Best Alarm Clock for Seniors To Buy

Alarm clocks are a necessity. No matter how technologically advanced the world gets, an alarm clock will always be in demand. Numerous young folks use their cellphones to put alarms but the outcome is not as safe as it is when you use a proper alarm clock. Especially when we talk about an alarm clock for seniors, there is no better alternative. The elder people of our societies have special needs and making sure those needs are met is very important.

There are many best alarm clocks for seniors however, you need to know their details in order to pick one for yourself. The alarm clocks being manufactured now come in different varieties. You can choose between the colors and the shapes.

The alarm clock is a representation of your lifestyle. Seniors have to buy an alarm clock that addresses their time-sensitive needs and also does not annoy them. To understand more about the alarm clocks needed by seniors, read this article. It will help you to pick out the best alarm clock for seniors in no time at all.

Our Picks for Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors

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Why do the elderly need an alarm clock?

Apart from the normal need an alarm clock fulfills, it plays a much greater part when we talk about why the elderly need an alarm clock. For the senior citizens, the alarm clock should be very time sensitive and should work properly.

clock alarm for seniors

The two main reasons for using an alarm clock for elderly are that they can take their medicines on time and they can easily see the time when they wake up in the morning.

Having a proper medicine schedule is important. But making sure that schedule is followed is more important. There is no point of making a proper routine if no one remembers to follow it. Once the seniors have a good alarm clock, this will not be an issue. The alarm clock will do all the work of remembering and reminding. All you have to do is set the timings.

The additional features in the good alarm clocks for seniors are very easy to use and you do not have to set the alarm again and again.

One other issue that is solved when the elderly have an alarm clock is that they will not need to strain their eyes to see the time on the wall clock. Just by picking up their handy alarm clock, the job will be done.

What to consider when buying an alarm clock for seniors?

When buying an alarm clock for the elderly, you have to consider some important factors. Unlike the things that matter for youth, the seniors want something that will last for a long time and is easy to handle. ( You may also need a simple fitness tracker and a simple microwave for elderly) Nothing too complicated would work for them.

However, the two things that must be paid attention are the alarm sound and the display.

Every company produces its own alarm which they regard as the best alarm clock for seniors. This is done after proper research and asking around which sounds are comfortable for seniors. The sound level is also included in this. Most seniors have to hear loudly in order to comprehend what is being said. A good alarm clock will have different volume levels which are easily adjustable. If the alarm clock is lying too far from the person, the sound can only reach them if it is extraordinary.

The large display is also an important factor. In the long run when eye sights get weak the bigger the display, the better the alarm clock will be.

Best Alarm Clock for Seniors Reviews

1. Sonic Alert Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock

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One of the best alarm clock for seniors, the Sonic Alert Bomb is one of a kind because of the technology used in the clock. The red flashing lights which display the time are readable from far away and there is no way that anyone can mix up the display. The clock is also turbocharged and vibrates with every sound so that the alertness level increases immediately.

To top it all off, the clock comes with a bed shaker, which means that even if you miss the sound of the clock, the bed shaker will move your bed enough that you will get up instantly. You are able to adjust the volume and tone according to what you prefer in this alarm clock. There are countless different sounds to choose from.  The large red LCD display is truly one of a kind.


  • The display is easily readable from a distance.
  • The sound can be adjusted by just clicking a few buttons
  • The red light display does not affect your eyes at night in the dark


  • A bit heavier than the other alarm clocks so might be difficult to carry around


2. American Lifetime Premium Version – Day Clock

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One of the most stylish alarm clocks to be manufactured, the American Lifetime Premium Version Day Clock has very unique features. The clock has an 8-inch high-resolution display which is easy to read and understand. The display visibly spells out the time, period of the day, a full day of the week, month and date in large, vibrant letters. Since several elders face confusion due to the use of abbreviations so this alarm clock does not use any abbreviations at all.

You can put five alarms simultaneously on this alarm clock and also set reminders throughout the day. Although the clock runs on power, there is an option of a battery backup if the power goes out. Moreover, the product comes with a one year warranty so if you are not content with your clock, you can change it. The company is popular for making high-quality products.


