Best Clocks with Day and Date for Elderly: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best clocks with day and date are meant for seniors and adults who have coordination problems. They face difficulty in keeping time and day track. These clocks are designed to remind of appointments, deadlines, and medication to help you keep everything on schedule.

Moreover, the clocks with day and date for elderly contain alarms, bold figures, and letters, battery back-ups, some are enabled to talk and be placed on tables. Most of these clocks are digital and may be difficult to adjust and set especially for seniors. Having a watch with a significant display feature helps an elderly individual to remain independent and responsible for his or her important schedules.

Our Picks for Clock with Day and Date for Elderly

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Benefits of Using Clock with Day and Date for Elderly

Most seniors suffer from confusion and memory loss as a result of Alzheimer’s dementia, advancing years or stroke. Those health problems may cause track of daily activities to be difficult, and due to frustrations, seniors can confuse afternoon with morning or even night with day.

  • Help with confusion and reduce anxiety

Clock with day and date for the elderly has many alarms to remind them of what time of the day it is, the day and the activities of that particular day. This way the senior is calm because he or she does not have to keep on looking at the clock.

  • Enhance Independence

The best clocks with day and date help the elderly to keep track of the structure and routine in their lives. They clearly state the day, month, and no abbreviations used to confuse them. They make the seniors remain efficient because it shows whether it’s morning, afternoon, night or evening. (See also other types of alarm clock for seniors)

  • For convenience

Seniors or caregivers may forget about essential medications but clocks with day and date for are always available for such necessary activities. The clocks assist in keeping track of daily medical routine. They can take the correct medication at the right time, and stay away from inconsistent sleep or appointments schedules.

What to consider when buying a clock with day and date for elderly

There are several features that the best clock with date and day for elderly should have before buying it. The clock is designed to make the senior use it without the help of anyone. Keeping track of their schedules makes them stay independent and confident at all times.

  • The type of clock

Traditional clocks may be hard to use because their numbers are small and they involve visible wavelength and measurement that fails as a result of noise.

  • Size of Display

It’s essential to consider display size of a clock with day and date for elderly because some of them cannot see clearly. Although digital clocks with day and date for elderly are expensive but are the perfect ones to help seniors stay on daily track. It’s vital to buy watches with a day, and date for elderly that have large display especially is they are to be kept on hanging walls, a distance from the bed or in a large sized room.

  • The display features

Essential features are designed in these best clocks with day and date for elderly. They come with crucial elements like the day, the day of the month and the month.

  • Built-in alarms

The alarms ensure that the seniors stay independent when tracking essential things like taking medication on time and reminding them of the scheduled activities of the day. Caregivers may not be around to tell the seniors of the exact type of drug to take at a particular time.

  • Speaking clocks

With speaking features, the seniors without eyesight can manage their daily activities without much help from the caregivers. Seniors with poor vision may remain independent especially for medication, appointment, and deadlines.

  • Back-up battery

Best clocks with day and date for elderly with battery help them store relevant information. These batteries must be able to stay for an extended period when charged; otherwise essential schedules may be messed up.

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Best Clocks with Day and Date for Elderly Review

1. American Lifetime Day Clock

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American Lifetime Day Clock features large display, bright letters and does not have abbreviations. It’s a high-resolution digital alarm clock shows the day, time, full day of the week, date and month.

The day clock is one of the best and popular clocks with day and date because it has five multi-function alarms that help in managing different time schedules. This clock allows for several reminders to be set especially medication time. The American Lifetime Day Clock comes with a battery that helps in retaining the correct date and time after the power comes back.


  • Multiple functional alarms
  • It has battery back-up
  • Does not have abbreviations
  • Large numbers and letters.
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Can be returned in the first 30 days of purchase
  • Can be set in eight languages


  • The dim lights are not comfortable
  • Does not have auto-time adjustments


2. iGuerburn Talking Day Clock

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iGuerburn talking day clock comes in an 8-inch display touch-screen with calendar, time, part of the day and the day. iGuerburn day clock comes with eight alarms and a manual dim. The clock is suitable for individuals who have dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s, blindness and visual impairment.

Moreover, iGuerburn day clock has a button cell back up battery that restores the correct time after a power blackout. With this day clock, one doesn’t need to reset because it comprises of auto-adjustable features. Also, iGuerburn is enabled to talk which makes it the best clock with day and date for elderly with poor eyesight.

If one doesn’t like the iGuerburn talking day clock, they guarantee 100% money back within the first 30 days of order. This clock provides one year warranty, and if the timer has some problems, then iGuerburn replaces it with a new one.


