Best Lightweight Wheelchairs

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Bulky and big wheelchairs may be difficult to transport by car, most disabled individuals and seniors use lightweight wheelchairs to make their move around easier.

In this post, we will go into details and tell you how to choose the best lightweight wheelchair that cater to your needs.

Our Picks for Best Lightweight Wheelchair

There are a few types of wheelchairs in the market, we try to pick the best and lightweight ones according to those types. You can check it directly if you are in a hurry.

Best Overall
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with...
Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
Medline - MDS806550E Lightweight & User-Friendly...
Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair
Drive Medical SSP20RBDDA Silver Sport Reclining...
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with...
Medline - MDS806550E Lightweight & User-Friendly...
Drive Medical SSP20RBDDA Silver Sport Reclining...
Best Overall
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with...
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with...
Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
Medline - MDS806550E Lightweight & User-Friendly...
Medline - MDS806550E Lightweight & User-Friendly...
Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair
Drive Medical SSP20RBDDA Silver Sport Reclining...
Drive Medical SSP20RBDDA Silver Sport Reclining...

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Benefits of Using a Lightweight Wheelchair

Best lightweight wheelchairs are designed to maneuver and propel easily than the standard wheelchairs. Additionally, these wheelchairs are easy to store and transport in a vehicle or manually.

They feature weight of 15 to 34 pounds, and most of the best lightweight wheelchairs come with four wheels; two small wheels at the front and two large wheels at the back.

These wheels are meant to maintain the stability of the wheelchair and some are designed to maneuver on any surface.

  • Easy to Maneuver and Propel

Using the best lightweight wheelchair enables one to roll it from place to place without the aid of anyone.

Unlike standard wheelchairs that may be hard to control along the road, lightweight wheelchairs can quickly be redirected from the path and avoid an accident.

  • Convenience Transportation and Storage

Most of the best lightweight wheelchairs have a folding feature that enables it to fit and store even in small spaces.

They can be lifted by anyone and place in the backseat or the trunk. Seniors may be demoralized to go out of the house wondering how to transport the wheelchair, but with a lightweight wheelchair, they can travel to any place.

  • Provide Comfort

Best lightweight wheelchairs are sturdy and soft to allow one to travel long distances without discomfort. They also come with armrests and footrests to even make the wheelchairs more comfortable.

These footrests and armrests can be folded or removed to enable more compact designs. If you have a better mobility ability, you can also consider buying a lightweight walker.

What to Consider When Buying a Lightweight Wheelchair

To choose the best wheelchair that meets your needs is tough because there are makes with the same products but different quality. However, there are essential things that must be considered when buying a lightweight wheelchair.

It’s always important to carefully check all the wheelchair’s features before ordering because some manufacturers do not allow refunds or replacement.

  • The weight of the wheelchair

Considering a weight that is less than 30 pounds of a wheelchair is perfect for easy transport.

These best lightweight wheelchairs are sturdy and robust enough to support individuals weighing around 300 pounds. The users can independently roll the wheelchair without difficulties.

  • Design and Safety Features

The best lightweight wheelchairs designed with folding capability allow it to be stored anywhere. For the seniors who cannot maintain their stability, wheelchairs that features calf loops and seatbelts holds them securely in the same position at all times.

  • Comfort

Wheelchairs having back cushions and seat cushions are more comfortable than those without cushions.

They allow the seniors to sit on the wheelchairs for an extended period at ease. Riding on such distances is not a problem and are also motivated to move around to help with some duties.

  • Ability to Maneuver

Most lightweight wheelchairs are made with wheels that can maneuver on all surfaces including grass, non-solid surfaces, and gravels. Test the maneuverability of the chair especially for seniors to ensure they can move on tighter surfaces.

6 Best Lightweight Wheelchairs Review

Individuals with limited mobility use wheelchairs throughout the day. Best Lightweight wheelchairs are meant to increase the movement of seniors, Alzheimer’s, disabled, and Parkinson’s disease.