  • You can gift this alarm clock as it is very special and stylish
  • It is very easy to carry around so for people who travel a lot, this is the perfect item to take with them
  • It is super light in weight


  • It is a bit expensive than the other alarm clocks available in the market


3. ShakeAwake Vibrating Alarm Clock

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For the people who are always searching for something new and interesting, the ShakeAwake Vibrating Alarm Clock is what they need. It is popular as one of the best alarm clocks for seniors because it comprises features that no other clock has. With its excellent quality display, you can read the time accurately without putting in too much effort. To make things more interesting, the company produces this alarm clock to the size of a pocket for easy travel.

There are countless elders who like to visit new places because they have free time on their hands. This is the most adequate alarm clock to buy for such enthusiasts.  You can choose between a beep sound alarm and one of the various tunes which have been prerecorded in the clock. An installed backlight ensures that at night there is no problem in checking the time.


  • The backlight makes reading the time very easy and neat
  • A portable alarm clock which will easily fit in your pocket
  • You have countless options of sounds to select your alarm sound from


  • For people who have weak eyesight, the display might be a bit smaller and hence difficult to read


4. Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra Loud Heart Alarm Clock

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The best thing about the Sonic Alert Alarm Clock is that it is extra loud. It is no secret that as we grow older, our hearing tends to get weaker and eventually we do need to buy things which are louder and allow us to easily understand whatever is going on. This alarm clock does just that as it uses a loud noise and vibration to wake you up. Some elders have to take their medicines during the night and waking up from a deep sleep is nearly impossible. The alarm clock addresses this specific need.

The bed vibrator also ensures that only the person sleeping in the bed wakes up and that it doesn’t disturb the other people living in the house. There are five levels of light dimmers in the clock. This means that you can adjust the brightness and sleep at whatever light you are most comfortable with.


  • The clock is very stylish and includes a black metal covering.
  • You have an option of selecting a snooze time from the many different timings available
  • Easy to handle


  • Focuses more on the outer display than on the actual functions of the alarm clock


5. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock

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To understand how far technology has come and the different options available for you to get the best alarm clock for seniors, you have to check out this projection alarm clock. It has all the features that you can possibly want in an alarm clock and the price is very less. So for people who are looking for a long-term alarm clock that is durable, they should choose this excellent product. The clock has a built-in radio which captures all the AM and FM channels.

Most adults do not want to wake up to the sound of music so they can set their alarm to a weather forecast or news as well. This makes their waking up process easier. There is also a high-speed built-in charging port. This enables you to charge your phone at night without putting it far from your side.


  • One of the more comfortable alarm clocks to handle
  • It has numerous functions which have been simplified to make the workings of the clock easy
  • There is a free battery backup in the alarm clock package


  • The increased technology can get confusing to understand for the elders


6. iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm

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The iLuv TimeShaker Vibrating Alarm clock is especially for the heavy sleepers who do not wake up easily at night. There is a 1.4 inch LED Jumbo Display that works perfectly at night because you can catch the time even if your eyes are only half open. You can adjust the alert level because the shaker comes with three levels of vibration. However, all three levels do not disturb the person sleeping next to you and only focus on getting you out of bed.

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There is a built-in USB charging port. You can connect anything with it and it will charge it overnight. Do not worry about anything and have a peaceful sleep because the alarm clock will take care of all your needs.


  •  A large display which you can read from a great distance too
  • The vibrations are strong enough to get you out of bed immediately


  • It takes a little time to get familiar with the features of the alarm clock


Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that no matter which brand you pick, there will be some flaws that you would have to adjust to and many good points that will make your life easier. You just need to be well aware of what you are putting yourself into. The best alarm clock for seniors will be the one that is best suited to your needs.

The six reviews are our top picks and do have most of the features required by seniors. They will not let you down and we can ensure that in the time to come, you will be benefited from these alarm clocks. You do not buy an alarm clock every day. It is a once in a lifetime investment and if done right, it will not let you down. So be sure and be wise in making your decision.


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