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Alert1 Medical Alert System Review

Medical alert systems industry has been soaring in the past few decades and Alert1 is one of the top medical alert systems that is recommended by at least 10000 doctors. They have 3 decades worth of experience and are in the industry for the last 25 years. According to the online reviews and the BBB ratings, its performance is A+. They have been proving themselves as trustworthy and dependable. Many of our senior citizens who live alone rely on the Alert1 medical alert system.

alert1 review

The company offers amazing customer support and a number of different technologies to make the user as comfortable as possible. Every product and service they offer is easy to use and handle since it is constructed based on elderly citizens and people who are physically or mentally impaired. Moreover, the Alert1 has collaborated with another company for its medical team dispatches and monitoring. This way they outsource their management to a trusted partner that has been in the industry for a long time and provides in-house management for 24/7. This partnered industry is also based in the US and adheres to strict standards.

Alert1 is one of the best-known companies in the field of medical alert systems. Their variation of packages, low costs, reliable standards and services, ideal performance and reliability has made it very popular among the senior citizens. The best part is that they don’t ask for long term contracts and payments which gives the customers a sense of control. The working of the device is as simple as pressing a button and talking to an operator that is specifically trained for this job.

In this article, we will be giving a detailed alert1 review for your ease. Keep on reading and at the end of the article, you will know if this product is the right one for you or not.

Alert1 Home LandlineAlert1 Home + Fall DetectionAlert 1 On the GoAler1 On the Go + Fall DetectionAler1 On the Go + Home Fall Detection
Landline RequiredNo Landline Required
Fall Detection
No Landline Required
Works On-The-Go
No Landline Required
Fall Detection
Works On-The-Go
No Landline Required
Fall Detection
Works On-The-Go

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Features of Alert1 Medical Alert System:

This product features a number of different technologies but the features that make it stand out among all other products are:


The alert1 medical alert system has been providing senior citizens and patients good care for the last three decades. The company’s reputation only keeps on improving due to the high-quality performance it offers and the high-speed services it provides.

It uses a ‘circle of care’ system in which there are a number of predefined people whom you have listed to call in case of emergency. Once you press the number, you automatically connect with a trained operator who asks you if you would like your circle of care help or would like to call 911. The operator takes complete details from the person and stays on the line till help arrives to make sure the person calling is safe.

Coming to the equipment that they provide; the base station consists of a speaker and a microphone and some buttons. The microphone is very sensitive, hence, the operator can hear almost everything, and it is easier for senior users to talk to the operator properly.

They have added the sensitive microphone to the system so that the operator can provide all the necessary help. The equipment includes a panic button as well, that is directly connected to the base unit and is waterproof. On pressing the button, the user is automatically connected to the operator and can get the required help.

Their average call response time is 40 seconds which is not best on the market but is among the best response times. Based on different standards, the emergency responders have been given an A+ for their performance.

They talk at a normal pace, not very fast not very slow and the best part is that they have an empathetic tone and they don’t sound annoyed. However, the speaker quality on the mobile is the base system is not very great and needs slight improvement.

It makes a distorted sound sometimes which is actually a little inconvenient especially in case of an emergency. In comparison to this, the speaker quality of the home-based system is quite better and provides a clear sound of what the operator is saying. Overall, in the alert1 review, the performance of the system is towards good to excellent performance.


The warranty of alert1 system is only applicable to the annual and semi-annual plan. If you purchase any one of these, you qualify for a refund which means that you can return the product within 30 days of purchase as long as it is in its original condition. In case of other plans that are for a shorter duration, you don’t qualify for the refund.

However, even in case of refund, the shipping charges and activation charges are not refunded but you can cancel your activation at any time without any further charges. In case you purchase the annual plan, you get 1-month money back guarantee, 1-month free service, 1 lockbox and free shipping along with free activation.

Apart from this, there is a warranty on the equipment as well. The equipment is covered by a lifetime warranty, which means any faults or repairs will be done by the company. However, in case of breakages, you will have to pay the charges. The warranty is also applicable to the battery. If the battery of the panic button gets weak it can be changed via the warranty without any charges. Furthermore, if the battery on the home-based system or on the mobile phone stops retaining the charge, it can also be changed through the warranty.


