Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Seniors : Easiest Fitness Trackers to Use

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Elderly citizens mostly lead a sedentary life which can be dangerous as it can lead to a lot of life-threatening diseases. However, an active lifestyle is not completely impossible! Fitness trackers are devices that can help you achieve a healthier and fitter lifestyle no matter what your age. Read ahead to learn more about the best fitness trackers for seniors.

Our Picks For the Best Fitness Trackers for Seniors

In case you don’t have enough time to read our in-depth buyer’s guide and reviews, you can pick your favorite fitness trackers in the chart below.

#As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.Last update on 2020-10-21 at 02:37

What is a Fitness Tracker?

Simply put, a fitness tracker is a wearable device that can be used to monitor and track your workout progress, motivating you to stay healthy. They encourage their wearers to be more active and help them control their calories.

They do so by displaying some important metrics such as heart rate, speed, distance, exercise time, number of steps, stair, and amount of calories burnt etcetera. This helps user set goals daily and then check if they have accomplished them yet. Hence you can use it no matter jogging on the treadmill or using a recumbent bike.

Fitness Trackers can help seniors be more active and healthy. The device is usually worn on a band around the wrist or carried in the pocket using a clip.

Benefits of Having a Fitness Tracker for Seniors:

As you get older, the threat of diseases increases exponentially. Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, increased blood pressure and obesity can be life-threatening for senior citizens. Furthermore, most seniors are plagued with diseases such as rheumatism or bad knees which can hinder their activity.

However, carrying a fitness tracker (Fitbit is a famous brand of fitness tracker) acts as a reminder of how many more steps they should take or how many more stairs they should climb to achieve their desired level of activity. This results in a healthier lifestyle which encourages more activity. (Check the balance and strength exercises to keep an active lifestyle).

Some trackers are equipped with sleep monitoring features. This allows seniors to monitor how well they rest and how long they rest. Rest is as much important as the activity.

Plus you can use as an good alternative to regular watches.

This is why fitness trackers are an absolute must for the elderly to help them achieve more activity in a period where their immune system is more compromised.

To help you learn more, watch the following video:

What to Consider When Buying Fitness Tracker for Elderly?

With various options available in the market, how do you choose the best fitness tracker for seniors? There are a lot of features involved that you might not know. So, to help you choose the best fitness tracker or best Fitbit for elderly, we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide. Here are the factors you should consider:

Ease of Use:

No fitness tracker for seniors can ever be perfect without being easy to use (You may also interested in easy smartphones for seniors to use). Since the elderly are not much tech savvy, it can be hard for them to handle more complex devices. Thus, we recommend you buy one that is simple and easy. Our picks in this post are the easiest fitness trackers to use at the same time.

Heart Rate Monitor:

A heart rate monitor is usually present on trackers that you wear on the wrists. The heart rate monitor can help you control the intensity of the exercise. Seniors should not overexert themselves and should relax between periods of activity. The monitor helps them by telling them when to stop.

Display Size:

Most seniors have vision problems and are farsighted so it would make no sense for them to carry around a small screen all day. We recommend going for a bigger display screen as they make reading them easier.

Sleep Tracking:

Another important feature to consider is sleep tracking. Most seniors do not spend a proper amount on their rest. This function can help them how well rested they are and how long they rested for. A lot of seniors suffer from sleep apnea, in this case, they can look for a sleep apnea pillow or mouthguard.

Want to improve your sleep quality?  A recliner or a good mattress for seniors can also help the elderly to rest.

Distance Tracking:

This is perhaps the number one factor you should consider. The device should be able to count how many steps you took and how much distance you covered and then calculate how many calories you burnt in covering that distance.

Water Resistance:

Since most trackers are built to be worn around all the time, most of them are waterproof. SO, you can easily shower or head out in the rain with these still on. If the one you get is not water-resistant, it will only be able to resist a few splashes.

Battery Life:

Some trackers can be used for longer than others. Go for one with at least 3 days of battery otherwise, you will need to take it off more often, which defeat the whole purpose of the tracker.

Reviews of the Best Fitness Trackers for Seniors

As you know, Fitbit is one of the most famous brands of fitness trackers,so we picked 4 best fitbit for elderly to review here. You can also see 3 other good fitness trackers that are perfect for elderly in these sections.