Wheelchairs keep them active in the house and also in the office where they can transport things from room to room. (When you go outside, you may also need a portable wheelchair ramp for stairs.)

Whether the best lightweight wheelchair is yours or it’s for your patient, it’s vital to look at the features like seat size, the comfort of the seat and back, safety features, and the weight.

However, selecting the best lightweight wheelchairs for your seniors can be difficult since different manufacturers are selling the same products on the market. These products differ with slight features, and therefore we have carefully analyzed the top six lightweight wheelchairs.

1. Medline Lightweight Transport Adult Folding Wheelchair with Handbrakes

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Medline lightweight wheelchair comes with 12 inches rear wheels that perform best on the uneven outdoor surfaces. The rear wheels are locked during transfers by loop style manual handbrakes.

Wheelchair’s durable frame is coated with powder aluminum ultralight and holds a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Lightweight wheelchair features collapsible portable back for easy transport, travel, and storage.

Besides, this top best lightweight manual wheelchair has detachable footrests, full-length permanent armrests, and a safety seat belt.

These armrests enable the utmost comfort while the handbrakes prevent the pusher or moving wheelchair from losing control.

The upholstery is made of durable nylon that provides support. Its seat dimensions are 18 X 16 inches and weigh 23.5 pounds.


  • Has safety seat belt
  • Permanent armrests and removable footrests
  • Easily folds for transport
  • Holds weight of 300 pounds
  • Features reinforced seat
  • The rear wheels can operate on uneven outdoor surfaces


  • A caregiver or a helper must be available to push it
  • Taller people may not be comfortable on the chair is close to the ground

2. Medline Lightweight and User-Friendly Wheelchair

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Medline user-friendly wheelchair features desk-length arms that enable easy navigations under the tables. Flip-back and removable elevating leg rest improve the comfort of the patient.

It comprises breathable nylon upholstery that is comfortable and soft.  Best lightweight wheelchair features premium welds allow durability and reliability.

Moreover, the flat-free tires of these chairs roll smoothly and require little maintenance, but they may not be able to maneuver of all types of surfaces.

This lightweight wheelchair accommodates a weight of 300 pounds, and the chair weighs 33 pounds without the leg rests. There is a 2 inches seat height adjustment for the foot movement.


  • Soft nylon upholstery
  • Elevating leg and armrests for comfort
  • Flat-free tires that roll smoothly without the help of a caregiver
  • Reliable and durable design
  • Has an extra weight that provides stability
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • It is user-friendly


  • Upholstery may overstretch
  • Has much weight that makes it hard to transport
  • Not perfect for uneven surfaces

3. Innuovo Electric Power Lightweight Wheelchair

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Innuovo electric wheelchair is the most comfortable and safest choice of folding power wheelchair that is FDA approved and has a variety of features.

It features 360-degree joystick, foldable footrest, and solidly stable rear and front wheels. The electric power lightweight wheelchair has an extremely durable construction and 2 X 250w motors.

Also, the updated magnetic, electric braking system, and innovative joystick design enable quick stopping and super motion control for the wheelchair.

With the anti-leaning rear design that is adjustable, perfect stability is allowed.  This best lightweight wheelchair comes with two high-performance lithium batteries.

The left side battery is designed to keep the chair working and the second one is charged outside for backup.

Wheelchair frame is made with aviation aluminum and can be folded within three seconds for easy storage and traveling. Besides, it’s durable and weighs only 50 pounds. 

Moreover, the seat cushion is 7.5 cm thick, and the chair also features a seat belt for safety. Again, best lightweight chair prevents bedsores, seat depression and protects lumbar, neck vertebra and caudal from twisting.

Innuovo assures lifetime warranty satisfaction, but they also offer a refund or replacement for any customer who is not satisfied by the lightweight wheelchair.


