Cervical Pillow for Sleep Apnea: Our 6 Top Picks

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Sleep apnea is one of the most common and serious sleep disorders, as studies show that more than 100 million people across the world, including children, suffer from it. The disorder is more prevalent in overweight men who are mainly over forty years old, although it can also affect any person regardless of the age. Lack of awareness has been a great challenge in the treatment of sleep apnea in the past, but the condition is now easily being diagnosed due to the enhanced awareness. One of the most effective and affordable options for treating sleep apnea is using the best pillows for sleep apnea.

Best Cervical Pillow for Sleep Apnea

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What is the cervical pillow for sleep apnea?

Cervical pillow for sleep apnea offers the much-needed neck support throughout the night to improve your sleep breathing disorder. The pillow is designed to allow you sleep comfortably on your side while overcoming sleep apnea events and snoring. These pillows are orthopedic, which makes them an ideal overall option for side sleepers.

However, in some cases, your respiratory function can be enhanced by just sleeping on the side. This means that adopting a perfect sleeping posture is the most economical and efficient behavioral change that helps in sleep apnea treatment. You have to treat your sleep apnea, if not, will cause horrible consequences. Cervical pillows feature a firm design that helps in improving your sleeping posture to enable you to breathe easily.


Benefits of using the cervical pillow for sleep apnea

If you are looking for a pillow that will help in treating your sleep apnea while ensuring that you also enjoy a relaxing, restful and pain-free sleep throughout the night, then you should consider cervical pillows for sleep apnea. As mentioned above, the pillow is designed to help in enhancing sleeping positions to prevent sleep breathing disorder and offer optimal health benefits. Some of the major benefits of using the best sleep apnea pillows include:

  • Specially designed pillow

The cervical pillow for sleep apnea is uniquely designed and features contours that fit your body. This helps in alleviating the pressure points around the neck region to avoid neck pains and breathing problems.

  • Offers great pressure relief

Using cervical pillows for sleep apnea helps in relieving pressure points on the neck, throat, and upper chest and around the jaws for a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable sleep.

  • Provides comfortable neck and head elevation

This helps in positioning your neck, head, and body for ideal sleeping posture that treats sleep apnea events as well as minimizing sleep-related injuries. Besides, elevation of the head and the neck prevents the blockage of the upper airway, which is the major cause of sleep apnea.

  • Ideal for multiple sleep positions

The cervical pillows for sleep apnea suit the needs of both the back and side sleepers. This makes them a perfect option for those with sleep apnea as the two sleeping position are effective in managing this sleep disorder. If you are back sleeper, you can also try wedge pillow.

  • Features firmer support design

These pillows come with a firmer support design that helps in maintaining proper position throughout the night. This ensures that you get a long-term treatment for sleep apnea events and enjoy restful and relaxing nights.

  • Hypoallergenic materials

Most of the best cervical pillows are made from proven and tested hypoallergenic materials that are safe and easy to clean such as natural bamboo. This makes them suitable for users that suffer from allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

  • Excellent construction

In most cases, the top-rated cervical pillows feature a great construction that is made of high-quality memory foam that includes washable and removable pillow covers. This ensures that the pillows are able to offer a firm support all night for a better sleep posture and also makes them easy to clean.


Best cervical pillow for sleep apnea reviews

With all the benefits associated with using cervical pillows for sleep apnea, it is advisable to consider them when looking for right pillows for sleep apnea. However, it is important to understand that finding the right product is a considerable challenge as not all the products available in the market are good. Here is our best pillow for sleep apnea review that we have prepared for you after a thorough research to help you choose the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

1. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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Sleep Innovations Contour pillow is our top pick for the best cervical pillow for sleep apnea as it offers a great array of features. The cervical pillow designed for neck pain as it offers therapeutic support. This allows you to wake up feeling relaxed, recharged, refreshed, and ready to face your daily activities.

The pillow is made from high-quality memory foam with a therapeutic design that adapts to your neck, shoulders, and head. With the great design and the material, the cervical cushion provides gentle and the much-needed alignment for enhanced support. Additionally, the pillow allows you to choose between lower and higher contours for ideal support and comfort. This contoured design helps in reducing stiffness and pain as well as ensuring that your airway is free of obstruction and pressure.

Besides, the memory foam cushion provides anti-snoring properties, which makes it one of the best neck pillows for a better sleep. Its design includes a middle slope that allows enough room to accommodate your face and head comfortably even with a CPAP machine mask with causing leaks.


  • Features a therapeutic design that conforms to your neck, shoulders, and head
  • Holds its shape for lasting firmness
  • Made from high-quality memory foam for enhanced support
  • Suitable for people that suffer from mild sleep apnea and snoring
  • Prevents pain and stiffness


  • Offers relatively poor support as compared to previous versions
  • Feels lumpy after some time
  • Might aggravate neck pain


2. Cradle Me –Cervical Pillow- Orthopedic Contour Pillow

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Cradle Me Cervical Pillow is our alternative pick for the best cervical pillow that you should consider for overcoming sleep apnea events and snoring. The pillow comes with excellent features though it is relatively expensive as compared to other products its category. This makes it a good choice for those who want to upgrade from standard products and are not tight on their budget.

The cervical pillow has an orthopedic design and is made from high-quality memory foam that conforms to the shape of your head. This makes the pillow plush, supportive and highly breathable for restful and relaxing night’s sleep.

Moreover, the Cradle Me cushion is ideal for multiple sleep positions. The pillow features a great design that makes it a perfect cervical pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers. With a unique butterfly shape, the memory foam pillow features multiple heights that offer the much-needed support to all the right areas for optimum comfort. This helps in relieving neck, back, and shoulder pain by allowing your muscles to relax fully.

