31 Best Games for Seniors : Have Fun!

After retirement, boredom can start to invade older people’s lives. They repeat the same day over and over again, which among other things, can lead to depression. Even senior social activities can become tedious and hard to handle. 

best games for seniors

This is why, in this article, I will go over the best games for seniors—suitable for all tastes. Keep your brain sharp, get competitive, and, best of all, have some fun.

best games for elderly

The best games for seniors include:

  • Brain games.
  • Computer games.
  • Video games.
  • Outdoor games.

Brain Games for Seniors

1. Chess

chess for seniors

Whether you want to have fun or you’re looking for a new challenge, chess can spice up your life. Chess offers you the opportunity to sharpen your mind and memory while enjoying yourself. 

As a game based on strategizing, it can rewire your brain and improve your thinking ability. Besides, you can play it whenever you want with whoever you want.

2. Switch It Up

This game does not require a new set or group of people to play it, but it demands some practice. Switch It Up is simple yet complicated. Simply use your non-dominant hand to perform the tasks you would typically perform with your preferred one. 

Switch It Up may sound silly, but it is very beneficial for the brain and will unleash your creativity. 

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

puzzle for seniors

If you want to train both your mind and fingers, jigsaw puzzles can be the game for you. You can enjoy putting the puzzles together, whether on your own or with your grandchildren. 

Jigsaw puzzles may be challenging for seniors with mild cognitive decline. If this is the case, you can choose smaller puzzles of 50–100 pieces with simple pictures. 

4. Logic Puzzles

logic puzzle for seniors

Retirement can slow down brain activity. You no longer have challenging tasks to do or issues to solve. The good news is logic puzzles can perfectly substitute your old job. 

Since these games require you to think outside the box and come up with new ways to solve the mystery, it can help you enhance your resourcefulness and boost your memory. 

5. Bingo

Bingo is a hassle-free and stimulating game. You can play it in small or large groups, inside or outside your home or center. All you need to have are the bingo cards and a pen. 

What’s interesting about this game is its double-beneficiary characteristics. It invigorates your mental and sensory capacities. It enhances your hearing, sight, and touch since you need to listen to the number and use your hand and eyes to dab.

6. Make Some Beautiful Music

Music is a timeless, universal language. It restores your neural activity, protects you from Alzheimer’s, and strengthens your hearing. 

Plus, the good part is you don’t have to be young to learn or enjoy music. Even as a senior citizen, you can still have a range of musical options, such as learning to play simple instruments or hosting karaoke nights with your friends.

7. Arts and Crafts

With age, seniors can experience shaky hands, and their muscles can start to weaken. To help with hand agility, retired elders can add arts and crafts to their list of hobbies. 

It may seem complicated at the beginning, or you may be threatened by perfection. However, you can start very simple. You can get the basic equipment and enhance some decorative items like picture frames, or you can make some holiday cards.

8. Crossword Puzzles

A simple and fun activity, you can do it sitting in your garden sipping some coffee and enjoying nature, or maybe you prefer to do it snuggling in your warm bed. Either way, crossword puzzles can offer you a brain workout and the chance to widen your vocabulary. This simple game sharpens your mind, increases concentration, enhances your memory, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

9. Sudoku

Sudoku for seniors

A new day at the office means a new challenge to undertake and a new opportunity for our brain to be active. Unfortunately, for the elderly who are now retired, a new day for them may mean the same boring, unexciting patterns. As a result, many seniors feel useless and understimulated. 

To get rid of this feeling, playing Sudoku can be the perfect brain game. It has all the elements to challenge a senior’s mental ability, restore their memory, and refresh their resourcefulness.

10. Count Backwards

Counting backward can seem silly and weird. Why would anyone take on such an activity? However, its underlying benefits may thrill you. 

The unusual aspect of counting numbers backward can help challenge your mental abilities and enhance your creativity. This game also can make you sleep faster and better if you do it at night. 

11. Trivia Games

If you are a people person who enjoys large groups and playing socially, trivia games may be for you. They are fun, thrilling, and competitive. And even better, you can never run out of options online

All you have to do is choose a trivia group in your community, or you can create one of your own. You don’t need any fancy equipment, you can use your own phone or pack of trivia cards to play, and paper to register the scores. Trivia games can invigorate your competitive spirit and provide a chance to socialize.

12. Botanical Identification Game

If you’re a nature and flower lover but you don’t want to put so much effort into gardening, this game can cater to your passion. Botanical identification is an identification game for flowers and plants. It can help you enlarge your vocabulary, broaden your knowledge about plants and their classification, and boost your memory. 

13. Read Fiction Books and Retell the Tale

Reading is among the top activities for Alzheimer’s prevention and memory boosting. It broadens your vocabulary and stretches your imagination. 

To make it more beneficial, you can read your favorite books and then retell them to your children or friends. Paraphrasing the story out loud to your loved one gives a social touch to it and ensures a good memory improvement. 

14. The Card Matching Game

Forgetfulness among seniors can be frustrating. It stresses them out and hinders them from carrying out their daily activities. If you’ve been there, the card matching game can help you out. 

This visual game is simple. All it takes is a pack of cards and a table. You lay them down and try to memorize them. Then you flip them face down, and you start looking for the matching pairs. It can be played on your own or with another player, taking turns to look for pairs. With this game, you can enhance your visual memory. 