  • Lifetime warranty satisfaction
  • Quick to stop and control
  • Has a supporting and bark up battery
  • Easy to fold
  • Thick seat cushion for comfort
  • Has seat belt for safety
  • 360-degrees joystick


  • The price is very high compared to other lightweight wheelchairs

4. Medline Premium Ultra-lightweight Wheelchair

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The premium ultra-lightweight Medline wheelchair weighs 31.5 without footrests. This added weight enhances the stability of the chair.

The best lightweight wheelchair has flat-free tires that require low maintenance and rolls smoothly. With flip back and desk-length arms makes it easy to navigate under table especially during meals or reading.

Moreover, premium welds featured in it ensures durability and a removable elevating leg rests enhances the patient’s comfort.

Three hundred pounds capacity weight can be accommodated by the wheelchair. The seat measures 18 X 16 inches, and a foot-powered movement with 2 inches seat heights adjustments.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy navigation under the table
  • Premium welds
  • Elevated leg rest enhances comfort


  • Does not fold hence it might be difficult to store or transport
  • Lacks seat belts for safety
  • There is no warranty offered for dissatisfaction

5. Drive Medical SSP20RBDDA Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair

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This Drive Medical lightweight reclining wheelchair is made of an all-aluminum frame that weighs 32 pounds. It has comfortable and durable nylon upholstery made of a heavy gauge with a loop and hooks fastening straps.

Additionally, there is extendable upholstery and built-in seat rail extensions the allow seat adjustment from 16 to 18 inches. This also enables back height adjustment from 17 to 19 inches and back angle adjustment from 5 to 10 degrees.

The best lightweight wheelchair has a dual axle that enables the different height positions of the seat. Over-center cross brace is featured to removes seat guide requirement.

It’s compatible with most positioning and seating accessories. Moreover, the chair comes with 24 inches composite mag-style wheels that are precisely sealed to ensure long-lasting reliability and performance.

Also, the casters and urethane rear tires provide a smooth ride and superior performance.

However, angle caster consists of adjustments of three heights which include flip-up anti-tipper adjustment, push-to-lock wheel locks, and tool-free swing-away adjustable footrests.

The footrests feature easily accessible handles.  16 X 17 X 19 inches is the dimensions of the lightweight wheelchair, and the seat height is 19 inches.


  • Can maneuver easily on outdoor surfaces
  • The wheels are sealed for long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Has several height adjustments
  • Extendable upholstery
  • The ride is smooth, and the wheels absorb shock
  • It’s comfortable


  • It is heavy hence hard to keep on traveling with it from place to place
  • Does not fold. Therefore it can be challenging when storing

6. Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

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This lightweight transport wheelchair is made of a durable steel frame that enables stability for seniors moving independently.

Drive medical transport wheelchair fits in our top six lightweight wheelchairs because it has several essential features. Again, it can maneuver in narrow indoor layouts and has an 18 inches back height.

Moreover, best lightweight wheelchair comes with swing away footrests and cushioned armrests that provide comfort. The nylon upholstery seat is easy to clean, and its composite 8 inches wheels are maintenance free and lightweight.

Backrest and chair are designed to fold flat for easy transport and storage. Steel transport wheelchair accommodates 250 pounds weight, and the seat measures 16 X 17 X 19 inches.


  • Durable steel frame
  • The nylon upholstery is easy to clean
  • Foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • Provides comfort with the cushioned armrests
  • Maintenance freewheels


  • Cannot accommodate much weight

Bottom Line

Best lightweight wheelchairs enhance the mobility of seniors and disabled people. Most people are bound to bed which causes back soreness, and demoralization since they feel useless.

These wheelchairs provide the best solution and improve their confidence in being a little independent again.

Besides, getting the best lightweight wheelchair is not easy; there are so many products from different brands flooding on the market one should carefully select.

However, to lessen your work, we have researched and compiled a list of the six best lightweight wheelchairs. We believe with this list one will be select the best lightweight wheelchairs that suit them or their patients.

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