than other plastic ones.  It also helps to reduce odors which will improve self-esteem of the patients. The strong material ensures it holds up to 350 lbs. This makes it a good choice for bariatric individuals.

As a stainless steel product, it is rust-resistant and very easy to clean. However, you may feel cold especially when winter comes.

Besides, it is a bit higher than other bedpans which may cause back pain for some users.


  • Built to last
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comfortable to use
  • Rust-resistant
  • Can hold up to 350 lbs


  • The edge is a bit sharp
  • High price
  • Feel cold when using it winter
  • For some users, they may feel a bit high to get onto it

3. Healthstar Pontoon Bedpan

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If you are on a budget, this bedpan from Healthstar will not let you down. This product has a lovely rose pink color and the price is very low.

It is made with high-quality polypropylene plastic but we advise you not use it if you are healthier than average. The size is medium but it can store 2-quarts which is larger than a normal one. This is good because caregivers will not need to change it frequently.

The best part is that it contains a handgrip which is useful for caregivers to take it in and out of the bed with a breeze.  It will not split out when using it at night.


  • Cheap
  • Handgrip included
  • Can store 2-quarts urinal
  • Beautiful color


  • Not for heavier people

4. Duro-Med Duty Contoured Bariatric Bedpan

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For people with obesity, this bedpan from Duro-Med is one of the best choices.

The plastic used to make this product is thick and durable. It not only can hold up even to 400 lbs but it prevents odor to spread out. It is a bit expensive than others, but it can last for a longer time. Therefore, you save more money in the long term.

The quality is as good as you see in the hospital and the back edge is smooth. Most users feel comfortable when using it and no leak will happen.

This high-quality bed pan is easy to clean as well. It is autoclavable and you can use the water under 275 275 degrees Fahrenheit to sterilized it.

With this bedpan, you will keep privacy and feel much relief when in bed or sit on a chair.


  • Very durable
  • Contoured edges provide more comfort
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit higher price
  • The front edge is a bit sharp

5.Medpro Fracture Bed Pan

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The design of this Bedpan from Medpro is different from the previous models. It is made of plastic and lightweight.

This product features a guard at the end and comes with a tapered shape. Both aim to prevent spills and make placement easier. Even better, it includes a handle to help caregivers take it in and out. This product makes the job much easier.

Most of the users like the comfort it brings. It comes with a small size which is a better choice for small to average individuals. Also, it is a cost-effective option.


  • Cost-effective
  • The design makes it easy to place and remove
  • Comfortable
  • Hard to spill


  • Flimsy and small for heavier individuals

6. KIKIGOAL Bigger Washable Portable Air Inflation Blue Bed Pan

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This bed pan from KIKIGOAL is portable and inflatable. It comes with a hand pump so that you can use it anywhere you want. For individuals who have incontinence problems, this a must-have for traveling.

Users can carry it in the pocket. In addition, there are no issues if you want to use it at home.

One thing that sets this model apart is that it is very soft. Seniors who stay in bed for a long time tend to suffer from skin problems and any touch of the hard surface may cause pain.

For individuals who hate the edge of the plastic or stainless steel ones, this is a godsend. Besides, one thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t over inflate it.

However, the size is small and the depth seems not enough for big men. Compared with regular bed pan, it is relatively harder to clean.


  • Portable
  • Soft and comfortable because there are no hard edges
  • Low price
  • A hand pump included


  • A bit hard to clean
  • Small size

In this post, we discussed how to choose a bed pan and reviewed the best bed pans in the market. When buying one, you should make sure it is comfortable and made with safe and durable material.

You should also consider the workload of caregivers. As most of them are cheap, therefore, you can always get a new one if the user feels uncomfortable.

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