15. Yahtzee

If you have a passion for math, Yahtzee can help you ignite it. This game is a classic. It’s well-known among a wide age range with its comprehensive rules

A game of Yahtzee offers you the opportunity to practice your math skills and enhance your cognitive capabilities. Additionally, it can be an excellent opportunity to socialize and meet new friends, as you should play it in groups. 

Computer Games for Seniors 

16. 20Q

If you’re into quizzes and answering questions, but you want to avoid the hassle of gathering a trivia night, the computerized game 20Q is the way to go. 

The game is comprised of 20 questions aimed at enhancing creativity and cognitive functions. You can play it alone whenever you want in the tranquility of your home. If you really get into it, you can try a real-life version of the game with a friend.

17. Civilization

Are you a history junkie? Are you fond of old empires and victories? If the answer is yes, the computer game Civilization maybe your new hobby. 

With this game, you can build empires, claim land, lead wars, and achieve victory from the comfort of your own home. Civilization is not only exciting but also beneficial for your mental health, boosting your strategic abilities.

18. Brain Age

Brain Age, also known as Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training, is a series of mini-games designed specifically to fight against aging side effects on the brain. The game provides several mental activities like calculation to stimulate and sharpen the mind. 

Video Games for Seniors 

video games for seniors

19. Flight Simulator Xtreme

It’s likely you may be unable to travel and enjoy the airplane experience due to your physical condition. Yet, thanks to the Flight Simulator Xtreme game, you can realize your dream while sitting on your warm couch. 

Playing this game enables you to fly different kinds of planes for more than 100 hours. And if you’ve always dreamed of seeing charming Brazil, the odds are on your side. You will have fun sightseeing and landing in the Rio de Janeiro airports. 

20. Wii Sports

You may no longer be able to spend hours practicing your favorite sports on the field. But this doesn’t mean you no longer have the chance to enjoy it. 

The Wii Sports video game offers you a simulation of your favorite sports. With five different types including Tennis and Baseball, you can imitate real-life practices using the Wii remote. 

21. PGA Tour

Golf is a sophisticated and fun sport. It offers you a chance to be outdoors and meet new friends. Yet, with age, your body may not handle the strength and energy required by this sport. 

Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to enjoy golf from the comfort of your home thanks to the PGA Tour. This game provides simulated golf games featuring real-world courses and playing techniques.

22. 1-2-Switch

1-2 Switch is a video game developed by Nintendo. The game is versatile and fun, featuring diverse activities at different locations. It mainly offers you the chance to virtually compete with your teammate in many contexts such as dancing, eating, and gun shooting. 

If you’re into a thrilling and competitive game, 1-2 Switch can be a good option for you. You won’t get bored and you’ll have fun socializing with your chosen friend. 

Indoor Games for Seniors

23. Cup Stacking

Cup Stacking for elderly

Cup stacking is among the most enjoyable indoor activities for seniors. It’s a fun and sociable game, allowing you to connect with your friends and enjoy your time with little resources. 

The game is simply about building a pyramid of cups in a certain time frame. Stacking cups help with hand-eye coordination, speed, and concentration. 

24. Uno

If you have a hard time learning to play classic card games or simply fancy something different, Uno can save you the hassle. It’s an easy and fun card game for a relaxing evening with friends. 

The cards are colorful and easy to memorize. Once you get to know the rules, you can start playing and teach it to your group quickly.

Outdoor Games for Seniors

25. Bocce

If you like the outdoors, and you’re looking for a rather mellow game, Bocce can be the right start. It’s competitive and fun, but without requiring too much physical energy. All you need is to find a group of friends and a set to play with.

26. Badminton

Whether you prefer playing in groups or against a partner, you can still have fun playing badminton. It’s a casual outdoor activity. You play it using a racquet to hit a shuttlecock across the net. This outdoor activity is good for your overall physical health and concentration. 

27. Croquet

Here’s another fun outdoor game for the elderly citizens using balls. All you have to do is to hit the ball through the hoop and finish the course first. It can be perfect for seniors since it helps with body coordination. 

28. Cornhole

Cornhole is a lawn game, meaning you can play it in your own garden or neighborhood park. You will get points by throwing corn bags into a hole, or alternatively, tossing bean bags into the hole. Practice your precision and get competitive with friends. 


29. Horseshoes

Another game that requires skill and boosts flexibility and focus. Make sure you’ve got your eyeglasses on for this one. Horseshoes is an outdoor game requiring you to get the shoes on the stake before your opponents. 

30. Ping-Pong

outdoor games for seniors

Ping-pong is a healthy game for seniors to play with friends or caregivers. It increases sight since you have to focus on the ball and hand-eye coordination. Though you’re not required to run around too much, the game does get your body moving.

31. Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard game for elderly

Shuffleboard is among the most relaxing and healthiest outdoor games for seniors. It helps release stress and improves muscle flexibility and mental abilities. Keep in mind, however, it also needs time and skills to master it. 

It’s All Fun and Games

Have you enjoyed these best games for seniors list?

Adding an activity, whether physical or mental, to your routine is very crucial to your overall health as a senior citizen. It can decrease your stress and invigorate your skills. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below and share the link if you enjoyed it!

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