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Best Laptops for Seniors

Whether you are an elder having some serious computer skills or experiencing getting acquainted with the digital age in your golden years, a laptop could assist you to stay organized, connected, and entertained. There are tons of laptops in the market and you will get confused if you are not a technical guy. In this post, we reviewed the best laptops for seniors in the market and will guide you to find your favorite one.

best laptop for seniors

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Why the Elderly Need a Laptop?

Usually, the laptops are tempting for their convenience, portability, and functionality. You can take them with you anywhere in your house or on travel, without upsetting about joining wires from a tower to a monitor.

Moreover, laptops are more influential than ever, with long battery life, fast processors, and novelties like touchscreens, thus there’s no losing functionality.

The technology is great and helpful in any aspect of life whether you are young or old. The laptop gives the opportunity for seniors to interact with their relatives and the whole world. So, miles way they can communicate with their family members using Skype, IM or other video chat apps.

Using a laptop is also beneficial for senior’s health. It can keep their minds active by reading the news. It means they are connected with world trends. Moreover, they can learn new skills on the internet by taking courses. In addition, If they have mobility issues, then they can purchase everything online like groceries, garments, or even the home service. They can combine the fitness tracker, smartphone and tablet with the laptop to build an advanced and active lifestyle.

What to Consider When Buying a Laptop for Seniors?

Before buying a laptop for seniors there are few things to ponder, let’s read on and find those:

Your needs

When it comes to laptop, you should take into consideration the purpose you are buying it for. If you are purchasing for internet access, then you can choose a basic one. On the other hand, if you are willing to use it for gaming and developing software, then focus should be on specifications. For example, you may need a laptop with larger hard disk drive and a better compressor.


A laptop battery is one of the most imperative items. Make sure the laptop you are buying has an extended battery life that lasts more than 6+ hours. Thus, you can take it anywhere without worrying about it will power off.

Weight & Size:

For individuals who spend most of their time on a laptop on the table, the weight and size don’t matter to them. However, for those who use a laptop in a variety of places, it’s a huge problem for them to carry it. Thus, ensure the laptop you are buying has a compact size, which carries less weight and it’s easy to carry without hurting your arms.


The sound quality of the laptop should be extremely good because that will entertain you if you watch movies, listen to audio clips, online courses, or do video chats on a laptop. Therefore, the greater the sound quality, the better it is.

Hardware components:

Look for the hardware components with solid construction and make sure they run smoothly. Check that the laptop you are buying has many external ports. The external ports help in attaching additional devices like a large screen, camera, mobile, and printer. Moreover, ensure that hard drive is large and the video card is high enough to control graphics according to the requirements. Also, note that it has a multi-core processor and the built-in ram is more than 4-GB. For seniors who want to develop software or edit videos, they will need a laptop with more advanced features.


As far as the matter of laptop’s built-in software is concerned, make sure they get updated on their own whenever the internet is connected. So, it cannot be effect by any kind of virus and a firewall avert all the viruses. In addition, make sure the software you need to use is compatible with the system of your laptop. For example, if the elderly need to use a final cut pro, he has to buy a MacBook.

Reviews of Best Laptop for Seniors

1. HD Touch HP 15-da1005dx – Best Overall

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This laptop is super-fast, and has everything you need for high performance. The processor is very fast i7 quad-core, so startup an shut down are extremely quick. The 15.6 HD screen 1366 x 768 display on the surface is great. It’s colorful, bright, and clear. The surface of the laptop embraces an adaptive brightness that is enabled by default in Win-10.  Besides, it has a good video (4K) support.

The speakers on the laptop are located underneath the keyboard. The sound is great and never gives distortion. It has two USB ports with a 3.0 speed of sharing data. Furthermore, Bluetooth machinery is embraced so you can connect additional devices with it. The touch-pad has a feature of gesture support, which helps in moving columns left, right, up and down.

The 8th Gen HP with 12 GB DDR4 ram is a solid performer.  The speed of browsing net, using the office, and doing other general tasks is quite fast. It is supported by the HDMI port, which can connect with your smart TV. The battery life is extraordinary and after a full charge, can work more than 10.25 hours. For video chatting it has built-in HD front camera and digital microphone. Its multi-media format card feature hold media data. Additionally, it has a touchscreen and the internal hard drive is 256 GB.

The best part is that it comes with a DVD-RW so that seniors can enjoy their old DVDs or CDs. This is a great laptop for everyday tasks and one of the best laptops for seniors to use in their daily life.


  • Clear, high resolution
  • It is very lightweight 4.19 pounds
  • Long battery life
  • DVD-RW included
  • Good performance for productivity and everyday tasks
  • The keyboard feels very comfortable and responsive
  • Easy to use


  • Is not compatible with 5-G
  • A little pricey than other HP laptop

2. Apple MacBook Pro

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Most people like the design of Apple products. The elegant appearance and smooth OS system make Macbook one of the best laptops in the market. For seniors who like to develop software or edit videos, this one is the one to choose from.