Along with the home-based systems, alert1 also provides a panic button that can be chosen based on the client’s choice. This button is waterproof and you can wear it in the shower as well. Moreover, if the user wants to wear it in the swimming pool, it is compatible with that. However, all the other equipment like the home-based system, the mobile phone, the call button, and the voice extender box are not waterproof and need to be prevented from getting wet.

Fall alert pendant:

This pendant can detect falls in its vicinity and automatically alerts the medical emergency services. It comes with the fall detection package. Clients wear this pendant at all times. In case of fall, its sensors are activated, and the emergency responders are notified. This is compatible with both the landline services as well as the cellular services.

The alert1 review shows that the automatic fall alert is 100 percent accurate which is why it is ideal for senior citizens who have health challenges and can pass out after a fall. However, if the user is in senses he/she should press the button for surety.

Don’t forget to improve your room safety to prevent falling at the same time. Bath lift, shower chairhandicap toilet seat with handles, and transfer pole are great equipment for seniors to improve room safety.

Voice extender:

You can place these extenders anywhere in the house and they will act like satellite speakers. You can connect them with either the base station or with the cellular connection. The pendant or the bracelet with the panic button does not have a speaker, it only connects the call on pressing the button, but the user cannot talk via the button, hence voice extenders can help you in talking to the emergency responder at any time.

These voice extenders don’t come in a package rather you can purchase them separately. They are a very efficient way of two-way communication, but you need a phone and power connection.

Options and Costs of Alert1 Medical Alert System:

The alert1 medical alert systems have a number of different options and plan that users can choose according to their requirement. The plans are of three different types, annual, semi-annual and quarterly. The annual plan is most reasonable and comes with the most benefits and there are 5 different packages you can purchase. These are:

  • Home:

alert1 home

This package comes with a home-based system with a speaker and a microphone. Along with this, it comes with a panic button. The package includes 24/7 command protection.

Unlimited button pushes, which means you can connect to the command center at any time and the number of times as you want. It has coverage in all 50 states and also comes with free equipment use and calls to the circle of care numbers as well as 911. However, it does not work on the go and is only based at the home of the user.

  • Home + fall detection:

This is the most popular package of the alert1 medical alert system. It has a home-based system with a microphone and a speaker and also an automatic fall detection pendant that is actually a two in one system.  That means it is a panic button and fall detection in one.

It has all the services of the home package except it does not require a landline and provides automatic fall detection that is 100 percent accurate.

  • On the go:

alert1 on the go

This is the mobile system if the alert1 medical alert system. It provides services on the go as well as at the home. You don’t require any landline connection for this package. Except for fall detection, it provides all the features of the home package and also comes with a speaker with the button. This package is very reasonable as well.

It has the same charges as the home + fall detection system.

  • On the go + fall detection:

alert1 on the go fall detection

This package is a combination of the on the go package and the fall detection pendant. With coverage in 50 states and a fall detection pendant, this package is an all in one package. The battery of the mobile phone can go on for 24 hours and you can use it at home as well as on the go. It has all the services included in the package which are provided by the company.


On the go + home fall detection:

alert1 on the go home fall detection

This package includes a mobile phone system, a home fall detection pendant as well as a wrist band panic button. It is a complete package for the in-home system and out-home system. It is the most expensive package of the lot but provides the best services with all-time protection.

Pros of Alert1:

The pros of the alert1 medical alert system based on the alert1 review are:

  • It does not have a cancellation fee.
  • It has coverage in all 50 states.
  • The annual and semi-annual packages provide a risk-free 30 days back money guarantee.
  • There are no activation charges or shipping charges for the annual plan.
  • You can also get voice extenders.

Cons of Alert1:

  • It does not have a live chat option and the battery life is short.

Customer service:

The alert1 system customer service is one of the best in the medical alert system world based on the review. They provide 24 hours service 7 days a week. A US-based company provides multi-lingual support as well for people who cannot speak English. The operators undergo training to use translators while talking to the customer. In fact, they can talk in 50 different languages with the help of the translator. This way, many elderly citizens who are in fluent in English can be helped without an obstacle.


This alert1 review shows that the company provides high-quality products and services throughout the company. Various review centers have given it A+ ratings. It has helped many elderly citizens live a secure and content life. The pricings are also reasonable and are not hard on the pocket.

This medical alert system is one of the oldest on the market. Furthermore, it has one of the most experienced staff included customer support. The equipment is also very good quality and is not made of cheap plastic. However, they need to improve the battery life of their equipment. Apart from that, all the other features are high-end and up to the mark.


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