Finally, the cervical pillow for sleep apnea promotes proper sleep position for improved breathing all night. The pillow also ensures proper spinal alignment to ease neck tension, stress, and pain, which allows you to wake up feeling relaxed, energized and ready to face your daily activities. Besides, the product is made from odorless and safe memory foam that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, which makes it an ideal sleep apnea treatment.


  • Features great design for maximum comfort
  • Has curves and indentations to fit your body
  • Perfect for multiple sleep positions
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic material
  • Offer excellent support


  • Not suitable for CPAP machine users
  • Fits standard king pillowcase only
  • Too soft for some users


3. Customsleeping Cervical Pillow

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If you are looking for the best pillow for sleep apnea that will help you upgrade your nights and elevate your sleep, Customsleeping could be the right product for you. The cervical pillow features an orthopedic design that aids in alleviating back pain, neck pain and headaches as well as improving blood circulation and reducing snoring. Additionally, the pillow provides proper position support for a comfortable night sleep, which makes it one of the best home remedies for a sleep aid.

The pillow provides a perfect neck support as it is adjustable to suit the needs of side, stomach and back sleepers. This allows it to adapt to your unique neck curvature and postures, which makes it one of the best memory foam pillows for sleep apnea treatment.


Furthermore, the Customsleeping pillow includes a free custom fit pillowcase designed. The pillowcase features an incredibly smooth innovative fabric that is highly breathable and absorbs skin moisture. This creates a dry and cool sleeping surface for a comfortable sleep throughout the night.


  • Dust mite resistant and Hypoallergenic material
  • Offers great neck support
  • Includes a free custom fit pillowcase
  • Machine washable
  • Elevates sleep quality due to its orthopedic design


  • Pillowcase is too small for users
  • Adjusting the inner fill could be difficult for some users
  • Relatively expensive


4. Tampor Memory Foam Contour Pillow

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This product is one of the few cervical pillows for sleep apnea that is CertiPUR-US Certified for performance in enhancing your sleep and durability. Tampor Contour Pillow is made from safe memory foam that is free of harmful elements such as formaldehyde, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. Moreover, the cervical pillow for sleep apnea treatment is also dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The Tampor cervical pillow is made from bamboo charcoal memory foam that offers natural dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic properties. With the moisture wicking, deodorizing and air purifying properties associated with natural organic bamboo, the pillow helps you stay cool and fresh throughout the night.

Besides, the cervical contour pad features a unique ergonomic design that adapts to a human natural curvature of the head and neck for maximum neck support. The pillow is specially designed with both low and high loft to reduce neck pressure by promoting proper spinal alignment.


  • Suitable for back and side sleepers
  • CertiPUR-US Certified for performance and durability
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Comes with machine washable and removable cover
  • Made from premium materials
  • Features unique ergonomic design
  • Offers great value for money


  • Comes with a chemical odor that takes time to clear off
  • Not suitable for serious side sleepers
  • Too firm for some users


5. Nakital Contour Memory Foam Pillow

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Nakital Contour Pillow features a ventilated design that includes breathable cell structure for enhanced air circulation. This creates a cool and dry surface for comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable sleeping experience. The contour foam cushion for sleep apnea offers exceptional support that conforms to your head and neck for restful and more comfortable night’s sleep. This allows you to enjoy a luxurious feeling of support, refreshment, and plush during your sleep.

Besides, the cervical pillow provides numerous health benefits, which makes it arguably the best sleep apnea pillow. The pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant and thus it is an excellent choice for people that suffer from allergic reactions. It also offers ultimate comfort to all types of sleepers while keeping dust mites and bugs away from your bed.

The cervical contour pillow includes a washable, removable and hypoallergenic cover that is made of cotton or polyester fabric. Therefore, the cover repels moisture from your skin and as it is highly breathable for cool and relaxing sleep. Moreover, the pillow comes with medium firmness with a great touch of softness from the safe and non-toxic memory foam.


  • Has numerous health benefits
  • Comes with removable and washable cover
  • Made from safe and non-toxic memory foam
  • Offers comfortable and restful night’s sleep
  • Features a ventilated design


  • Has distinct odor that is removable with baking soda
  • Not pure latex or organic
  • Considerably smaller as compared to other cervical pillows

6. Hullovota Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

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Hullovota cervical pillow is another top quality product that you should consider if you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring. The cushion features contour wave design with a medium firmness feel, which suits the needs of side, stomach and back sleepers, especially those that suffer from chronic pain.

The pillow is also available in ideal size and height with a lower and higher end for a more comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, the cervical pillow for sleep apnea comes with removable, washable and ultra-soft outer cover and inner side cover with ventilation effect.

With its gel-infused technology memory foam, the pillow aids in relieving neck and shoulder stiffness and pain all night for comfortable sleep. The memory foam allows your muscles to relax fully during your sleep.

Finally, the cervical pillow for sleep apnea is safe and healthy as it is resistant to allergens such as dust mites, mold, and other bacteria. It is also naturally antimicrobial, which explains why it is one of the best home remedies for sleep apnea.


  • Safe and healthy material
  • Contour wave design ideal for all sleep positions
  • Comes with removable, washable and ultra-soft outer cover
  • Relieves neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Creates a ventilation effect
  • Hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial


  • Relatively too small for some adults users
  • Comes with a distinct smell
  • Does not inflate as it claims


Final Verdict

With the high number of cervical pillows for sleep apnea in the market, choosing the right product can be a daunting task as some of them are ineffective in overcoming the sleep disorder. However, we believe that the information that provided in this review will help you find the best pillow for sleep apnea. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam pillow tops our round up for the best pillows for sleep apnea as it comes with an array of great features at a relatively affordable price. Besides, apart from overcoming sleep apnea events, the cervical pillow also helps in reducing neck and shoulder stiffness and pain during sleep.

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