1.Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Tracker

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If you’re on the lookout for a fitness tracker for seniors, then the Fitbit Charge 3 might be a good option for you and it is one of the best fitbit for elderly people. 

This fitness band is made for all-day workouts. It is equipped with PurePulse which is an automated heart rate tracking machine that helps to calculate the number of calories burnt throughout the day. You can further maximize the impact of the workout by using the simplified heart rate zones such as Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak.

The defining feature is that you can track your all-day activities such as the number of steps taken, stairs climbed, sleep tracking etcetera. The OLED Display allows you to call, text, receive calendar notifications. Also included is a Cardio Fitness Score and Smart Track to automatically display your workout stats on the screen. The watch easily syncs with all kinds of phones.

Compared with Fitbit Charge 2, this version is more lightweight and the number on the screen is bigger. The 50-meter waterproof function ensures you can take it for swim or shower. Besides, it also adds a female health feature.

So, if you’re looking for motivation for yourself or other seniors, you can rest assured the Fitbit charge 3 is one of the best fitness tracker for seniors!


  1. It allows you to monitor all-day activities.
  2. Syncs with the GPS to provide you with workout stats.
  3. The long battery life of 7 days.
  4. Syncs with your phone as well.
  5. Comes with good App to use in your phone
  6. Includes Sleep tracking, multisport modes, PurePulse, and a Smart Track.
  7. 50 meters of Water Resistant.


  1. The auto-brightness function will wake you up when you use it at night
  2. The heart rate tracking is not very accurate.

2.Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

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With the easy to use Fitbit One, almost no senior will be left confused about how to use it. The Fitbit One is a wireless activity plus sleep tracker for the elderly that helps them track the number of steps taken, calories burned and the number of stairs climbed. The Sleep Tracker tracks how long and how well you sleep throughout the night. The best part about the Fitbit One is that it can be worn anywhere in your pocket or on your wrist. The device functions as a silent alarm as well, waking you up while letting others have their peace of mind.

It can sync automatically with the computer or smartphone allowing you to view your progress and set goals. The multi-faceted screen display includes a clock and a timer only. The battery is very long lasting, and lasts up to 14 days after a single charge. The Fitbit One is one of the best Fitbit for elderly people as it is easy to use and helps them track all-day activities.


  1. Records all-day activities.
  2. Includes a sleep tracker.
  3. Can be worn on the pocket or on the wrist.
  4. Includes a silent alarm function.
  5. Simple and easy display.
  6. Syncs to PC and smartphones.
  7. Easy to Use.
  8. Long-Lasting Battery.


  1. Only recognizes activities that involve taking steps.
  2. Only displays clock and timer.

3.Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

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One of the simplest and easiest to use fitness tracker for citizens, the Fitbit Zip is a small wireless activity tracker that automatically tracks your steps, distances and your calories burnt. The main feature is its long-lasting battery that lasts 6 months without needing any recharging. The device is water resistant and can be worn using a tight clip at the back. You can sync the device with your personal computer and your smartphone. This allows you to view your progress, set goals and earn badges.

The Zip allows seniors to connect and compete with their friends. The design of the Zip is a solid sturdy one that lasts a lifetime. This is especially important for senior citizens who tend to be clumsier. It is available in three colors including magenta, green and black. So, if you or a senior citizen around you is looking for a fun way of motivating themselves and monitoring their progress, we believe nothing can be better than the affordable Fitbit Zip.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Battery lasts up to 6 months.
  3. Can be worn discreetly.
  4. Tracks activities throughout the day.
  5. Solid sturdy design.
  6. Can be synced with smartphones or PC.


  1. No sleep tracker.
  2. No GPS.
  3. Monochrome Display

4. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

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The Fitbit Blaze is undoubtedly one of the best Fitbit for men as it is a stylish yet easy to use Fitbit model which makes it one of the best fitness tracker for senior citizens as well. It uses PurePulse to track your heart rate to give you accurate results on how many calories you have burnt. The simplified heart rate zones make it easier for quickly checking the intensity of the exercise. Also included is a multi-sport tracking feature that allows you to perform different sports and then track those stats using the Smart Track feature.