  • Large letters and numbers on the display
  • It is a touch screen
  • Has a speaking feature
  • Features eight different languages
  • Different colors for selection



  • The touch may be unresponsive
  • Does not have a radio
  • No reminders customization
  • When the clock is on photo mode, time disappears


3. SVINZ Digital Day Clock

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SVINZ digital day clock comes in an 8-inch screen display that clearly shows time, date, month and day. The letters are bold and large to be seen by every senior, and there are no abbreviations to confuse them. SVINZ digital day clock displays five cycles of the day that include morning, predawn, afternoon, night and evening.

Moreover, the clock has three multi-functional alarms and two different colors which include yellow and white. This clock allows three-time settings; either three daily meals or medication time setting. With the SVINZ day, clock seniors are enabled to manage their essential activities independently.

However, these clock features three auto-dimming, and the auto-dimming function can be turned off if one prefers different brightness levels. It also comes with an in-built button cell battery that supports the clock during a power outage and the right date and time are restored to ensure no time settings are missed.


  • Large numbers and letters
  • There are no abbreviations of date, day or month.
  • Two color display settings
  • Makes the seniors remain independent
  • Has three multiple alarms
  • Three auto-dimming options
  • Has a battery back-up
  • The clock has a 12-months warranty


  • There is no return allowance if you don’t like it
  • No auto-time adjustments


4. Slim Atomic Marathon Wall Clock

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Slim Atomic wall clock comes with a 2-inch high display that is a quick read at a glance. The numbers and letters can be skimmed because of the large numbers. It features 12 and 24-hour clock format displaying both indoor and outdoor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, unlike many other clocks.

Additionally, the Slim Atomic Marathon Wall Clock fits in our list because it can be set into eight different time zones. It also has an option of turning of the Savings of Daylight Time off and on.

Again, the Marathon wall clock features 2 AA batteries that last for a long time and helps in saving the information stored before the power outage ends. This best clock with day and date for elderly can automatically adjust.


  • Eight different time zones
  • Displays outdoor and indoor temperature
  • Has a 2 AA long life batteries
  • Large display of numbers and letters
  • 12 and 24 hour time setting options
  • Auto-adjustment of time, date and day


  • The letters and numbers may not be large enough especially for those with poor eyesight.
  • Does not have multiple alarms and hence it’s difficult to set different time schedules
  • No warranty
  • Has abbreviations of month


5. Jumbo LCD Alarm Clock-iCKER

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Jumbo LCD alarm clock is a digital clock that displays its numbers and figures on a 13.8-inch screen. It features 4.5-inch by 2.5-inch digits for easy reading especially for those who cannot see from far. This clock displays date, indoor temperature and time that are perfect for large classrooms, at work or large rooms in the house.

Additionally, the iCKER comes with snoozes and alarm feature that allows time-setting for different activities of the day. This clock beeps loudly enabling the elderly to have an extra shuteye. Besides, Jumbo LCD alarm clock has both 12 and 24-hour clock format which allows one to set the form they understand best.

Also, it has auto-adjustable time feature that makes it one of the best clocks with day and date for elderly because some them are unable to set the time accurately. The button cell back battery contained in this clock is long lasting and ensures accurate time after battery failure. iCKER is designed such that it can be hanged on the wall since has a hanging hole and could be placed on the table because the clock has a sturdy stand. It is ideal for a boardroom, office, any large room or hospital. Finally, the best clock with day and date uses a 4 AA battery that memorizes the time.


  • Auto-adjustable time
  • Placement and mounting options
  • 12 or 24-hour format setting
  • Button cell back-up battery that is long lasting
  • 4 AA battery memorizes the time and restores the correct time even after a battery failure
  • It has an alarm for reminding you of the exact time
  • Extra large display
  • Thin and sleek


  • Has only one signal
  • The temperature, day and month are abbreviated
  • Does not have a warranty

6. Skynuature Day Clock

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This Digital day clock is 8-inches and features extra large numbers and letters. Skynuature day clock enables the individual with dementia to follow their daily routine without much help from a caregiver. It is one of the best clocks with day and date because this clock clearly states the time of the day, month, time, date and the day of the week. Bold letters and digits are displayed, and there are no abbreviations that bring about confusion.

However, what sets out Skynuature day clock to be the best clock with day and date for elderly is that it features eight languages. These languages include Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Welsh and Dutch. The clock can be set into 12 or 24-hour format in Military Time, and an A/C adapter is needed for it to function.


  • Eight different languages
  • Bold letters and digits
  • Displays day, time, month and day of the week
  • Has a plastic screen protector.
  • Can be mounted on the wall or placed on the table.


  • Does not have dimming options
  • No auto-time adjustments
  • Lacks back up battery
  • There is no warranty

Bottom Line

Best clocks with day and date for the elderly provides the perfect solution especially for seniors who have dementia, visual impairment, Alzheimer’s and stroke. Besides, these clocks help the seniors manage their daily activities like medication, appointment, deadlines, and mealtimes.

Finding the best clocks with day and date for elderly from the market is difficult since there are many products available. We believe that the list we have given will help you select the best clock with day and date for the elderly.



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