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Best Sit to Stand Patients Lifts to Buy

sit to stand lift

If you are looking for a standing and raising aids for yourself or your grandparents or someone who has difficulty standing on his own. This article will guide you about the best sit to stand lifts that you can buy for those with partial mobility.

Our Picks for Best Sit to Stand Lifts

What is sit to stand lift?

A sit to stand patient lift differ a lot from the usual floor power manual lifts (such as hydraulic patient lift). A sit to stand lift is specially designed medically to help those patients with reduced mobility when transferring between sitting and standing positions. This standing and elevating aid is a lift that designed to support the patient’s upper body only and then requires that the patient be able to carry a certain weight.

A sit to stand lift usually made of a frame of metal, a supporting padding and strap system which reduce the falling risk of patients at increased risk significantly.

A few straps attach to the lifting arm that pulls the patient to a standing position when the lift is lifted. A sit to stand lift also consists of a wide padded belt that wraps around the patient’s chest. The patients place their both feet on the platform and put their knees on a supporting knee block pad which prevents bending the knees when lifted.


Benefits of sit to stand lift for elderly and handicapped?

A sit to stand lift is an important requirement for many patients including elderly and handicapped, as the most percentage of injuries in elderly patients are due to falling. Patients gain physical benefits from maintaining their mobility with sit to stand patient lift. In addition to the physical benefits, many patients also benefit from the psychological advantages as they are able to stand for shorter time throughout the day which improves social development and their self- esteem.

These lifts can be used by people with muscle weakness, leg injuries and reduced motor function of legs of elderly patients. These sit to stand lifts helps to improve the balance and strength of the patient’s upper body. It also helps in reducing the pressure sores by changing the positions (you can also use a pressure relief cushion). A sit to stand lift will enhance the movement of the spine, back, hips, ankles, and knees for elderly and handicapped people.

People who cannot stand by themselves can use a sit to stand patient lift to avoid secondary problems which are often caused by the use of a wheelchair for a prolonged time.

Besides, these standing lifts also benefit a lot to the caregiver for helping patients with safe transfer and moving from the bed, portable commode or other sitting positions comfortably. The caregivers do not need to lift the patients to a completely flat position to be transferred to another place.


How to choose a sit to stand patient lift

Sit to stand lifts are a must for many patients to have a comfortable and safe way to get up to their feet but there are some things and features to consider when buying it. All these things must be considered before selecting a sit to stand lift.

  • Manual and powered sit to stand lifts

A manual sit to stand lift offers less help in the process of helping a patient stand or sit down and requires more help of a caregiver. They are less expensive and used by patients who are able to stand up without help.

An electric sit to stand lift uses a battery system or wall outlet power to provide motorized aid to the patient while moving between the standing and sitting positions. They are expensive and controlled by a manual remote control with up and down buttons. Electric sit to stand lift is used by people who do not have the ability to stand but can bear weight to some extent on at least one leg.

  • Weight capacity

Weight capacity is an essential factor in the selection of a suitable sit to stand lift device. Every standing patient lift has its own specific weight capacity. Most of the lifts have a weight capacity between 250 to 400 pounds. Certain sit to stand lifts are designed to support higher weights that are perfect for heavy patients.  (See also heavy duty wheelchair )

  • Additional standing aid

Every sit to stand lift offers a variety of equipment to help the caregiver and patient during the standing or sitting process which includes padded special hand grips, ankles/ knees support straps and lifting harnesses. If you or your dear ones need extra support to stand up, these things are definitely worth considering when choosing a stand up lift for buying.

  • Sit to stand lift weight

Heavy standing lifts can be a challenge for the caregivers to move from place to another. So if you intend to buy a lift for home usage then consider a lightweight standing lift which allows the patients personal ability to move the weight.

  • Some additional features

Some Sit to stand lifts offer additional features to their customers that may vary from one product to another such as portability and easy recharging of the battery, a hand-held remote with a control push button, special rubber foot gripping and locking system.  You should look for the device offering maximum features for better support and care.

Best sit to stand lift reviews

To keep up the mobility, choosing the right sit to stand lift for a patient is very essential. This article will highlight the best sit to stand lifts available in the market.

1. Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift

This is a perfect product by Invacare for the daily handling and fast toileting of patients who can bear some of their own weight. It has an overall height of 36 to 65 inches with a base length of 40.5 inches and under-bed clearance of 4.5 inches allows access to nearly all home beds.

The Get-U-Up lift comes with a variety of features like a side rotating hydraulic pump handle, adjustable padded support for legs at every height, low-friction rolling casters and a non-skid footplate that is retractable. It has a weight of 88 pounds while can bear weight up to 350 pounds. The lift is also designed to be compatible with various types of slings. This Invacare Stand-Up Lift offers an excellent access for the removal of patient’s clothes, over a toilet seat positioning and a large push handle for easy movement which does not require any electrical power.


  • Hydraulic lifting system
  • Easy to use
  • Offers many additional features
  • Protects against the unintentional detachment
  • 3 year and 1 year limited warranty on the lift and hydraulic pump respectively
  • Affordable
  • High-quality and ergonomic design


  • A high assistance of caregiver required
  • Difficult to move a weight of 88 pounds by caregivers


2. Pivit Stand Assist Patient Transport Lift

The Pivit Stand is a moving aid that enthusiastically engages the patient in the transport process by allowing a comfortable and quick change from sitting to standing positions. It supports the elderly patient and prevents fall. It is loaded with many features and reduces the effort and time of caregivers as it makes bathing and lifting quick and easy. The product dimensions are 33.5 x 25 x 43 inches with a front base height of 4 inches.