The device is GPS enabled to help you calculate the distance and your pace. The large screen display of the Fitbit allows you to receive calls, texts, calendar reminders as well as notifications from apps. The device is equipped with a FitStar workout allowing you to get step by step instructions for each exercise. (Velcro shoes is a good choice for seniors when doing exercises.) The Fitbit Blaze is one of the best Fitbit for the elderly who want a bit of style to their fitness trackers!


  1. Large screen display.
  2. Includes Clock, timer, and Music control and receives texts, calls and other notifications.
  3. GPS enabled.
  4. Includes a smart tracker to help you overview stats.
  5. Includes step by step instructions.
  6. Tracks your heart rate.
  7. Interchangeable wristband.
  8. Battery lasts 5 days.
  9. Can be synced to different smartphones.


  1. Can only be worn on the wrist.
  2. No sleep tracker.

5. Garmin Vívofit Fitness Band

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One of the best fitness trackers for elderly, the Garmin is relatively easy to use and includes simple function. The device is equipped with a Move bar that automatically turns red after an hour of inactivity. This encourages seniors to be more active in their lives. You can easily wear it on your wrist with the wristband. Also featured is a long lasting battery that allows the tracker to stay on for more than a year. The easy to read display allows viewing the time and your workout stats. It can help you achieve all your personalized goals by monitoring your activity for each day.

It tracks your activities throughout the day and counts your calories as well. You can monitor the quality of your sleep as well using the sleep tracker. The device is water resistant up to 50 meters of water. The Garmin Vívofit Fitness Band is one of the best fitness tracker for seniors as it can help you track every second of your day and can help motivate you to be more active in your daily life.


  1. Move bar to encourage more activity.
  2. Easy to read display.
  3. Displays time and stats.
  4. Battery lasts longer than a year.
  5. Water resistant up to 50 m.
  6. Includes Sleep Tracker.
  7. Calculates steps, calories, and distance.


  1. No heart tracker.
  2. Can only be worn on the wrist.

6.Realalt 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer:

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When it comes to the best fitness tracker for elderly, none can forget the charm and simplicity of the Realalt 3DTriSport Pedometer. It can accurately track all your activities by using the latest 3D Tri-Axis Sensor Technology. It helps to record your every step and distance as well as the number of calories burnt and the exercise time. The Pedometer can store up to 30 days’ worth of data on its internal storage. This helps senior citizens keep track of their progress. The device is easy to use and simple to set up. It requires no additional apps or smartphone syncing.

The Large easy to read display features a built-in clock as well as a step goal to help you keep track of your goals. The device is available with an 18-month warranty. It is compact and lightweight which makes it easier for seniors to carry. It is undoubtedly the best fitness tracker for seniors as it is easy to use and easy to carry around!


  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Easy to set up.
  3. Large Built-in Display.
  4. Stores 30 days of daily progress.
  5. Records calories burned, distance, steps etc.
  6. 18-month warranty.
  7. Lightweight and compact.


  1. No sleep tracking.
  2. No heart rate monitoring.
  3. Does not include syncing.

7. OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer:

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The Ozo Fitness is a sort of your very own personal coach that will motivate you and help you lose all those extra pounds. Amongst fitness tracker for seniors, the Ozo stands head and shoulder above due to its smart activity tracker which uses a 3D Tri-axis sensor to accurately monitor steps, distance, calories, mph, and time. The program is simple and easy to use which is attractive for most seniors. The built-in clock triggers midnight resets to help you monitor your day from the scratch. It can even store a week’s worth of progress.

Also included is an easy to read large LCD display and large buttons at the front to help them view their progress without glasses. The device itself is very small and lightweight. It can be used discreetly in a pocket, purse, belt or shoe. Furthermore, it is comfortable to wear. The Ozo Fitness Pedometer is one of the best fitness trackers for the elderly mainly due to how comfortable it is to wear and how easy it is to use!


  1. Smart activity tracker that counts distance, speed etc.
  2. Large LCD Display and button.
  3. Auto reset function.
  4. Stores 7 weeks’ worth of progress.
  5. Small and lightweight.
  6. Can be worn anywhere
  7. Easy to use.


  1. No heart rate monitoring.
  2. No sleep tracking.
  3. Does not sync


So, all in all, any one of our best fitness trackers for seniors can help you achieve a much more active lifestyle and help avoid many life-threatening diseases! So gear up with these trackers and head on to a healthier life!


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