It is very small, lightweight and sturdy. The retina screen is very bright and has very broad colors which is much better than the screens from other laptop brands. Solid metal chaise keeps the laptop feeling nice with no flex from pressure. The feature of touch ID is really nice for getting back into your laptop without the password.

The touch bar can be useful when you need to change a setting quickly and it can be customized. The track-pad and the gestures are very fluid and really makes the whole experience a breeze. The sound of the speaker is perfect for listening to music.

The feature of Siri is nice for checking the weather. It can run multiple pro apps with 8 GB of memory. Extremely great performance when working on a spreadsheet, and navigating the web program, etc. The magnetic power cord is worthy.

The Apple MacBook Pro battery life is incredible runs out more than 10 hours. The size of a laptop is convenient 11.97 inches. It comes in two styles 2.4GHZ, 1.4GHZ Intel and with three different capacities 512GB, 128GB, 256GB.  If you are looking for a higher performance laptop, you can choose a 15′ one.

For seniors who already have an iPhone or iPad, using a MacBook can make their life even convenient.


  • This laptop has a very fast boot time
  • The Retina screen is extraordinary and pictures are super clear
  • The size and weight is perfect for travel
  • The true tone technology is very useful
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iWatch
  • Good for software developing


  • Not a lot of storage space
  • Gets hot when running multiple programs
  • Pricy

3. Acer Flagship CB3-532 15.6″ HD Premium Chromebook

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What is a chrome book? That means it is a laptop running Google’s Chrome OS. The operating system is fast and user-friendly. This Chromebook is one of the best laptops for seniors who are on a budget.

The camera of Acer premium chrome book looks good, although slightly rough. The charger of chrome book is super-fast at charging. It never overheats; charges really fast even during heavy use and it has options to really dim down the screen to save energy.

It’s like a tablet you can do more and run apps with simplicity. The speakers are on the right top of the laptop. They are loud enough and do a quite dandy job.

This simple laptops for seniors are very easy to understand and do settings. It updates stuff in seconds, not in hours. The 15.6 inches screen makes watching the video a great experience.

It comprises some efficient features like 2GB memory size, SDRAM DDR3 type, processor speed 1.6 GHz, led technology, and 1600 MHZ memory speed. Even though the configuration is not good but it is enough for browsing and simple task.

The battery can run 7 hours and it is super lightweight and portable.


  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple machine for light tasks
  • Pages load instantly
  • This machine looks and performs flawlessly
  • Battery life is great once fully charged


  • It is not suitable for seniors who want to complete complex tasks.

4. HP 14″ Lightweight Business Chromebook-Intel Celeron Dual-Core

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If you a looking for a Chromebook for seniors with higher performance, this one is the product you should opt for.

This laptop is lightweight and easy to carry. It has a sleek design and suitable for seniors who still do some business. It navigates and loads quickly between web pages and Microsoft files open instantly.

The screen is just beautiful. Everything is so clear. On this laptop, you don’t have to worry about malware or other viruses. The keyboard is pretty good and comfortable. The touchpad is a little small but very sensitive. Its also lightning fast and has some cool features where you incorporate your phone if you would like.

This HP chrome book embraced with 4GB LPDDR4 SDRM type, processor 2.4 GHz, 32 GB hard drive. When running,  this laptop is extremely quiet and not overheat. Hardly hear any sound from the parts. Its battery consumes less energy. Overall it does the job better than other laptops at this price.


  • The keyboard and touchpad feel very comfortable
  • Loads very quick
  • Colors are very modern
  • Decent battery life
  • Lightweight


  • It comes in only one color
  • Ram and storage are pretty low

5. Asus Zen Book 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

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This is a beautiful laptop with 8th generation core i5. If you want a lightweight, premium top performance laptop for the elderly, this is the one to get.

It features high performance. The 256 GB solid-state drive provides a reasonable amount of storage. The chassis is sturdy very lightweight. With 1.6 GHz base speed, your laptop needs as low power as possible for carrying out low demand tasks such as browsing the internet. This laptop has 8 GB ram and the processor can run up to 3.4 GHz which is even sufficient for video editing.

Its battery is more than sufficient for all-day use which can last 12 hours. It also includes a type-c port that can transfer files much faster than traditional USB port. Besides,  it contains a fingerprint reader for easier use.

This laptop is made with robust material and premium grade plastic. The exterior of the laptop looks quite nice. The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to use. The 13-inch screen size is perfect for travel. However, it weighs 2.6 kg which is heavier than the MacBook pro mentioned above.


  • Fingerprint reader included
  • Wide view angle
  • Loads fast in about 5-6 seconds
  • The battery lasts for 12 hours under light use
  • The touchpad and keyboard are very accurate and comfortable


  • The screen is a bit dark
  • The fan is noisy


The laptop helps us in many aspects of life. The laptop can be efficiently used for saving pictures, videos, documents, and data and easy carry that data anyplace you like. It is a great tool for seniors to connect with their family and world.

Some of the laptops are made for work purposes while others are for gaming or video editing. It all depends on you, which one meets your demands. So, check your requirements and your budget before getting your hands on one! Please check the list above to find the best laptops for seniors for your loved ones.

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