It comes with dual knee and seat pads for an easy transport and a non-skid black footrest with grip bars. The secure base with locking back casters provides safety, easy movement and walking to the toilet and fits through narrow doorways as well. This device weighs only 61 pounds whereas offering weight capacity up to 400 pounds. It allows easy loading and unloading due to the folding seat which splits and then it can swing back to create a stable comfortable transport seat again.


  • Lightweight; easy to transport
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Can handle high weight load easily up to 400 pounds
  • Reduces the injuries risk and fall by the support slings
  • Ease of use
  • Affordable
  • Versatile use


  • Shorter leg width
  • Difficult to move on carpet flooring


3.  Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift

The Hoyer Journey standing lift is ideal for those patients who have a little bit of weight-bearing ability but still need support in standing. It has a total weight of 88.6 pounds and has a weight capacity of 341 pounds. This sit to stand lift comes with a technology of smart monitor that provides provide the relevant information on the lift to caregivers, patients, and the maintenance technicians. It also features an adjustable cradle or cow-horn that accommodates a range of heights for the patients.

The instinctive push pad helps to initiate the first directional movements of the lift that lessen the primary stress on the caregiver’s body. The adjustable knee pad is another feature of this sit to stand lift for patient comfort to accommodate different user heights. It is also friendly to the caregiver because it can be adjusted by a single hand. It is powered by a 24 V, sealed lead acid battery that is rechargeable.


  • Easy operation
  • Well-built
  • Steel frame
  • Folding design for easy storage
  • Smart monitor
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • High weight capacity of 340 lbs


  • Heavy
  • Help required from caregiver
  • No hand remote control


4. Pivit Stand Assist Patient Transport Lift 450 lbs

This standing lift by Pivit offers a high weight capacity of 450 pounds. It is designed not only for the elderly or the disabled but also for caregivers. You can easily transfer the patient from a sitting to standing position and vice versa. The product dimensions are 38 x 28 x 12 inches and weighing 71 pounds. The minimum base width is 26.8 inches, maximum base width is 37 inches and overall height of 43.3 inches.

The special manual base legs open and closes to fit around almost all toilets, folding electric scooters and wheelchairs for easier transfer of the patient. Narrow doorways, not a problem! The adjustable steel frame simply fits through any narrow door where other standing lifts don’t. For maximum comfort during transport, it is equipped with dual knee and seat pads. The non-slippery handle grabs bars and footrest ensure that the patient has a reliable surface during transport.


  • Side hooks for extra support with straps
  • 3 Year limited warranty
  • Expandable and adjustable open/close base
  • 450 pounds of weight capacity
  • Safe with non-skid surface and footrest


  • Heavy; 71 pounds
  • No-tools folding design


5.Standing Power Body Lift (Lumex Easy Lift STS -LF2020)

The LF2020 is an electric sit to stand lift by Lumex is designed to provide fast, safe support for those with standing difficulty. The construction from heavy-gauge steel with a powder coated finish allows carrying up to 400 pounds with maximum comfort and stability. It has ergonomic and unique pedal base opening for the foot with fast release foot platform that is removable. This Lumex standing lift has large easy grip handles for simple movement and a knee pad unit that is adjustable. It is powered by a 24V DC motor that allows smooth, quiet and easy operation.

The LF2020 also comes with warning alarms such as beep for high weight capacity warning and low battery indication with an emergency instant stop button for safety. A complimentary buttock strap also provides additional support to the patients.

The spreader bar and frame have a limited warranty for three years, whereas the actuator has a limited warranty of two years. The batteries have a limited one-year warranty.


  • An accessory storage bag is included to keep slings and charger
  • Robust durable steel design
  • Rubber base coating prevents the damage to walls and furniture
  • A changeable knee pad unit
  • Warning Beeps
  • Easy grip handles
  • A buttock strap is provided


  • Heavy to move by caregivers
  • Expensive


6. Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand Up Lift – Invacare GHS350

It is an easy-to-move lift that is ideal for daily help in transferring patients. The hydraulic pump systems make it possible to transfer patients up to 350 pounds with little effort. Product weight is 88 pounds. The low friction rolling casters improve the rolling capacity significantly and contribute to the safety of caregivers.

An adjustable leg support has a soft lateral pad that secures the legs in three different positions for comfort at every height. The non-slip retractable footplate provides a firm base for the transfer of the patient. The base legs easily adjust and securely lock in the open position. The slings with extended backrest help to prevent underarm pressure.


  • Side rotating pump handle
  • Ergonomic design and features
  • A hydraulic pump system for lifting
  • Protects against the unintentional detachment
  • 3 year and 1 year limited warranty on the lift and hydraulic pump respectively


  • Heavy; 88 pounds
  • The help of caregiver required

To get more insight on how to use the sit to stand lift, please watch these YouTube video:

Nowadays, these sit to stand lifts are also becoming popular for home use with the elderly or for use in people with physical disabilities. There are many standing lifts products on the market and what features you get with each product are not easy to see. To help make you choose the right sit to stand lift for your loved ones, we provided you with the best sit to stand lift review.

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